my first teenage sex

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He was already hot from P.E. He took my hand and led me to a classroom. It was cold and empty. But suited what I thought we were going to do. he took my hand and placed it on his dick. See What You Do To Me. You make me as hard as stone. I started getting hotter when he pulled me onto the teachers desk and kissed the hell out of me I moaned as his hand started rubbing my pussy. OHHHHHH Wyatt. I wont you so bad. He Kissed My neck and said at the edge of my chin do you? Yes touch me i said and at that he picked me up and pushed m into the wall and kissed me. my small body started tingling. And he then cleared one of the Science tables and laid me down and he took my close off all but my underwear and bra. i moaned as he kissed my body. his dark hair was wet and his body was trembling. when he came back up and kissed me i undid the buttons on his pants and he slid them and his boxers off and i could feel is hard dick on my clit. i then took his shirt off and he asked if i was ready i said YES as my first climax came over my body. he then inserted his 9’inch cock inside my hole and slowly went inside me. i yelled aloud and moaned the whole fucking time. but then he cummed inside me and my second climex overwhelmed us both and my back arched and he moaned. he then collapsed on top of me and said you are the best babe THANK YOU! i said in a gasp and then we got dressed and went back to class.

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