My First Swallow

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This is a true story. I am sorry but I am not a writer just a fucked guy that likes to talk about it.

I was very young and even though I was dating girls on and off deep inside of me I knew I was gay. I always liked touching my guy friends and once, during a summer party, I even got the strength the grab my best friends dick. Well, here is the story…

One cold winter Friday two of my friends and I went out to dinner in Montgomery, NY. The restaurant was dark and cozy. The waitress kept bringing the beers, we kept drinking, and soon we were pretty drunk. It was getting late, we tookcare of the bill and left. Not wanting back to our homes (parents etc.), we stayed in the car listening to a radio station. Chris had his dad’s car, an old family station wagon. We all sat in the front bench seat close to each other. I was in the middle. Somehow, I don’t know why, I took my hand an started to rub Chris’ crotch area. Bill, my other friend let out a nervous laugh, took my other hand and slammed it on his crotch. To tell you the truth I was a little surprised with what happened next. Both friends of mine went crazy. They lowered their pand and exposed themselves. Their genitals were just hanging out there. So I got down to business. Rubbing and squeezing pretty soon my hands were full of pre-cum. Oh, yes! I never felt so happy in my whole life. I slid off the seat and position myself close to Chris, as I kept rubbing stroking him I moved close to his penis and started to kiss it. He put his hands on my head and started to push my head as if he wanted me to put it deep in my mouth. At the same time Bill was getting into the action by trying to pull my pants and unies down.

The car windows were foggy and couldn’t see outside. My mouth and Chris’s dick were very comfortable with each other. I would hold his penis firmly at its base, squeeze the penis upwards and at the same time suck on the head. Nice! Chris reclined the front seat and both guys moved close towards the middle and close to each other. Heaven! I grabbed both penises and started to masturbate them. Chris ejaculated first all over his belly. I slowly moved closer and picked it with my toungue. I licked his belly dry and moved his penis in my mouth sucking all I could. That was my first cum-in-the-mouth experience and it was good. Bill said: “I’m ready, suck me.” I didn’t want to lose that opportunity and I quickly stuffed my mouth with his penis. Bill screamed: “Please suck. Suck me hard. Don’t stop. Please.” As I was rubbing his penis over my toungue he came. I don’t know what the “normar” cum amount is but this guy was above it. I let out a tiny scream as I swallowed a mouth full of cum. The taste was excellent and the feel of a probing, throbbing penis in the mouth was nice.

Great party! We have been doing this for several years. Only now they come to my apartment and it’s more comfortable. Now we doing 69s, dildo games, and a lot of dressing up.

We are gay and we all love it.

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