My first time Part Two

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After a few minuetes i felt his hand slowly trace every curve of my body, not missing a single contour. Then i felt his lips slowley come up and kiss my neck, i moaned slightly and scooted closer to him. Still kissing my neck his hand slowly came up and rubbed my tits. Softly and gentle then he stoped and traced his hand up my shirt and rubbed them some more. I was getting hot…
Then he snaked his hand down between my legs and rubbed me through my PJ bottoms. Slowley getting faster and aggresive
“Angel, i want you” i said.
“Do you baby?” he replied
i let out a moan as his hands rubbed harder, he took it as a yes
“Turn this way” he said, and i did. He pulled off my PJ’s and underwear before i even knew it. He rubbed me more-harder this time-it felt so good, i wanted him so bad
“I want you now” i said. And with that his pants came off and i stroked his cock, it was about seven inches-not hard-
When he was hard he positioned it outside my slit and slowley began to push. I let out a cry of pain…
“Shhh its gonna be okay” he said. I bit his neck hard as he pushed in deeper. He started to come out and back in. It didnt hurt anymore. I started to moan softly…
His thrusts became harder, but it wasnt enough. He pulled me on top and i rode him for a good thrity minuetes when i leaned down a whispered
“I want you on top”
He positioned himself on top of me and began to pound me softly
“Does that hurt?” he said.
“No, harder” i replied, He pumped me harder… In and out, In and out god he felt so fucking good
“Harder” i kept saying.
Lost in extasy he thrust in hard wich made my back arch and made me gasp. He hit the G spot. Fuck it felt amazing.
I started moaning louder as his throbbing cock got deeper inside me. He stopped for a short time and threw my legs over his shoulder and began to pound my twat fast and hard. I came as my pussy clamped down around his thick cock, so did he.
He got up to go to the bathroom and layed down next to me I noticed he was hard… I began to kiss down his chest he moaned in responce…

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