My day in the pool part 1

I was home on vacation. It was a hot, sticky, August day. I was in the house mulling over what to do. I was feeling kind of frisky so I decided to do something I enjoy. I like to put on womens clothing and dance and masturbate. I began by putting on some dance music and feeling the rhythym. Then I started putting on makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, the works. Then the wig. Long red hair. Looks great with my blue eyes. I then put on a pink thong, pink bra with waterballons as a perfect set of tits, a pair of cutoff jeanshorts cut short enough to show just enough ass cheek. Also a tight little top to complete the outfit. I must say I was looking hot, and I felt hot.
I danced around for awhile. I was getting all sweaty and turned on. So I pulled out a dildo and started sucking on it. Bobbing my head with the music. I decide to go out side and take a dip in the pool. I was going to undress but stopped to think. I always wanted to go out this way. What the hell I said. I took off the top, and shorts and rubbed on some tan lotion and headed outside by the pool.
I grabbed the floating lounge chair and tossed it in. Got in the pool, god did the water feel good, especially with the sun beating down on my almost naked body. Iwas kind of leary about the neighbors seeing me, but I was kind of hoping to be seen. Some time went by and I must have been in my own world because I didn’t hear my neighbor come up behind me. All I heard was “Excuse me.” I was startled. “Excuse me.” I heard again. I slowly turned myself to face him. He was a little shocked when he realized it was me. He didn’t say anything at first so I got off the chair. The water came up to about my chest as I walked over to him. He asked “Rick is that you?” “Yes…kind of.” I said. He didn’t look startled anymore, in fact he looked kind of intrigued. As I walked closer I said “Call me Rachel… this is my alter ego.” “Are you gay?” He asked. “No.. I’m kind of bi-curious. I have never been with a guy.” “I have a dildo that I use occasionally but I would like to try the real thing”…… see part 2 to see what happens.

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