My First Time with a Hot Girl

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When I was in 10th grade, I had a crush on this girl Inez. She was in the 11th grade and way shorter than I was. She had black hair, huge tits, and a perfect ass. Sometimes I would think about her while I was masturbating. One day, I went to the library to study for some test, and guess who was there? Inez. I worked up the courage to talk to her. I asked if anyone was sitting in the chair next to her. She said no, so I sat down. We started to talk about school, and she asked me what teachers I had, the usual shit. We also told some jokes and laughed so loud that the old librarian bitch told us to be quiet. After a while, I had the urge to take a piss. I told Inez I would be right back, and I hurried to the bathroom. After I was done washing my hands, the door opened. It was Inez. Before I could say anything, she kissed me and we started making out. She made me sit on a toilet and she unzipped my pants. “Inez…don’t tease me like this” I said. “Who’s teasing?” she replied. She pulled my dick out, which was now long and hard, and she began to suck it. I moaned and groaned, and I don’t know how nobody heard me. She licked the tip of my shaft down to its end. She started to do it harder, her head bobbing up and down. I could tell she was a pro at this. Finally, I came, and she swallowed every last drop. “Mmmm..did you like that?” she asked. “Hell yeah.” I said. She then said to come home with her, and that her parents weren’t going to be home that night. We raced out of the library and back to her house, which was only about four blocks away. She opened the front door and led me to her room, which was mostly all pink. She put on some slow, sexy music and she began to take off her clothes. Off went her shirt, revealing her huge breasts and a black bra, and she removed her tight skirt, and she was wearing a leopard skin thong. Oh, I could have came right there. “Do you wanna see more?” she asked me, and I nodded my head “yes”. She told me to strip first, so I stripped down to nothing. Then she took off her bra, and out popped these huge nipples. She put them close enough to my face that I started to lick them and make little circles with my tongue. My tongue moved slowly down her belly and with my hands, I removed her thong, grabbing her ass. My tongue met her pussy, which was not hairy, but half-shaven. I laid her down on the bed and opened up her pussy as I slid my tongue inside. I kept licking as she kept moaning and moaning until finally her clitoris was showing. I nibbled on it with my lips and kept licking it until she came all over my face. I licked it all up. She said, “I want more, you bad boy!” So I gave her more. I shooved my dick right into her pussy and she started riding it. We were going so fast I thought the bed was gonna break. My dick slid in and out of her wet pussy as we both breathed really heavily and kissed. Finally we both came and I withdrew my well-spent cock from her snatch. Well, the time came for me to leave, so I said goodbye and she said to me “I hope we get to do that again soon.” I hoped so, too.

To be continued?

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