My first gay encounter

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I was sixteen and had just gotten my driver’s license. I was spending that afternoon cruising around in my car when my life was changed forever.

I had put about two hundred miles and a tank of gas under my belt in three hours that day, so when I ran low on gas I pulled into an old country filling station. While the gas attendant was pumping the car his eyes were stripping me. I noticed that he was looking very strange at me as I pulled my wallet from blue jean short pants. I was wearing a ragged white tank top and sneakers as well. He looked into the car and asked me, “Do you ever get horny boy?”

Puzzled and awkwardly I replied, “Yes all the time.”

“Ever had sex boy?” He replied in a devilish way as he placed his arm into the car and let his hand fall to my shoulder.

“I…” stuttered and stammered to reply.

“Ain’t had none, and don’t have no hopes of it. That’s why you and the rest of them circle this gas station day and night. Looking for it.” His voice was hard and cold but his hand began to caress my shoulder.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked hurriedly.

“Get out of the car and follow me and I will make a man out of you boy,” he replied.

I sat there studying him. He looked in his early forties or late thirties. Small frame kind of backwards looking with a half shaven face and the smell of gas and oil on his clothes. I was about to reply, when he opened my car door and yanked me from it.

He pulled me by the arm all the way into the bathroom at the back of the station. Then he began to grab me and pull my clothes off. I tried to protest and resist but all he said was, “I know a bitch when I see one.”

His hands fondled my body, as he forced me into the stall. Then he lowered his pants and flopped his dick right in my face as he pushed me to the seat. The smell of piss and shit and the stench from his body were hardly my idea of a sexy atmosphere but when he grabbed my face and slammed his pecker to my lips I stopped fighting it and let go. I sucked his dick franticly almost as if I was afraid he would quit.

He pumped it in as I sucked it tight and soon I was tasting cum for my first time. When he began to leak his load I tried to pull off it but he would have no part and forced it into my mouth and then made me swallow it. I sat back on the commode after he finished but that was just the break before the real sex.

He pulled his pants up then he took me by the arm and led me naked out into the back towards some old wrecked cars he had parked in the back. Then he led me to an old pickup truck with no tailgate.

“Now you are going to be my bitch,” he said almost happily, as he pushed me across the bed of the truck and forced my legs wide apart. His pants fell to the ground and then his dick sprang up from them as he positioned me for entry.

I sang out in horror at first but my squirming only made him fuck me harder and he thrust into my ass so deep that I could feel it pressing in me. I was bare ass naked and being fucked in the ass and I was starting to love it. He rode me for almost half an hour before he came again.

Once more I thought he was finished but that’s when his friend that was watching the whole time from the service bay came over. I had pulled myself into the back of the wrecked truck and was trying to catch my breath as the second man began to get undressed.

“Now it’s my turn bitch. I had to watch the pumps while he got to ride your sweet ass. Lay back!” he commanded as he dick flipped straight up.
He grabbed my legs and pushed them up as he drove his hard dick into my now cum filled asshole. I was being fucked this time front wards and I liked it better. His face showed the emotion he felt and I could see he was enjoying my ass and it made me even hornier. As he rode me he bent over and started kissing my mouth soon we were French kissing while he fucked my ass. I took all he had then when he exploded I pushed him over and went straight for his spent dick and started to lick it clean and suck it.

I sucked his dick for almost twenty minutes before it harden again. Then five minutes later it squirted into my mouth and I eagerly lapped it all in this time.

Afterwards he led me into the service bay back door and then down into the grease pits. I could see the sun was setting and that meant they were closing but they seemed in no hurry to leave as I sat there naked in the pit.

When the store was locked up they motioned for me to come to them. As I did they both chose a hole and began a double bang of my body. They fucked me for almost two hours until both had both holes and one of them had even sucked me off while his friend speared my ass, you see a couple of times them tied rags around my face and shoved me into the glass window so that anyone that wanted to could see them fucking me.

Once more I thought that it was over but that’s when they made me go back into the oil pit. I climbed back down naked and filthy and sat back down on the metal bench. Then the two men stood over me and began to piss down on my head and face and chest. As I sat there I actually enjoyed it. They laughed and made fun of me for it but I loved it.

They let me go home about ten o’clock that night, but they made me promise to come back. Since then I have moved in with the second guy to fuck me, after I told my mom I was gay she didn’t ant me to stay home.

Every night I am his bitch and every afternoon I am his friends bitch. They turned me so gay I let the others boys fuck me in the showers at school or give them a blow job in the parking lot during lunch.

Stay tuned for more………………….

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