Newfound love of a young boy and girl pt 3

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He positioned himself on top of her small delicate body which trembled in complete fear. “Its ok baby” he cooed in attempt to once again reassure her it was going to be okay.”Are you ready?” he asked in a gentle voice makeing sure not to add to her fear. “Yeah im ready” her voice wavered ..not a good sign. “Its going to hurt for a while so brace yourself” he warned her for her own good, she simply nodded. “Do it fast in one motion if u do it slow itll hurt more” she said.
He did as exactly as she said. He pressed his cock head against her dripping lips and in one thrust was all the way inside her, balls deep. She bit her lip causing it to draw a bit of blood as her eyes streamed with tears. “Im sorry baby iam” he said apoligetically as he kissed away everyone of her tears. He was in heaven it felt like a warm bunch of soft fur pressing all around his dick sending pleasure shocks all through him. He rocked gentle at first as her whimpers turned to moans in a couple of minutes. Then she was moaning louder and louder until she was panting begging for more. “Oh yes love me baby, oh god harder dont stop more more” she gasped out. He groaned and she grinded her hips back onto him. All he could feel was pure exstasy and he said to her barely a whisper ” oh god chelsea i love you your so tight oh shit im gonna cum soon oh godd im cumming” his voice rose to a scream as she took reached her orgasm her pussy spazing out. They cummed together as he plunged hard all the way in hold his hips locked with hers as his orgasm kept going for about two minutes. They panted and gulped in air as he fell to her side and wrapped his arms tightly around her. “I love you so god damn much chelsea i want you forever, please dont ever leave me..” ” I wouldnt even think of leaving you shawn i love you more than you know” she whispered soft as the wind in his ear. They fell asleep in eachothers arms and when shawn woke in the morning he heard her humming walking around the room. He looked up to see her walking about hair wet in a robe, shed jus gotten done in the shower. She noticed he had woken and said cheerfully with a hint of shyness “Hey sleepy head, id suppose u want a shower?” she pointed to the bathroom and tossed him a towel. He smiled gratefully and got up and kissed her softly before going to the bathroom and taking a shower. When he was done, they both knew he had to leave. She tryed to hide it as tears streamed down her cheeks as they said bye. “dont cry chels ill see you later ill try at least” he kissed all her tears away. “I love you baby girl” he said in a loving voice. “I love you too” she whispered out. They hugged and kissed for about five minutes before he departed leaving her crying but with a knowing promise he would be back later. This wasnt even close to the end of theyre story, it was just the beginning.

To be continued..

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