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This is Dani from Karachi. 30 Male, a CA by profession. I am working as Manager Finance in a reputed company, managing the whole company in the absence of owner. This event happens last year when I want to appoint an accountant in my department. In consent with my owner we decided to appoint a female accountant as they are more loyal to work.

I gave an advertisement in news papers and as a result got 1000’s of resumes. I have selected 10 cvs in which the candidate pics are attached and they are very pretty and sexy girls of age around 21 to 25. I called them for interview and selected the most sexy and beautiful girl who badly needs job. I offered her a handsome package which she accepted quickly with so much thanks to me. Her name was saba. Any girl if wanna sexy chat with me , do contact me at

The 1st day when she joined, I asked my admin department to place a table inside my room so that I can train the accountant and in this way she is sitting in front of me all the day. She was wearing pink suit and was looking v hot and sexy. I guided her few tasks and after an hour she is very comfortable with me.

I use to sit late in office whereas all other staff went by 5 pm. I asked her that if you want to grow and learn you should sit late with me and I will guide you, which she agreed happily. We daily use to sit late and I taught her accounts and also become v close to her. Now we share our personal things, dressing, and movies etc all.

It was Saturday and it’s normally off, but I asked her to come at 10 am so that we can spend whole day together and she can learn a lot more than normal days. She came at 10 and entered in the room. Ohhhh my God. When I saw her, I was out of my mind. She was wearing a very deep neck shirt and tights and looking very hot. She sits against me and smile. I said saba you are looking very pretty and sexy, she smiled and said yap I know I am that pretty and adorable. Then during working on her laptop she turned towards me and asked sir can u pls tell me the way to format that sheet. I stood up and stand behind her and bent down and use my hands to use her keyboard in a way that she is sitting on chair in front of laptop and my both hands were typing on computer covering her from her shoulders. Touch of her shoulder made me hot and then I deliberately touch my dick on her back and in few min when I rubbed my dick on her back it harden and erects. She was feeling it very much as she started breathing very heavily.

Now I realized that its time to do the game. I slightly move my hands on her shoulder and rub them and slide my hand inside her deep neck and kiss on her neck. Ohhh God…. She closed her eyes and enjoying a lot and started breathing more heavily. I locked the door and ask my peon to take off so that no one else should be there to disturb us.
Then I came close to her and kiss on her neck , she stands up and we started lip kissing in a very passionate manner. I was sucking her soft and sexy lips and she was responding in a gr8 manner. Slowly I inserted my toungue inside her mouth and started sucking her tongue. Thts a gr8 pleasure we had. We did that for 10-15 minutes mean while I was rubbing my hands over her sexy and warm body. Then I removed her top and bra as well. Ohh God. Her boobs are milky white in colour and her nipples are pink. I rub her cups through my palm while kissing on her lips, then I took her in my arms and lay on the sofa in the room. Her 36 c size virgin breasts are naked in front of me and I started licking and sucking them . I took her nipple in my mouth and softly sucking and biting them. It become very hard and erect. Now she is also enjoying the sexual game very much. I then removed my T shirt and jeans and underwear as well bcoz my dick was so much hard and erect that it pain in the pants. When she saw my huge harden dik she smiled and took that in her hands and softly rubbing it. I will feeling v hot. Then I removed her trouser as well and now we both are nude from top to bottom . I lay over her and licking her body from neck to breast and hen her belly and then rubbing her pussy hole through my hands and entered fingure in her wet pussy hole. She moan a lot and I slide my fingure inside her virgin pussy hole. Now she is moaning with pleasure loudly and I was finguring her in a speedy manner. Her pussy was dripping juices and it gave me more intense feelings to fuck her as soon as possible.

Then I lay on sofa and she took my shaft in her mouth and sucking my dick. It was so gud, she was giving a fine blow job to me which I really enjoyed , specially the rolling of her tongue over my erected dick. After 5 minutes I was about to explode my cum , which I informed her and she jerk my dick using her hands and I exploded all cum on her breast.

We both enjoyed a lot the whole day after which I dropped her to home at 5 pm. Friends after that day we enjoyed very frequently in office and in my house as well when no one was at home. I will tell u the remaining parts some other tyme. Hope u people enjoyed my story.

I love to hear comments and responses from girls specially who wanna chat with me.Do contact me at

Waiting for your emails and response on my story. I am sure I can make u wet in no tyme. Email me or add me on Msn Messenger chat.

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