My first time

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Story number : 14 ( secret story )

My First Time

Bart and I met when he was 20 and I was almost 14 . He was a friend of my brother , and initially , the thing we had most in common was that we had no interest in each other at all . Frequently he was coming over at our home , to see my brother . After a while I started to fell in love with him . But I was afraid to tell him cause he was six years older . In the holidays on in the weekends he came over to swim in our swimming pool . I was always hiding in my room and peeking through the window to admire his body .

A month away from my 14th birthday I must say I already had a well developing body . My breasts were growing and I was always wearing skirts and tops . I was pretty early for my age . The other girls in my class weren’t that developed yet as I was . My interest for guys was growing , and masturbation was something I did almost every day .

After a while , Bart started giving me some attention , to my surprise . I noticed that whenever I was home , Bart would find some reason to be around visiting . He was not pretty in a beautiful face . But his body was sensational , wonderful skin , a nice muscled chest and strong arms . His hair was rich brown , short and well trimmed . After I told my brother that I was in love with Bart , he told Bart that I was in love with him . Big mistake , I know . But I was young . So know Bart knew that I was in love with him , he started paying and giving more attention to me . He started talking to me , playing with me in the swimming pool , all very innocent .

One evening , about a few month after we had met , the two of us were watching TV in my parents’ living room . It was getting late and my father had gone to bed already , and my sister and my mom were out and wouldn’t be home until morning . My brother had to bring his girlfriend home so he wouldn’t be back for an 20 minutes . Bart was sitting close against me . I was watching the TV till suddenly he laid his hand on my thigh . I looked at him , surprised . He smiled at me , moving his lips towards mine and before I knew it , his lips were kissing mine . His hand was rubbing over my thigh as his tongue slipped into my mouth . I had kissed some boys before but never like this , Bart had experience , I could feel it by the way he was moving his tongue around . I tried to keep up with him . We kept on kissing for a while and his hand kept rubbing my thigh as we were seated on the couch together . He stopped kissing : ” You’re beautiful . ” I blushed instantly by his compliment . “How about you and me going for a walk tomorrow in the woods ? ” He asked . ” Yeah sure . ” : I answered . I was delighted with his request . We continued kissing , I was in 7th heaven . Not much later my brother came home and I went to bed , fantasizing about Bart all night . I was in love .

We agreed to meet each other at the woods around 2 pm . He was already there , waiting by his car when I arrived with my bicycle . He gave me a kiss on my lips and gave me a hug . ” Lets go for a walk . ” He smiled , as he grabbed me by the hand and we made our way into the woods . Like 20 minutes later we were very deep in the woods , walking on a path where not many people come . I was wondering why he was heading so deep into the woods with me . We stopped and Bart turned around and we started kissing . I was leaning back against a tree . I wrapped my arms around him as our tongue were moving around . Bart cupped my right breast through my halter top with his hand . I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable by his move and I took his hand away . ” Sorry , ” he said . ” Its just that you are so pretty . ” He made the same move again . This time I didn’t move . He squeezed and caressed my right breast and felt my nipple getting hard through my halter top . He circled his palm back and forth over my breast . Still I did not move . ” Oh please don’t , ” I whispered . ” You don’t like it ? ” He said . “I do , I smiled but isn’t this too early ? ” : I wanted to know . Bart laid his finger and my lips to make me shut up and started to kiss me again . He leaned forward some more towards me and he also cupped my left breast . I looked at him , feeling insecure . ” Amanda ,” he said , ” lift up your halter top , I want to see your lovely breasts . ” I wasn’t wearing a bra that day , actually I didn’t wear bra’s much those days when I was young . I nodded that I didn’t want to do it . ” Okay ” , he smiled : ” but then let me show you something . ” And he took my left hand and laid it on his crotch . I tried to pull my hand away from his obvious erection but he kept my hand tight on the spot . ” I have to leave now , I am sorry , I should leave ” : I said .

” You are not going Amanda ” : He said as he held my hand on his fly . I looked stunned and made attempt to leave . He quickly pushed me back against the tree and gave me a long , intimate kiss . He held me still . ” I have plans for you sweetie ” , he said , ” now don’t disappoint me and lift up that halter top so I can see your sweet tits . ” Again I made a move to go away . He grasped my right wrist and bent it behind my back . I tried to wrestle away and started to say something when he released my arm . ” Okay ” , he said : ” If you are going to be like this , I might tell everybody how you are so you will be the laugh of everybody in school and might never find a guy willing to be with you , is that what you want ? Because I know everybody , all your friends . ” ” No , ” I whispered . ” Good , you have to know what your do to a man , so lift up that halter top ” , he commanded me . Slowly I grabbed the edges of my halter top and lifted it . He told me to take if off . I slowly did . I began to cry .

Slowly he laid both his hand on my small breasts . He squeezed them hard and soft , pinched and pulled both my nipples . I let him do these things but that was it , the tears rolled down my cheeks . ” What is somebody comes here . ” I cried . ” If you are quiet , nobody will cause this area is private , nobody is allowed to walk here . ” he replied . He grabbed my hand again and laid it one more time on his crotch . ” Feel that ? That’s what you do to me . ” Bart said with an evil smile on his face . I let it all happen , with no arousal on my part at all . Bart continued to rub and kiss my breasts all over . His tongue and lips all over my breasts . We stayed like that for a while . He lifted his face from my breasts and kissed my lips . I responded nicely and he held my face softly in both his hands . I relaxed and he pulled me towards him and whispered in my ear : ” Amanda , tell me what your pussy feels like right now ? ” I pulled away and looked at him with disgust . But there was fear also .

He pushed me back against the tree . I was wearing a skirt and before I could object , he had his hand under my skirt and down between my legs . He grabbed my inside thigh and pinched : ” You are not leaving . ” ” No please , ” I whispered begging , ” please don’t do this to me , be nice . Please just let me go home . ” : I said . He lifted his hand upward slightly , brushing my crotch , as he felt my pubic hair bunched inside my panties . With his other hand on my breast and his other hand tickling my hair pussy he kissed me again . He moved his hands away and grabbed my by my shoulders and guided my in the direction of the grass . He made me lay down in the grass . ” You have to let me go home now , I cant do this , ” I begged loudly : ” I don’t want to do this and if you keep on , I will scream , now let me go ! ” I wanted to get up again but he pinned me down and laid down on top of me , keeping my arms pinned down on the grass . He brought my hands together above my head and he could keep me pinned down with one single hand . He had such big hands and mine were so small . I gasped , trying to get away but it didn’t work . With his free hand , Bart started fondling my tiny breasts again . ” Lovely tits you have , Amanda ” : he smiled . My moment of fig
ht now turned into terrified tears . ” O
h please don’t ” : is all I could whimper . ” Relax sweetie , I am your friend ” , as he reached down and squeezed between my legs .

I was laying there helplessly as he fondled me between my legs for several minutes . He wasn’t gently . I looked to the sky to avoid his eyes . He slid down his zipper and opened his trousers and revealed his hard , big cock . ” You know what that is sweetie , have you ever seen one before , besides your daddy’s cock ? ” he asked me . When I said nothing , he grabbed me by the face and said : ” I asked you a question sweetie ! ” ” A penis . ” I whispered through the crying . With my arms still pinned above my head he asked : ” And what should I do with it Amanda ? ” I could no longer think clear and the only thing on my mind was fear . My eyes were drained of tears which had been rolling all over my face like a cascade . ” You ever been fucked Amanda ? …Amanda…? ” Bart said . I nodded my face cause I was still a virgin .

Bart wrapped my skirt up around my waist . Then he slipped his hand up through the leg of my panties and did something that made me jump . He slipped a finger inside my pussy , quickly followed by a second . ” That’s two fingers Amanda , want more ? ” I told him it hurts . He started fucking me with his two fingers . He pulled his fingers out and said : ” Now its time for the real work . ” I begged : ” No please don’t do this ,please Bart , don’t ..!! ” He pulled down my panties around my ankles . I was crying as he pushed my legs apart and placed the head of his huge dick at my slit . He leaned forward and into me as I started to cry again . ” Now now sweetie , don’t be upset . You will thank me for this later ” He moaned as he cock moved deeper inside me , ripping my pussy apart . I did hurt so much that I started screaming . He grabbed my halter top and pushed it into my mouth : ” Shut up , you bitch ! ” With the halter top partly in my mouth , my screams were so silent that screaming was useless . For about then minutes he fucked me fast and hard . He did it hard , deep and very fast . He rammed his whole self into me as I screamed in pain and nearly passed out . He released me arms cause I wasn’t moving anyway . He held my hips tight and jerked all the way in and all the way out . My cries stopped after a while when I started sobbing . With a few short strokes his cum was shot into my pussy . With a few loud moans he collapsed on top of me . I pushed him off me . He was recovering on his back in the grass as I could feel the cum running out of my pussy . I pulled up my panties and put on my halter top . My vagina was hurting like hell . It was burning inside .

” Oh fuck you were tight , Amanda ” : he laughed , ” Now go home ! ” I quickly got up , trembling and shaking on my legs as I made my way to my bicycle . The ride home was hell cause my pussy was hurting so much . When I came home I took several showers and I went to bed . I never told anybody about what happened till I was 16 . Bart came over to our house several more time but I always avoided him since that moment in the woods . I hated him and always will hate him for taking away one of the most precious things a girl has : her virginity .

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written or if you want to chat with me on msn just ask …

I don’t bite …hard !

Hugs and Kisses

Amanda Marais

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