My First Time Was A 3 Some

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It was in the middle of July and I was at my mates house having a drink, when i remembered it was one of my old school friends birthday. I decided to give her a call and see if she was havin a party to celebrate, i was told she was at her mates havin a few drinks with sum of her girlfriends. Of course i decided almost instantly to go round an join in with the celebrations.

When i arrived, i was greeted by the owner of the flat who was about 5’3″ blonde with medium size breasts. I was led upstairs to the living room where there was 3 more girls. There was two sisters both with fiery red hair and cute as hell asses, and another who i didnt know but on first sight caught my eye.

Well it didnt take long for the birthday girl to come and sit on my knee and ask for a birthday kiss, so i gave her one (well i wasnt going to complain). After she decided to stay sitting on my knee and tease me like crazy, wandering hands and wiggling her arse in my crotch. This carried on for about an hour (and i was getting quite frustrated) when the host piped up with “whos gonna take care of matt then?” This was the time when i started to get a bit nervous as i had never had full sex before just foreplay. I wasnt expecting anyone to say anything when the girl who i didnt know, who was being quiet all night said “i will, but he wouldnt dare!” So being the macho man i was trying to pretend to be said “try me”. At this the girl said “ok then” grabbed me by the hand and marched me in to the bathroom.

At this point i started to get real scared as i didnt really need to know what to do, but luckily for me i didnt need to do much. It took her about thirty seconds to have my shirt off and yank down my pants and boxers, leaving just my socks. At this point i had took off her top and bra and was working down the the skirt. Then she grabbed my rock hard cock and rammed it in her mouth and started to suck and lick my woody. And then the bathroom door opened and there stood the other 3 girls standing and admiring my cock. I pulled the door to and started to kiss and suck on her ample sized breasts, i worked my way down to her nice neat shaven pussy, where i started to make circles on her clit. She started to wriggle and squirm in enjoyment when she shouted “Fuck Me” at the top of her voice.

I lay on my back on the floor and she straddled my and gently lowered herself onto my cock, and then slowly moving up and down. All of a sudden i heard the door slightly open and a voice come through “Can i join in” it was Gemma, the older of the 2 sisters, of course i thought she was only joking so i replied with “Yes”. At this point, Gemma walked in and took off her top revealing some very hard and erect nipples. She walked past tina who was now bouncing up and down hard and fast and moaning quite loud and sat right over my face allowing me to go crazy with her clit, I then started to use my fingers and penetrated her tight little pussy which was no soaking wet.

Tina then got up and sat on the edge of the bathtub with her legs spread. Gemma immediately turned around got on all fours with her face in tinas love hole. “Do me like a dog” she said. So i grabbed her by the hips and rammed my cock in her pussy in one thrust which made her jump and squeal. Yes, yes…. was all i could hear from both girls as i got harder and faster, i started to feel as if i was going to shoot my load there and then but i tried to hold it for as long as possible. When i couldnt hold it no more i pulled out from gemma and stood up. Both girls got to their knees at my cock and opened wide for me, It was heaven, just what i had always dreamed of (and i am sure most men do) two women with me at the same time. That was my first ever time, i look back thinking how lucky i was and i have never regretted it since. Of course all my mates are jealous, except my best mate who i repayed the favour to both girls with of course, which is another story and if you liked this one then mail me and i might put it on.

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