Newfound love of a young boy and girl

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He’d finally fallen in love.He had plenty of girlfriends before but she was one of a kind, they were just friends but she was his dream girl. Her name was Chelsea a 16 yr old tall auburned hair girl with icey blue eyes. She stood at 5’6 and had long legs a slim waiste and best of all she had the most wonderful personality. She was sweet and careing and never thought of herself first. She wasnt a slut cheerleader like the rest of them. She was special. He and her knew eachother from football, he played, and she cheered him on. He at 17, stood at 6’1, had a muscular body and dirty blonde hair which he was fond of and big brown eyes. He had to have her, he couldnt be without her, and he refused to give up until he had her all to himself forever.
After a rough football game they finally claimed victory and he went and got changed smileing in glory. He walked out of the locker room and saw her. Standing there beautiful hair blowing in the wind chatting with her friends a heart melting smile on her face. “Hey chelsea” he called out walking over. “Hey shawn whats up”? she asked in her sweet drawing voice. “Nothing much.. i was jus wondering yah know..” he had to ask her now or never “Uhm wondering if yah wanted to go get a bite to eat with me, i mean you dont have to i was just..” She cut him off saving him from embarresment with a cheery “Yeah id love to go” her eyes glinted in the dimming light and it felt like his entire body melted with relief of not being rejected. She parted with her friends and playfully took his hand and swung it back and forth. “Too serious you need to loosen up!” He thought she was just being cute, little did he know she loved him as much as he did her. “Ill try” he replied with a hint of joy in his tone as a small smile creeped across his lips.
They pulled up to Mcdonalds (she of course being an easy going girl had chosen) and they walked inside hand in hand and sat down.Eating quietly he stared at her beauty as she picked at her fries makeing him grin.Once in a while she would tease him and say “hey you invited me out and are too shy to talk, whata jip” but she had a genuine smile that said she was joking with him.
Finally after what seemed an eternity, they left and he drove her home. He nervously traced his lips with his tounge and said “Well yeah i had” “You wanna come in, my parents are gone for the weekend.. i could use company for a couple hrs we can watch a movie” she said without hesitation. “Yeah, cool thatd be alright” he said quickly responding.
She waltzed through the door a bounce in her step and he walked thru the doorway and she took his jacket and hung it up. She led the way into the den and told him to take a seat. “Sooo.. i feel like watching save the last dance.. my favorite movie.. is that cool with you?” she said coyly. “Yeah i like that movie a lot” he said honestly. She grabbed them drinks and while during a passionate kissing scene she moved closer and closer to him. “Uhm shawn?” she said in a slightly shy voice. “Yeah?” he responded in his best deep sexy voice.”Well you know i cant help keeping it in any more, i really really like you, i jus didnt know how to tell you i thought id embarrese myself” she blurted out blushing a crimson red. He had a look of shock on his face but he sponsded with coming straight out to her too. “Well i feel the same way about you i jus didnt want to stand rejection your just so perfect and honestly from the moment i saw you i knew i loved you” the words slipped from his lips before he could stop himself. He sat dazed not beleiveing he had told her he actully loved her. She knew what he was thinking and looked deep into his endless brown eyes and said “I love you too”. He leaned in and theyre lips locked tight in a passionate kiss, both of them loseing themselves in it. He ran his hands down her back towards her sweet bottom. He caressed it gently and she broke the kiss. He quickly thought he did something wrong but she whispered deadly soft in his ear, “I want you shawn i want you so bad, please let me have you..”. “Im already yours youve had me for longer than you know” he whispered gently to her.He thought suddenly and said “Are you sure you want to do this thought?” “Positive” she said without hesitation. “Im still a virgin but im willing to risk i want to lose myself to you.” “Dont feel bad” he said feeling himself blush “Im still a virgin too”. “Good now were pure but i want to be with you for my first time and i want to be with you for youre first time.” They locked once again in a kiss and he knew this was going to be a hell of a night….

To be continued..

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