Newfound love of a young boy and girl Pt 2

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Finally they broke the kiss and he picked her up timidly and carried her up the stairs with ease in his strong arms. “Which door is it Chelsea”? he asked puzzled. “That one right there” she pointed a finger down the hall at the very last door. She had a beautiful room but he didnt care about the room, he cared about her and only her. He set her down gently on her feet and she stood on tip top and pecked him on the lips lightly. “I love you” she cooed in a soft whisper. ” I love you” he said in a deep lustly love filled voice. They locked eyes and fell into eachother and kissed wildly.He gently prodded her lips apart with his tounge and explorer her honey coated mouth. She responded by caressing his tounge with hers. He moaned softly into her mouth, he was filled with want and didnt know how much longer he could hold out. He was first to pull back supriseingly and he pulled his shirt over his head exposeing his gorgeous built chest to her. She followed suit and and lifted her shirt off shyly showing her tight lacey milky colored bra. His eyes roamed her chest and he spoke barely a whisper “Damn..” A smile creeped coyly across her pretty lips and she undid her skirt letting it fall to the ground and kicking it to the side. She had a matching milky thong silky soft. She was completely stunning and his jaw had practically hit the floor. He was suddenly aware of his pulsing throbbing dick begging to be let out. He undid his jeans and slipped them off and tossed them on the ground. His dick sprang out of his boxers and she eyed him a tint of fear in her gaze. “Its ok i wont hurt you i promise” he whispered in a calming voice, reading her mind. “I know you wont Shawn.. i trust you” she spoke soft and frightened. He pulled his boxers down and she stared hard at his 9′ dick and gasped in a breath. She was now trembling lightly.She responded though, and pulled down her thong and unhooked her bra. Her 34c breasts exsposed themselves and his cock let out a hard throb. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her pussy was clean shaven so silky looking.. silkyer than her lingere. He walked up to her swiftly and put his arms around her waste as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed her as soft as a gentle whisper. She moaned hard into his mouth as his dick rubbed against her smooth fit stomach. His dick was turning purple he was so hard, it was as hard as a rock. She wasnt quite sure but she reached out a slender hand and touched it running her fingertip over his slit. He moaned uncontrolably as his cock twitched in anticipation. They broke the kiss and he whispered ” Are you still sure you want to do this?” he was just worryed as hard as she was shakeing she managed a unsteady answer ” Yes im sure, i want it more than anything”. He lifted her small body and layed it down on her soft as down bed. He crawled on top of her and they kissed his hands roaming her smooth breasts and slowly he slipped a hand down her tummy to her love spot. He touched her pussy gently jus running his fingertips over the slit. “Ohhh please shawn touch me” she said softly gasping for air. He spread her lips and stuck a finger in as she moaned louder than ever. ” Oh yes baby thats it touch me please more im yours forever” she shook so furiously he could barely keep her under him. “I love touching you Chelsea i never want to stop baby i want to make you feel so good” he groaned as his finger fastened its pace in and out of her tight as hell hole. “Oh god im gonna cum shawn ohhhhh im cumming oh god” she arched her back as he cooed out to her ” please baby give me your sweet honey cum cum for me chelsea i love you so much” She came hard onto his hand and he licked off every drop. He kissed her shareing her honey cum and then she broke the kiss and looked nervously at him.” I..i uhm.. i wanna suck you shawn” she said shyly her face burning and she asked though she still trembled in his arms.”Alright hunni do anything you want, im yours” he leaned in and kissed her neck lightly. He moved off and layed on his back and she schooched down a nervous look on her face. She timidly leaned forward and let her warm little tounge lick his slit and head. ” Ohh god Chelsea more please please..” he was lost in his sensation and she liked makeing him feel good. She gently took him in her mouth and started to move down, he pressed on the back of her head easy helping her. At about 6 inches she was gagging but refused to quit. She adjusted to it and finally got in all in after much gagging. She bobbed her beautiful head up and down and he watched as her pretty lips devoured his cock. “Ohh baby you make me feel so good so damn good dont stop im beggin you” he moaned hard and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His hips pumped back and forth hard and she took him acceptingly. After a few minutes he yelled hard “Oh baby shit im cumming oh please swallow it goddd..” She swallowed everylast bit of his delicious cum and craved more of its sweetness.He now finally knew what the big deal about a blow job was. She moved back up and they kissed hard.”I love you” she mumbled softly. “I want to return the favor” he said ” i want to make you feel so good i love you”. He kissed his way down her body to her dripping wet pleasure spot. He gently licked her slit up and down and she moaned in pleasure. He nestled his nose in her slit to open her up and stuck his tounge into her pussy deep. She grounded her soaking pussy against him moaning uncontrollably. “oh.. yes.. god oh dont stop shawn dont ohhh”. He finally found her clit and licked it gently. She let out a low shreik in pleasure and she pumped her hips fast. ” ohh baby oh whats this feeling oh god i think im cummin ohh lick it please please!!” He furiously pumped his tounge not minding that it was kind of sore and finally he was rewarded with her sweeter than candy cum. He moved up and wrapped his arms around her. “Do you still want to keep going?” he asked timidly as now she looked more fearful then ever now that she knew all they had left was the full throttle. She said in a shaky voice, “Yes.. i want to” and those words settled it .. she had a lot in store for her as did he…

To be continued

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