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we had arranged for this to happy for a couple of weeks now, we had been going out with each other for 6 months now, and decided it was time to loose our virginities to each other.
i got on the train and met him at the station near his house, when i met him my boyfriend, Harry whispered into my ear ‘ I can’t wait till we get back to my house’ and winked at me, i instantly knew what he was talking about and returned the wink with a smirk, we walked to his house and when we got there we went into his lounge, i pushed him down on his sofa and stood in front of him and said ‘ i want you badly’ then he leant forward and placed his hands on my arse and pulled me towards him, i sat on his knee with my legs parted over him, i didnt let him touch me as i kissed him softly then he slowly slid his hand up my shirt to my breast and started caressing them, i kissed him more passionatley and left a hickey on his neck and then said to him ‘take me to your bedroom, and show me how good you are’ and he picked me up, and carried me up the stairs with my legs wrapped around his waist i could feel his erection already.
he opened his bedroom door and sat me sat me on his bed and pushed me down so i was laid down and got on top of me and started to kiss me passionately and make me moan quietly, i could feel him undoing the buttons on my shirt to reveal my olive skinned breasts and curvy body.
he then undid my bra and threw it away from us and started to softly kiss my breasts, i could feel my nipples hardening as he did it, while he did this, i tugged at his shirt and he stood up and took it off to reveal a six-pack on his indian body, he started to slowly kiss down my body to my trousers where he unbottoned them to reveal my baby pink lacy G-string (the night before i asked what underwear he thought was sexy, and what he would like me to wear, he said to suprise him) he looked at me and said ‘that was a suprise baby’ and started to rub my pussy trough my underwear, i could feel i was already wet, then he bit the top of my underwear and began to pull them down, he looked at me lust in his eyes and dragged me to the edge of the bed where he started to lick me out, making me moan ‘Ohh Harry,that feels so good’ he carried on licking me out for another couple of minuted then slowly slid a finger in, not wanting to hurt me seeing as it was my first time, after that i pulled his body on top of mine and undid his belt and pulled his jeans off, i could see his erection now and it was begging to come out of his boxers, but i thought id tease him a while longer and kissed him as i ran my hand down his body to his hard cock, and started to rub it with my hands, he then said to me ‘i cant take this anymore sweetheart, i need to be in you!’ so i laid down on the bed and opened my legs for him, he slowly entered into me making me moan he started to speed it up a little and asked if i was okay, and my reply was ‘im fine, just fuck me harder and faster baby!’ so he did as i asked and began to fuck me hard, and fast i was moaning so much, and then he whispered into my ear ‘baby ive cummed in you’ i wasnt bothered because i take the pill and have the implant in and then his cock was still hard and i made him lay down while i sucked his dick, i sucked it for a couple of minutes until he wanted to fuck me again, we fucked for another 10 minutes and then i told him to let me on top, we fucked for 5 minutes like that, then i sucked him off again making him moan with pleasure, then to finish off he fucked me hard again from behind making me cum aswell as him, once we had both cummed he took me in my arms and said ‘baby you give the most amazing blowjobs, thankyou for letting me fuck you’ and then we fell asleep in each others arms.

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