My gfs first big show

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Me and my girl friend have been going out for the past five years. I think she’s one of the prettiest girls i have ever met. she’s filipino and has perfect skin and the sexiest little body but for the first couple years of our relationship i was super over protective. i’d give her a dirty look if she sat a way that i didn’t like or if i could down her shirt id always give her shit. Now a days it’s a complete 180. i look for any chance to show her off. it’s such a turn on this is the story of how i got turned on to showing off my gf with out her knowing…My gf at the time was just 18 and she loved dave matthews band. so me and her and a small group of my friends got tickets to see them at alpine valley in wisconsin. all day we drank in the parking lot smoke weed and had a good time. then we went into the concert. we partied more it was great. me and my gf had a small hotel room not far from the concert after the concert are group gathered in the parking lot and talked for a little while. my gf started to get tired because she was so drunk and sat down while me and my friends were talking. we soon said bye to each other then i turned to her and said get up lets go but she didn’t respond. so i shook her a little but she was still out so i grew impatient and decided i would just pick her up and walk her to my car. so i put both my arms under hers from behind to pick her up from a sitting position. she was wearing a tie dye tube top dress that fit her kinda lose on top because she’s only an A-cup. As I started to lift her i noticed the top on her dress start to slip down her chest. But for some reason i decided not to stop it. I don’t know if it was because I was pissed off that she was so drunk or what. but I did nothing i just watched it slip down over her dark nipples and finally stop under her breast. I had her shoulder blades pressed to my chest and her head was laying back on my shoulder. I looked down and saw her light tan lines on her little boobs and her hard dark nipples sticking straight out. the contrast between her nipples skin and her tan made it so obvious that her top was down. I instantly got hard. I looked up and saw a group of guys that were a little younger than me staring and laughing. I just acted like i didn’t notice. I switched to holding her with one arm for a second to act like i was looking for something in my pocket. my right arm was around her mid section so i could support her the way i was holding her pushed her little tits up . the whole time i could see the group of guys laughing. I was so turned on so i re grabbed with both arms and started to walk backwards to my car acting as if i was completely oblivious to my topless girlfriend. As i walked i would see random people notice her and laugh or point. I finally got her to the row where my car was parked my cock was so hard I had never been so turned on. I saw my car by this time the parking lot was a mess. one car drove by and honked i saw it was a car full of girls and they were laughing hysterically. I got her to where my car was parked there was some older guys that were tailgating next to us before the concert I noticed them checking her out earlier. right when i went to open the door i noticed one of em see her. he tapped his buddy and said look at the nipples on that then they laughed. i put her in my passenger seat and put the seat back a little i just stared at her peacefully resting her face beat red from the alcohol her little white boobs and her big dark nipples. i sat for a moment and contemplated wether i should pull her top up or just drive to the hotel with her little boobs showing, I started my car and started to drive there was a ton of people walking on each side trying to find their cars or friends every once and a while id hear someone say you see that chicks tits?” or some similar comment. I got on the highway and made it to the hotel. i decided to pull her top up for the walk in i put her over my shoulder and walked to our room. i opened the door and sat her in the chair next to the bed. I got a text from my friend who i have known since i was like 5 and we have both known for all of high school. he said that he’s got a blunt rolled and he’s gonna come to my room cause his girlfriend was sleeping. right after i got off the phone my girlfriend threw up all down the front of herself so i got a wet towel and started to wipe her off i moved her onto the bed. my friend soon came in and was laughing how drunk she was i told him close the door and spark that thing. so he lit up the blunt and we started to smoke he had the tv on and i got up and said i’m gonna get her out of these puke clothes. he asked if he should put it out and leave. i said i don’t care if you don’t care then we both kinda laughed. I said you better not ever tell anyone about this he said his gf would kill him. so i grabbed the top of her dress under armpits and began to slide the dress down i got to her waist and i lifted her legs and then pulled it off completely. I then balled the dress up and walked over and threw it into the bathroom. She was laying there in just her little pink and grey stripped undies. arms flailed out to her sides. I said look at this girl what a mess and we laughed. i took the wet rag and wiped her chest were she still had some vomit. he said she doesn’t look like a mess to me we both laughed again. I then said throw me her shorts and a t-shirt out of her bag he threw them on the bed. I said let me hit that real quick so i hit it twice and left her laying unconscious and exposed on the bed. I passed it back and said man she’s sweaty as hell then i took the shirt and shorts and laid them next to her. i pulled her closer towards the end of the bed so her feet were touching the ground. I then reached up and grabbed her undies on each side of her hips. there was a mirror over the head of the bed and i could see my friends eyes locked on her crotch anticipating me pulling down her undies. I saw his hand that wasn’t holding the blunt move over his crotch as if he was adjusting his boner. I then started to slowly slide them down i looked down as i was removing them this tan line was even more defined i looked at her crotch as i slid them down she must have shaved before we left because she was smooth as a baby. as i slid them down i lifted her legs as i pulled them off. I saw him just starring at her i said pass me that before it goes out and we both laughed again i then took two more hits and left her completely naked in front of us. He said that she was the first asian hed ever seen naked. we joked about how her pussy sticks out like a sore thumb because her labia’s were so dark and the rest of her tan less skin surrounding her little crotch was so pale white .I said remember you never saw her naked he said oh yea and laughed again passed the blunt back to him then i said she’s like having a baby to take care of i laughed and grabbed her by her ankles then i lifted them up with my left hand held them. “I said look little baby” hahaha then I took the wet rag and wiped her pussy and butt like i was changing her diaper. My friend was just laughing and starring at her pussy and tiny butthole he said dude your doing it wrong front to back hahaha i said u wanna show me? and i handed him the rag he sort of hesitated he looked at her face then down between her legs. he then said ok and he did 3 soft wipes from her clit down to her little asshole. every wipe i could see him looking closer and closer and on the last one he only held the rag in his thumb and i could see his fingers slide down her little dark vagina separating it on the way down. exposing her bright pink insides. he took a long look and said alright i got a gf man i laughed and said so do I. then i took her feet put them in her shorts and slid them up. I looked at him and said wanna touch em before i put them away he just laughed and said naa i want to but i cant. so I put the t-shirt on her and i’m sure he went back to his room and banged his gf like i did mine hahaha. the next day my girlfriend was apologizing to us for getting so drunk and throwing up she thanked us fo
r taking care of her she said she felt like she made a total ass of her self. The funny part is if she ever knew how much she really humiliated her self that night she would die hahaha….and ever since that night Im on a mission to show off my gf as much as possible!!!and my best friend lets me see naked pics of his gf now lol win win;)

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