My First Time

I am a 23 year old woman,i have been told that i am quite pretty with lovely green eyes and fiery red wavey hair, i am a slim size 8 but with ample full breasts.
My story all starts with the ending of a 18 month relationship with my ex John, i guess we just grew bored of each other.
Anyhow after about 6 weeks a friend suggested we went out to a new singles bar that had just opened up down town, i was reluctant at first but after several minutes of hearing about it i eventually agreed.after work i went home and ran a bath whilst in the bath washing all my sensual parts i could not stop the urges i had to slowly start rubbing my soaking wet pussy and ran my hands over my tits and on to my belly eventually ending up at my pussy gently rubbing my already throbbubg clit within minutes i was arching my back and letting the butterflies in my stomouch take over as i came letting out a sigh of pleasure and thinking of the night ahead.
would i meet someone and if i did would i let them go all the way on the first night.
Me and My friend Jayne decided to meet up outside the new singles bar at 8pm and already it was close to 7pm.I dried my hair slipped in a lacy black thong with matching strapless bra and a pair of black hold up stockings, i then put on this blue dress that had 2 thin straps and a single split up the side that didn’t rise to high.
The taxi arrived and 10 minutes later i was outside the new bar, i didn’t have to wait long before Jayne appeared, she greeted me with a smile amd said are you ready, i said lets do it.
We went in and the doorman gave us a voucher for a free drink as it was the first night opening.
We got our drinks and went and sat in a booth in the corner after about an hour of drinking and chatting between ourselves a guy came over and started talking to us it soon became apparant that he was rather interested in Jayne, all the men seemed to like Jayne as she had a marvellous smile and a curvious body with really big tits.
H easked us if we would like to go to dinner with him but i didn’t want to go but told Jayne if she wanted to she could, she said i don’t want to leave you on your own i told her i was going to finish my drink and get a taxi home and that i would be ok.
She kissed me on the cheek and we said good night and i winked at her.
No sooner had she gone when one of the who was working behind the bar brought me over a vodka & coke and said this ones on the house as i looked up at her i could not help notice how attractive she was she had long straight blonde hair and a beaming big smile the sort of smile that would turn men to jelly instantly,i explained to her i was just about to leave she told me that she was on a short break and had seen me sitting on my own and thought she would join me so as not to be disturbed by leacherous men who had had too much to drink and thought they were superman, we both laughed at the truth of this statement,She introduced herself as Sarah and i told her my name was Lisa,we talked and laughed for about 15 minutes when she announced that she had to go back to work,
Sarah said i would like to talk to you some more can i get you another drink so i can get to know you better you look like you would be fun to get to know,I said ok then just 1 more when Sarah walked back to the bar i turned to watch her and noticed that i could not take my eyes off here lovely firm ass that was tucked under a tight black short skirt, she looked back at me and smiled at me, i ould not believe it she had caought me looking at her ass and i quickly averted my eyes and felt myself going red in the face.
A few seconds later she returned with another drink put her hand on my knee and said i will be finished at midnight we can talk more then if you would like but if you have to leave before then i will understand and she slipped me a piece of paper fissed me quickly on the cheek and went back to the bar, i don’t know what was happening but my nipples had gone as hard as bullets and i had that butterfly feeling in my stomouch again, i opened the paper and inside it said phone me and her number, i looked over to the bar and our eyes met she waved and i waved back,
Did i really want to get to know this woman better and what did she have in mind my body said do it and my head just kept saying what are you doing.
Anyway i decided to stay till the end eventually sitting at the bar waiting for Sarah to finish up what she was doing.
She asked me if i wanted to go back to her apartment for a drink and a chat to get to know each other better, sure i said.
We got in a taxi when it stopped outside her apartment block she took hold of my hand and lead me up to her apartment.
Once inside she poured a couple of glasses of white wine and we both sat on the sofa sipping our wine and talking she put her drink down and leaned in close to me as i was telling her about my relationship with John and the eventual break up of our relationship.
Well it is his loss darling and i smiled at her it was then that she kissed me, i froze just looking at her she smiled and kissed me again this time i kissed her back and thinking to myself what am i doing but she felt real good her lips touching mine and her tongue probbing around inside my mouth i started to relax and started kissing her back just as passionately,she then started kissing my neck & my ears my body was feeling like it never had before scared and excited at the same time, she slipped her hand on to my breast and started to gently massage my tit i must have moaned slightly, She stopped what she was doing and whispered to me you have never been with another woman before have you, i replied with a simple shake of the head.
She smiled at me and said don’t worry just follow my lead relax and i will show you the time of your life, i nodded.
She slipped the straps off my shoulders revealing my tits and my rock hard nipples she unclasped my bra and started to squeeze my nipple will licking and kissing the other nipple i lay back and soaked in the sheer delights my body was experiancing.
After several minutes of being carressedby this blonde beauty and running my fingers down her neck and her back she stood up and took off her white blouse and bra slipped out of her black skirt where she was not wearing any knickers she explained that they had got so wet earlier in the bar when she thought about having sex with me she had taken them off and had out them in her handbag.i didn’t know what to say so i just smiled at her.She took off my dress and knickers but left my stocking on.We started kissing again and her hands were roaming over my body and down on to my thigh i must have tensed up because she whispered to me relax which i did her hand touched my wet pussy her finger parting my lips and carressing my clit spasms shot through my body and i gasped for air slowly she slipped a finger in to my pussy and started fingering me slowly at first but then gradually faster i could not control my feelings any longer and started to sigh and pant louder, she said you like that don’t you,yes i replied that is really good she kissed my belly and then moved her head down to my pussy the first time her tongue touched my clit i thought i was going to explode she then stopped fingering me and started to lick my pussy tongue fucking me whilst i ground my pussy in her face my body was racked full of all the pleasures i could have ever have dreamed of as i started to buck m& more i was sweating and moaning like never before i could feel the biggedt orgasm i have ever had building up inside me my head was swimming from it all, she started lapping at my cliterous then she wet her finger in my mouth as i sucked at it she pulled it from my mouth and inserted it in to my ass i clenched at first and then relaxed as the sheer pleasure of the building orgasm took over within seconds i shouted i’m cumming and came all over her face she just kept licking and sucking my clit i came again and then i must have passed out when i came to she was looking over me and smiling i
smiled at her and we kissed softly i told her she was ab
solutely unbelieveable we drank some more wine and lay there cuddling each other after seberal minutes she asked me to return the favour which i duely did without hesitation eating her already hot wet swollen pussy for all my life tasting her cum in my face and realising for the fist time in my life that this was what i really wanted.
Needless to say i see her more often now and the sex is still incredible.
Luv always

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