My Most Passionate Lover

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My Most Passionate Lover

It was a great time! I was finally coming closer to finishing school for the year and everything was going perfect. I had just broken up with my girl friend that I had had for a while. I was single and loving it. I could flirt more openly now, look at girls whenever I felt the pleasure too. I was in single paradise. I had somewhat lost my virginity. Id received my first blow job over the spring on spring break. I loved it! All I could think about now was sex. Even with some of my best girl friends. I had gotten to fell my earlier girl’s tits which weren’t too bad. But they weren’t even a comparison to what my best girl friends tits were like when I found out. We had our moments when I knew I sensed electricity between us and I know she felt it too, but we had both been with someone else and we were loyal to relationships.
ON a Saturday night I had planned to meet my friends at the movie theatre, I gave Jamie, my best girl friend; she was 5’3″ 120 pounds, Hispanic and brunette also 36 C, a ride to the movies. As we were waiting my cell rang, it was Tim saying he couldn’t make it. We waited a little longer for the others, my cell rang again and it was another friend who was giving 3 the other 3 friends a ride, he said his car broke down and couldn’t show so therefore eliminating everyone else. So we bought our tickets and went into the movie. We were the only ones in the theatre completely since the movie was about a month old. We sat and started talking. We talked about the gossip going around then moved to relationships and what went wrong, and all the good stuff. We eventually found ourselves on the topic of sex. She had been fingered and had given a blow job before but never went all the way. I told her I had ate out my earlier girl friend and gotten a blow job from her. We talked more about the subject and who had it tougher in sex guys or girls. We decided on a draw since guys had to work hard but girls had to hope the guy knew what he was doing. The movie started and we cut the talk off to watch the movie. It was half way through the movie I realized that she was looking at me. I looked at her and she blushed and turned. I was confused at this point. I had wanted to date her the year before and she hadn’t wanted to, but she was acting strangely like she wanted me. I turned my attention back to the movie. Again I caught her looking at me, this time I asked if something was wrong. She did nothing except lean in and kissed me. Surprised and shock I didn’t think of what to do, instincts told me to kiss her back. So I did just that, we kissed and kissed for a while. She was a great kisser; I couldn’t believe how good she was. I was so turned on by the fact of her kissing ability. Our tongues played with each other my hands were on her face. I could tell by her breathing she was wet and horny. My cock had grown to its full 7″; it was also an average thickness of males. (I was also 5’11”, 180 pounds, athletic, brown hair, and brown eyes). She whispered lightly into my ear that she wanted me. I looked into her eyes and she stared back into mine. This was the electricity id felt with her for so long and it was finally happening between us. I kissed her again, but more passionately. I reached my hand down to her leg and started to rub her leg. She shuddered at the touch of my hand and I calmed her down and continued to kiss her. I moved my hand to her right breast. I rubbed it lightly and gently squeezed.
She then moved right onto my lap. I quickly looked to make sure no one was in the theatre. There wasn’t and I continued with her. I lifted her tank top over her head leaving her in her bra and shorts. I took off my shirt and she grinned, my upper body had developed a lot more in the year, I now had some “pecks” and a six pack was making its way into my body. I removed her bra with a quick snap of it (I had a lot of practice with my earlier girl friend). We then cuddled, our bare skin touching one another. We were so warm together we sat there for a few minutes. As we let go of the embrace I went right to her nipples. They were hard and calling to be sucked on. I sucked on the nipple lightly rolling my tongue around it. I then moved my tongue slowly to the side of her tit. I kissed her chest and ran my thumb in slow circles around her other nipple. I could tell she was very horny now because she moaned and breathed heavily as I did all this.
She now took some action; she dropped to her knees slowly as she kissed my body on the way down. She unzipped my pants and reached into my boxers to pull my cock out through the opening. I put my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her dark brunette hair. Her eyes locked onto mine right before she put my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it like she was a pro. I was in utter pleasure, nothing felt this good ever in my life. She licked my shaft as she came up and would lick around my cock head and suck. She fondled my balls as she continued to suck, I could feel the cum traveling through my body wanting to hit deep inside her mouth. I couldn’t hold in any longer. I shot my hot white cum inside her mouth. After she picked her mouth off of my cock there was none left, I couldn’t believe she drank it all.
I sat her down in the chair and prepared to eat her out. I pulled her shorts off leaving her in her thong. It was soaking wet. I ripped off the thong and looked at her beautiful shaven pussy. I kissed her lightly and moved down, I kissed her slowly using my tongue nearing her dripping pussy. I got to her pussy finally but did not proceed to it, I teased her a little bit by licking around the clit. I then kissed the inside of her thigh as close as I could to her pussy, she begged me to eat her pussy. I put my tongue onto her clit. Her body convulsed and shuddered as she experienced supreme pleasure. I thrusted a finger into her pussy and touched her inner clit. She moaned loudly, and breathed harder. I started to suck on the clit and play with it with my tongue. My other hand was up on her tit playing with it, I would squeeze gently and rub the nipple lightly. Her breath quickened and she moaned and grunted as she came. I stuck my tongue inside her to taste her juices. She tasted so good it gave me another boner right away.
I looked at her and asked if she wanted to go all the way, and she said yes and it was her first time, I said it was mine also. We didn’t want to go onto the floor so sat down in the chair. I gave her a condom and she didn’t know how to put it on me, I guided her hands and showed her to roll the condom down over the head and down the shaft. Once we had the condom on we went at it. She sat onto my lap and my cock went deep inside her, she gasped from a little pain as I ruptured the skin and she no longer was a virgin. She eventually got on the groove and turned the pain into pleasure. I couldn’t do a whole lot since I was sitting so I did what I could. I grabbed onto her ass and pulled her in as she rode on me. I put my mouth on her tit and sucked the nipple. She moaned as she liked what the new feeling was. I buried my head into her tits and gripped onto her ass and pulled her in with each hop she preformed. She moaned louder now and grunted as she came close to her climax. She leaned back and her tits stuck out towards me. She moaned but held in her screams as she shivered and breathed out hard.
I wasn’t through yet though, I wanted more of her. I didn’t care about the ground anymore. I threw her onto it with me on top. I thrusted my cock in her now, slowly. I kissed her neck played with her hair. She wrapped her legs around me and grabbed onto my ass to help me. I reached down and played with her clit for a few seconds making her go crazy. She started to grunt over and over as I thrusted faster. My balls slapped against her ass and made loud thuds. She came clenched tightly onto my butt. I was pumping her full of my cock now and hearing her moan in my ear and clenching my butt drove me over the edge. Cum shot from my cock and if not for the condom her pussy would have been covered in the white hot liquid. We were exhausted, she breathed heavily from fatigue.
We kissed again, we were so tired and passionate we couldn’t move for 5 minutes so all we did was kiss. Again we made eye contact, that was what lead to this, over all the two whole years we had really gotten to know each other, the eye contact made this the most possible. I knew that this was not a normal relationship we were going to have, it was something more. It would be the most passionate woman I would ever experience in my life time…
The End

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