My sexy first time out

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I went to secrets one morning, drunk off my ass and wearing a nice black bikini top and matching black thong. I sat down in one of the seats , removed my street clothes and then stood back up and began a sexy dance for the only other guy in the room. At first it appeared as if he did not like what he saw, but within a minute he strolled over to where I was dancing against the wall and he put his hands on my hips and then walked me over to the first row of chairs . He had me bend over and grab the chair backs. Seconds later I could feel him slide my thong down off my ass and then I saw a condom wrapper fall to the floor. Next thing I knew he slid his cock into my ass and began to fuck me. Lord it felt so good that I backed my ass up against his crotch and put my hands on his hips. Let’s just say he made WOMAN out of me that day.

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