My First Time Pt. I

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Here’s my story. I’m 25, young, have a great girlfriend with an awesome sex life. Great it sounds like, but I always feel there’s something missing. I watch a lot of porn and recently turned to gay porn. Nothing too hardcore. Mostly jerk off videos. This goes on for a few months before I finally grow some balls and place a classified ad for an older man for some nice fun. Almost immediately after I place the ad I get an email. It’s from a 45 year old guy who says we can have some safe fun at his house about 15 miles away. I told him he was a little old for me. I said I was just looking for someone in their low 30’s. He goes on to tell me that he can teach me some fun play better than anyone else. I told him I just wanted to watch some porn and jerk off. He got a little angry with this. “why did you lead me on? I thought we would fuck??!!” This is the email I got. I felt so bad. I wrote back saying, “I’m sorry to lead you on. I never meant to. Let’s just jerk off together. We can still have fun.” He agrees and sends me his picture. Looks WAY better than 45. Big muscles, tall. Kinda rough looking. We chat a little and get to know each other. He told me he has a fetish for young guys, I told him this was going to be my very first time doing anything like this with a man. I think this really turned him on. He got more and more anxious untill our meeting that night. I was very nervous getting ready to go. I thought I could just back out now but I would look at his picture I had and my cock would get hard. I drive over and park down the block. I walk up to a small, simple house and knock on the door. This is it, I thought. I hear him walking to the door. I’m so fucking nervous. Oh MY GOD!! I don’t know his name. I forgot to ask. It would be so rude to ask him now. The door swings open to a big, bulging man. He must be half a foot taller than me. “Hello.” he says. I said, “Hey” and walk in. I sit on his couch in front of the tv. I’m so scared my eyes are just glued to the floor. The tall man notices I might be a little tense and he comes over with a bottle of tequilla and a couple shot glasses. He pours one for me and one for him. “You drink don’t you?” he asks. Normally I only drink on special occasions but I figured this was one of those situations. “of course!!” as I slamm the shot and ask for another. I can’t look like a kid with this guy. I have to drink like a man. He drinks his shot, pours me another and I take it down. The booze burned my throat but I had two more anyway. Now I’m buzzed. He sees the alcohol take effect and puts down the bottle. He sits on the other end of the couch and we start to talk. He ask’s more questions about my virgin status: Have I ever been fucked? Have I ever sucked dick? Have I even touched another cock? I told him “no” to all his questions just as I did in email. He gets a really big grin on his face and moves closer and starts to seduce me. I tell him I’m straight but he says, “that’s ok” and keeps rubbing his hands all over my body. He keeps moving himself closer until he is all over me. Towering over me with my head in his chest. I start to moan a little with pleasure and this really turns him on. He starts to unzip his pants and my eyes widden at the sight of his big cock. He forcefully grabs my hand and puts it on his dick. I dont know what I’m doing. This was not supposed to happen. I find myself starting to stroke his cock on my own. Just when I start to realize that I’m beggining to like the feel of his cock in my hands, he grabs me by my hair and slams my face into his crotch. “PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY COCK BOY!” What happened!!!???? I just wanted to jerk off!! I’ve never done this before. I’m so scared with this big crazy guy so I do just as I’m told and slide his dick down my tongue. “NOT SO STRAIGHT NOW ARE YOU BOY!!!!?????” I suck his big cock nice and slow. I can feel it grow inside my mouth and I begin to choke. I pull my head off his dick and spit runs from his rock hard cock down my face. I try to catch my breath when I get a frim slap across my face. “You dont take your mouth off my dick bitch till I tell you!! Do you understand?” I feel so helpless. I think, what am I doing? I could just get up and run for the door. But before I can get up and make a run for it, I find myself saying ” Yes sir,I understand.” And I put his cock back down my throat. I suck it deep and hard. I choke but this time I keep on his dick. I can feel my dick getting hard through my pants and I start to rub myself. He notices my rubbing and says, “Looks like you’re starting to like this aren’t you boy?” I give an embarrassed grin with his cock in my mouth, pull out and say, “Yes. I like sucking your cock. It feels so fucking good going down my tongue.” He just leans back and laughs. “I knew you would boy.” I crawl back to his dick and start to suck it again. Now he starts to get aggressive. He grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick so far down my throat. It felt like 10 seconds of choking. Tears ran down my face. He pulls my head back and gives me a slap in the face. “You love Daddy’s cock don’t you boy!!??” I can barely talk after the cock choking. “I love sucking your cock” I say. WHACK!!!!! I get another slap across the face. This one really hurt. I think I actually saw stars. “I’M YOUR DADDY NOW BOY!! AND YOU WILL CALL ME DADDY WHENEVER YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!!! UNDERSTAND BOY?” That last slap hurt so fucking bad. I don’t want to get slapped again. “Yes Daddy I understand. I will be good for you Daddy.” He smiles and nodds his head. “I’m glad you’re going to be good for me boy. Because you are about to get Daddy’s dick up that tight boy ass of yours.” My eyes widen with fear……

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