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me and my girlfriend was fucking oneday as i pounded her pussy and she said that she was ready to cum as i fucking her i see her sister looking through the door so i keep going till i blow my load in her pussy as i do i see her sister rubbing her pussy she was still a virgin as im done fuckuing my girlfriend she said that wanted to take a hot bath i say ok i be in the bedroom ok she said yea

as she go to take her bath i see her sister still looking in are room so i open the door and pull her in to the room and as i look down i see her pants are wet in the center of them now my cock starts to get hard again so i grab her ass and i feel her pussy it is hot so i hurry up and pull down her pants and her pink panties so she naked

i tell her to bent over if she wanted me to fuck her i say we have about a half hour so hurry she bent over and i get behind her and i hold my hand over her mouth and i shove my cock in her virgin pussy breaking her cherry she screams as i inter her pussy all the way i shove all seven inches in hefr and i pound her pussy fast and hard then her cunt clamps down on my cock as i fuck her fast then feel my cock get real wet she just cum all over my cock her knees came out from under her and i pick her up and i pound her pussy faster as im ready to cum i pull her back at me as i ram into her pussy hard and deep as i can then i shoot my cum in her virgin pussy i fill her pussy full of hot cum as i pull out i see her blood run down her legs i say your ok it happen when it a girl first time having sex with that she pull her panties and pants back up and wait till her sister is done in the bathroom so she can get clean up to i still fuck her younger sister when she at work hell what mommy don’t know can’t hurt her can it i love her younger sister pussy it better then one thats had a baby come out of it that right me and her have a kid and i still fuck her younger sister with out her knowing it i love it

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