My First Time Was A Good Time

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I was 17 the first time I had sex. Lee and I had been dating for about 7 months and all we had done was oral sex. He was the sexiest guy I’d ever met. He was about 6’2, 165 lbs,a baseball player. We were in our junior year of high school. We were in love.

My parents had left to go out to dinner, and Lee and I were left home alone. My parents had left us some money to order subs. After they had left, Lee and I went upstairs into the kitchen to order our food. After we had ordered it, I got down on the kitchen floor to play with my puppy. Lee then followed and started playing with her too. After a while, my dog got tierd and went into another room. Lee and I were left alone on the kitchen floor. We were staring at eachother, knowing what the other wanted. I could tell he was horny, and I was too. We started to kiss, and then slowly his tongue went into my mouth. We were making out so good on my kitchen floor! After about 5 minutes, we got really uncomfortable, so we decided to go into my family room. He sat on a chair and I sat ontop of him. We started making out again, and I could feel him getting hard. He started feeling my breats and took my shirt off. I kinda felt uncomfortable because the windows were open and my neighbors could see. Also if my parents came home, they would see us like that. So I asked Lee if we wanted to go into the basement and he said yes. I was only in my bra and a skirt. Once we got down there, I sat ontop of him again. We started making out and he unsnapped my bra and took it off. He began fondling my boobs and playing with my nipples. It felt soooo good. I then took his shirt off, and our warm bodys touched. Lee then moved his hands down my stomach and began feeling down by my pussy. My pussy was sooo wet and warm and I wanted him to feel it. He took my skirt off and I was left in just a skimpy, pink, see thru thong. He loved this thong b/c there was basically nothing to it. He then put his fingers down by my pussy and began rubbing it. It felt so good and he liked the wetness of my pussy. After about 3 minutes, he slowly stuck his finger in there. It felt sooo good and he liked how wet and warm I was. I moaned a little bit, but I wanted more. Lee then began to lick and suck on my boobs. I was getting soo horny and I was orgasiming. I then began to feel Lee’s cock sticking into me thru my panties. I undid his jean button and unzipped his pants. His dick was sticking straight up. I began massaging it and he was enjoying it greatly. As I was doing this to him, he changed from one finger to 3 fingers. OMG this was amazing! I groaned and he loved it. After a while, I took his pants off and then his boxers. I saw his dick, big and hard, and sticking straight up. I wanted it in me so badly. I stopped him from what he was doing, and stood up. I looked at him and he looked at me. I then slowly took my panties off. I wanted to give him a little show. I felt my boobs and played with them. Then I moved my way down to my wet pussy and insterted 2 fingers. He was so turned on by this. After fingering myself for about 5-10 minutes, I got down on my hands and knees and stuck his dick in my mouth. It was soo hard and he came in my mouth many times. I just swallowed and kept going. He was enjoying this.

After about 15 minutes, I sat up and sat next to him. He looked at me and I knew he wanted me. Lee had never looked so serious in his whole life. “I want you”, he said. I replied, “have me.” With that he layed me down on the couch and got ontop of me. He thrusted my back upwards and grabbed my hips. With that, he inserted his dick into me. I never felt anything so good in my whole life. My eyes opened wide as he began going deeper and deeper. I moaned with excitement and pleasure. I screamed yes and for more. Lee knew I was enjoying it. He started playing with my tits again and then began moving in and out of my pussy faster and faster. I kept orgasiming and he was squirting all over the inside of me. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.

We kept fucking for about 30 minutes, and then we remembered about our food. We had to go pick it up. I didnt want the sex to end. I wanted to keep fucking. But, we decided we should go get the food. We got dressed and went to get it. On the way, Lee’s hand was around my pussy and he was feeling it. I was still very wet and he liked it. We got our food, headed back to my house, ate very quickly and then fucked once more before my parents came home.

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