New Gay Day

If anyone out there wants to help my fantasy become reality, please do!
Anyway here I am, a 43 year old average white male, 5’10” 185 pounds that is more athletic build than anything. Sandy brown short hair and hazel blue eyed man who until this day had never been with another man before. After many years of being married to woman whose ideal of romance was turn the lights off and jump on jump off, like the clapper. I had been abused enough to take any more. So I went about life day dreaming and soon I would find my answers.
I decided to go play golf early one Sunday morning and when I had driven a few miles I noticed I was low on gas so I wheeled into the nearest open station and fueled up. Wile I was there an older man was also gassing his SUV, while I went in to pay for my gas he stayed by his pump staring at me. There was a young man working the register and as I paid him, he whispered and said, “Hum, looks like Tony has an eye for you. If you are straight you better watch your back.” So I asked how he knew the man and he told me that Tony was his ex-lover and between men right now and that they could spot a gay man or in my case a soon to be gay man a mile away. I smiled and lowered my head as the boy patted my hand as said “Why don’t you walk out there and ask him for a ride, give me your keys and I’ll move your car to the side and make sure it’s safe until you get back.” I shook my head no and shyly wandered out the door, as Tony approached me. He was in his mid 50’s and 6’3″ 225 pounds with salty blonde hair and a nice tailored goatee. His build was more firm than flab and his arms were muscular and the tight black tank top showed his build well. He was wearing a pair of denim cut off short pants and his tanned legs were a stark contrast to my milky white legs. While he had a small thicket of hair on his body, I was mainly hairless, as my wife for years had made me shave all from the neck down. I walked to the opening and as I saw him approach I decided to go on and not speak any further, in short I chickened out. He smiled as I passed and the smacked my ass and chuckled as I turned to sport a semi frown, but it turned to a smile as I saw the want in his eyes.
I had started down the road to the golf course when something made me check my rear view mirror. Now most early mornings just as the sun was about to creep above the horizon I never took note of who would be behind me. But that day I looked and I saw the dim outline of his gray SUV directly behind me. So as I neared the course I slowed so I guess he would see me turn into the parking lot, and when I had parked and gotten out of the car there he was with his window down smiling at me.
I walked back to ask him what he wanted as he opened his door and came over to me. Without saying a single word, he took me into his arms and began to French Kiss me deeply. I was somewhat struggling as his hands unleashed my pants and they fell to my ankles. Then he hoisted me into the cab of his vehicle and left my shorts there in the parking lot. Once inside he ripped my shirt wide open and began to assault my breast with his mouth and fingers. His window was still down and no one else had arrived yet as he took the remnants of my shirt and tossed it out into the parking lot. I was gasping for breath as he slid his hands to my feet and removed my sneakers and socks and discarded them as well. Using his hands like a sedative he fondled and caressed me and as the groundkeeper arrived to witness it, Tony forced me onto my back in his front bench seat and removed my underwear throwing them as well into the parking lot. Then he spun me back in place and buckled me up while he caressed me and sped away. I was trying to decide if I wanted him to go further as he told me, “I am going to take you home and after I finish with I will drop you bare ass naked out right where I found you, after that it’s up to you to come to me.”
I struggled to stop him a couple of times, but with each kiss and touch I felt myself slipping away and wanting to feel more. We traveled a few miles with me nude in his front seat, passing me early morning motorist, without any taking special note of my present attire or lack there of.
As his hands fondled me gently at times and then with a force, he found my two weak spots, my nipples and my ass. By the time we pulled up to his garage door I was panting for more from him. He got out and as he did he began to strip himself naked in plain sight for anyone who may be watching if they could see threw the semi dense fog that had formed. Then as he tossed away his last sock and shoe he tugged at me to come from the SUV. I slid across the seat and out into his concrete floored garage where he took me in his arms and began to kiss, suck and nibble on my breast while he used his hands to soften up my ass. I spied out into the gray air as he squeezed and kneaded my ass and nipples. He moved us close to a bench where he had a small box and as he spun me towards it, he kicked my legs wide out and forced me over the table beside it. He knew this was my first time, so he wanted to open me up a bit and from the book he removed a butt plug and a tube of lube. He worked it into me with one hand while the other fondled and tugged at my stiff 4 ½” tiny pecker. He was toying with it so much that I began to seep cum and as he slid the toy into my ass his finger covered with my cum were slipped into my mouth where I licked them dry.
Then he inserted it fully in me and spun me around towards him where we kissed as he held me tighter. Somehow we were staggering around until we made it out the door to his patio, where with the early morning fog made it look spooky and creepy. There on the wooden deck was a padded bench with no back, and as he forced me onto my back on the table he began to lower his hard eight-inch cock to my lips. I was somewhat ready yet a bit shy as he caressed my soft lips with the head of it gently. I slowly opened my mouth to accept it in and as I licked and kissed it he told me, “If you show me how good you can suck me maybe I will keep you as a pet for a while.” Something about the way he said that made me even more excited and as I worked his meaty pecker over. I felt myself now wanting to taste his cum, and soon after I had really put all I had into to sucking him, he put his entire load into my mouth. I gagged a second on it before I allowed it to fill me and swallow and when I did, he exclaimed, “For a first time dick sucker you did great. Now I want you to lay back there while I jerk your dick off onto my prick and then you can eat yourself again while you suck me more.”
I panted and moaned as he used one hand to jerk me and the other to caress my ever so sensitive nipples. As he brought me to climax and I felt my cum go, I saw him use his dick to capture it. Then he slowly moved it to my now open mouth where I sucked it off and cleaned him up, and drained his prick of my cum. Soon as I washed his now stiffening dick I began to realize that I was about to feel it in a place where nothing so big had ever been. He pulled away from lips and kissed me one time deeply as flipped me like a pancake to my side on the bench and then over with my face down to the ground. He removed the butt plug and as he did I felt his giant dick slip quickly and deeply in me. I groaned out in pain at first and the after a few wild thrust from him I began to accept and not try to reject it. He bore me out for over half an hour before I felt his prick unleash a load of hot cum up my bowels. When he finished he pulled out and asked me, “Now you want to be my slave don’t baby boy?”
Without even hesitating once I yelped out, “yes!”
He smiled at me and told me not to move while he went inside the house. I lay as he left and wondered what he would do upon his return, and then what I would do now that I knew I was really gay. I wanted to leave my bitch of wife for sure but would he have me, would he want me, would I throw away everything for someone who wouldn’t
want me in a week. As
I pondered these questions he returned carrying a dog collar and leash. He carried it over to the table and placed it there as he walked back and told me to stand up. When I did he clasped my breast from behind and sniggled on my neck and nibbled on my ears as he whispered, “You have one week to decide if you want to be mine. After that the offer will be refused.”
I looked back at him and as I started to ask for more details, he added, “If you want me to be your master. Then let me find you not later than next Saturday, naked with this collar around your neck and the leash attached and hooked to the eye bolt at the stake there by the end of the deck. Then you are mine to do with as I see fit for as long as I want and without exception. You will be used, abused and taught the right way to obey and to please. You will be mine to whore out to anyone or as many as I wish. You will be my sex slave.”
With that said, he placed a hood over my head and latched it behind me. Then he handcuffed me and forced me over the bench one last time where he reinserted the butt plug into my ass. Holding me in place he began to slap my ass harder and harder and as he did he told me, “I will enslave and discipline you in ways like this.” Then he lifted me from the bench led me to the SUV and off we went to where I parked. Naked hooded and handcuffed he tossed me from the vehicle. The man who had saw what had happened had kept quiet and watchful for my return, while a few ere there playing golf he waited at the parking area and I still believe that he was in on it somehow for as soon as Tony sped away. Hugh a big black man came to my rescue and took me behind the bushes where I parked there he freed my hands and eyes and began to tell me. ” I got so horny watching that man have his way with you this morning I was jus wishing I could have helped you. ” As he moved me to my side he found the butt plug in my ass and freed it from me. Then he told me that I could count on him to keep quiet if I would be willing to suck his ten-inch dick and let him fuck me a couple times when he wanted to. So what choice did I have but to allow him? After he took me I headed home and it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized what I wanted. So I wrote my wife a letter saying goodbye and I packed my clothes in a suitcase and left home. I was just pulling into Tony’s driveway while it was still dark and I remembered how hot I got being stripped naked in his garage so I went in and removed my clothes and threw them on the table. Then I took the butt plug and found the lubricant and reinserted it into my own ass. Then I made my way to the patio and found the collar and leash and as ordered I attached them and sat naked in the dew covered grass waiting for my new master to find me that morning.
Well what happened next is very bizarre so watch for Part 2 of A New Gay Day.

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