My First Party

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I was invited to a party. That may seem like a stupid statement to you but you have to under stand it was my first party. My name is Sharon Lynn Parker and for you to understand this fully I have to start from the beginning.
First let me tell you a little about myself. I am not too tall just standing at five foot six. I am proud of my breasts though. I have a 34 D and a 20 inch waist. My hair is naturally blond, straight and hits about the middle of my back. I have home life that bites the big one.
I led a very sheltered life. My dad died when I was twelve and mom did the best she could to shelter me from harms way. Little did she know what she was doing was making me more curious for whatever was out there in the real world. She kept me prisoner and I never got to go out. All I had was my computer to keep me company and even that was regulated by her. This made me wonder what was so dangerous on this little box that I couldn’t deal with so I started asking around my school and was told how I could bypass her control over the web.

I like to think of her as a hypocrite. She has many men over the house when she thinks I am in bed and has been doing that since I was twelve. I sneak and watch as they have sexual encounters. I see her mouth on there private parts and that would gross me out. The men would always grope her and always had sex with her. I really shouldn’t blame her though because of her drinking problem. When she gets drunk she usually gets fucked. I know and fully understand how lonely she must get but at the same time I didn’t like her treating me like a cages baby. She kept a tight leash on me while she did whatever she wanted.

I understood when I was a teen how easy it was to get tricked into hazardous situations but I am nineteen now and wasn’t going to take it anymore. As I say goodnight to my mother, I run to my room and turn on the computer and tried what my schoolmates had told me to try and low and behold I was on the net.
The first thing I did was get a screen name. I called myself sweetdreams being that I was always dreaming of sex; well I thought it was clever. The next thing I did was look at all the chat rooms that was on there and a few were dull and some were intense.

The room was called “Prisoners of love”. I had all kind of guys instant message me and I felt very popular and that’s were I was invited to the party.
I knew my mother wouldn’t let me go to the party but I was determined to sneak out and make it there. I needed some excitement in my life and believe me I found it.

I waited for the right moment and when mother was asleep I made my move. I drove to the hills and found the address and waited in the car for at least a half an hour before I got enough courage to head in.

I was greeted at the door by a girl dressed in a silk black dress and it was very low cut. She offered me a drink and that was one thing I wouldn’t do so I turned her down. I did ask for a soda though and she smiled and left the room. Upon her return she had a large ginger ale in her hand and walked me around the room and started introducing me to everyone.

The girl said her name was Cassandra and asked me how I felt. I said I felt fine and we continued on our way. As I was introduced to one guy, Gary was his name he asked Cassandra if I was the one. I didn’t understand what he meant but Cassandra just told him to shush and we moved on again working our way through a crowd of at least fifty people.

Cassandra told me to sit on the couch and she would gat me another soda, I did as she said and sat, watching the crowd have a blast. I watched a few guys trying to dance and that made me laugh uncontrollably. I don’t know what made me act so rude but it just struck me as being that funny.

Cassandra brought me my soda and sat next to me and asked if I was enjoying myself and I told her I was having a ball. She pointed out a couple in the crowd kissing intensely and asked if that bothered me and I said no. She then asked me to take a closer look and I noticed that they weren’t just kissing they were having sexual relations. I never had sex myself and only knew what I read about it in school. Cassandra then asked if I ever masturbated and I looked at her as if she was crazy. “Come on sweetie you can’t tell me that you never touched yourself? Its the greatest feeling in the world with maybe the exception of sex and that depends on who is doing it to you.” I was at a loss for words and only seemed to sit there listening in admiration. I told Cassandra that I really never tried that and what she did next both embarrassed me but amazed me at the same time.

Cassandra turned to me and spread her legs exposing her vagina and started showing me how she masturbated. Although there were lots of people around us I stared at her vagina and watched as her fingers played with her clitoris. She would tickle it slightly and that seemed to make her lips swell up and that’s when she inserted her fingers and started making moaning sounds. I was getting feelings now, sexual feelings. I never felt like this before and wished at that moment I could bee as open as she was. I wanted to try it too but was too shy.
While Cassie was going into hyper mode a guy sat on the other side of me and asked if I was the one. I hadn’t a clue why everyone was asking me that but he started touching my hair and asked if I liked what Cass was doing. I shook my head yes as we both began to watch her intently. He kept talking to me as we both watched her. He asked me if I wanted to try and I told him I was too shy. He said “you keep watching Cass and just let yourself feel what she is feeling. I sat and watched her with amazement and he started touching me under my dress.

I don’t know why but I let him. He asked if that felt good and I said yeah. He would try different things on me and each was better feeling then the last. Between watching Cass and the things the guy was doing to me I was floating on air. “That’s right just go with it” he would say. He asked again if I was the one and now I just was in another world and told him I think I was. He looked over to another girl across the room and she walked over to me and took over where he left off. I started biting my bottom lip trying to control my passionate feelings but something was telling me to let go and have fun.

Another man walked over to me and took my hand and told me not to be afraid and climbed on top of me and placed his penis inside of me. I felt a pop and started feeling out of control but it was a great feeling. I kept my eyes closed only opening them to see Cass still making herself feel good and between the other girl now rubbing my breasts and the man having intercourse with me I couldn’t help but let out moans.

Now I was laying there in a state of rapture. Other men started either having sex with me or rubbing there cocks on my face asking me to lick it. I wanted to please them but was still afraid but after a while did as I was told. Slowly I was making up for lost time as man after man woman after woman came over to me and we would please each other. I didn’t know what to do at first but soon after new just what to do. I licked cock and pussy like a pro and with every distinctive taste had a small orgasm which was a welcomed reward for me and that only made me want more. Soon I was the center of attention and they were all standing around me watching me. I somehow knew what I needed to do for them.

I started to masturbate for them proudly. Now they were watching me please myself and I was doing a great job. I noticed my pussy getting wetter and wetter as my fingers slid in with ease. Tickling my clit made me moan louder and the thought of all of them watching made me get only louder. As my nipples were getting a sensual massage buy strangers the rest of the people started chanting cum, cum and I felt weird but them screamed and squeezed my legs around both my hands tightly as I squirted all over. I n
ever had a orgasm and this just blew me away.

Gary came
over to me when it was over and asked me how I felt. I said great but really had to get home. He said I shouldn’t drive until the ecstasy wore off. I asked what that was and he told me that I was drugged, I never felt so wonderful in all my life drug or not.

I drove home anyway and sneaked back into my house and mom never had a clue I was gone. I dressed in my night gown and went to wash up in the bathroom when I passed my mothers room. I saw the door a jar and saw her lying in her bed so I stood there for a second. I smiled and watched her as I saw her touching herself. I walked into the bathroom smiling and new she was going top be where I was just moments before. I walked back tippy toe to my room and went into my bed.

I lay in my bed, opened my legs wide and started fondling myself again as I thought of the things I saw that night. I wondered how many people were doing it right now with me. I wonder if you are hanging out of the side of your undies touching yourself every once in a while for pleasure while you read my story. I imagine that I, and I alone made you hard and I am right aren’t I? I know you are hard right now because I can feel you growing and wish only that I was there right now to touch you and lick you making you even harder. I’m not going to stop until you cum with me. We can do this together, cant we? You grab your cock right now and I will keep touching myself as I wait for you to cum. That’s right baby do it faster. You are almost there baby.

Here it cums oh gooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd oh shit baby I’m Cumming so hurry, we have to do this together. fygreghrlejghrehgirghwreighreiughghruhgrihgrtg, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you’re the best and don’t forget to write me.

It had been about four years since that happened to me and it changed my life forever and for the better. I have a great sex life and have more freedom to do as I please. What’s that baby, you want me to shut up and let you sleep? Sweet dreams baby, until next time as always love Sharon.

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  1. yeitsme

    that was an awsome story.. lets just say u put the art back in party!!! mmmm

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  2. bigeasy

    reminded me of teen-age years,circle jerks, casual touching,can not waste cum on computer, need your wetness oral or vaginal,dobackdoor?

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  3. that was an awesome story i loved every sec. of reading it and i hink u should do alot more cuz u write like a pro

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