Newly Founded love.

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Part 1

Brandon wraps his strong tan arms around her waist looking deeply into Casey’s sea green eyes, he brushes her wheat blonde hair behind her ear, he softly brushes his lips against hers, massaging, coaxing… she wraps her arms around his neck, tilting her head up to meet his face..

“Casey, have you heard a word I’ve said?” Mrs.Brown demanded from the front of the room.

Casey rubs her eyes and looks up at the stern English Lit teacher, she responds evenly, “I’m sorry I must have dozed off.”

Mrs.Brown stiffened at the nonchalant responce and turned back to the board, “If you would be so kind as to read the first paragraph, page 122, I’ve be much obliged.”

Casey opens her book, trying to avoid the stares of her classmates, she begins reading out lod. “Thy heart is…”

[Fade out]

She walks from the classroom her books underhand, she stops at the lockers in front of her French class and waits on Brandon to meet her, She spots his striding towards her, a warm smile on his lips.
All at once the dream returns to her, Brandon holding her in his arms…. She is startled at realizing her tug of attraction towards him, They had been best friends for nearly four years now and she’d never felt this way towards hims before.
A burning heat ingulfs her cheeks and she looks down hoping he won’t notice anything out of the ordinary, she stares at her scruffed converse clad shoe and sighs, even if she liked him more than a friend, he wouldn’t want her as more, she’d seen the girls he dated, gorgeous blonde girls with breasts that don’t stop, the latest in trends and fashion.
She’d always been there for him after a rough breakup, but she knew she would always be his number two girl, the best friend, nothing more.
Lost in her thoughts she forgot that he was appraching until he hugged her and laughed, “Off in la-la land Casey?”
Casey blushes again, feeling shy in front of him for the first time, “Sorry, trying to remember our French assignment,”
Brandon arches a dark brow, his eyes inquisitive, “Why are you so red? It’s not that hot in here, are you sick?
Casey shakes her head quickly, forcing a quick laugh, “No no, I feel fine, honest, Now let’s go in before we’re counted late.”
They walk into the classroom and Mrs.LaMonde glances up from her attendance role, “Off chatting in the hallway again I see, Take your seats.” Casey and Brandon quickly take their seats in the back of the room, trying to hide their smiles.
Mrs.LaMonde stands up and addresses the class, “Bonjour.” Class began the same way it usually does, Brandon looks over at Casey and grins cheekily his eyes twinkling, “We should have skipped and gone down to the park, it’s not as if we actually do this work anyways.” He whispers.
She giggles and glances up from her notebook, pushing her glasses up the ridge of her nose, “And get suspended again? I don’t think so. We can’t pull that stunt again, my mom will KILL me.”
Brandon chuckles and turns to face the front of the room, Casey takes this time to observe his handsome dark looks, curly brown hair, chesnut eyes, his hips slender, chest and shoulders wide and strong, considered lanky and a classclown, he was her ideal guy, though she only realized this now.
She looks down at her textbook, and pretends to look at the black and white typed words, taking this time to think of Brandon, A skater and a punk-rocker. An outgoing and kind guy, always her companion when the going got rough.
She smiles to herself and pushes her wheat blonde hair back, standing at 5’7 she is considered tall for a girl, yet Brandon is taller still, she imagines what it would be like for him to take her in his arms and kiss her like in her dream, she flushes a deep pink again, giggling quietly.
Brandon looks up at her and grins again, “What’s so funny, do I have somthing in my hair or somthing?” She shakes her head, unable to stifel her giggles, “No, I just couldn’t help but think about how stupid Mrs. LaMonde looks today.”
He too looks up and laughs, only to be glared at by Mrs.LaMonde for distrubing class. “Would you care to share what is so funny, Mr.Light?” Her icy blue eyes challenge him, he is quick to respond in a mockingly subdued voice, “You’re just teaching this class so well, Mrs.LaMonde, I would hate to interrupt.”
Mrs.LaMonde huffs and returns to droning on in her slightly accented voice. Class continued much the same.

Part 2

Everyone stands up at the door before the bell rings, Casey and Brandon lagging behind talking companionly, Brandon looks at her and he asks, “What’re you doing today after school, ’cause if you have time you should come over and chill with me for a bit.”
Casey shrugs, “I’ll have to check with my mom first and ask her if I can,” she shrugs again, “She probably won’t mind if I stay a couple hours if I tell her I’m coming over.”
Brandon laughs, “Great, I’ll get the condoms and candles ready if she says yes.” She punches his arm lightly, and giggles, “Pervert.”
The walk from the classroom and into the crowded hallway, his arm slung over her shoulder, she sighs seeing the door in a jam and shakes her head, a typical Friday afternoon.
“Want to go out the other door? This isn’t ever going to clear up anytime soon, they act like there is a floor or a fight in the breezeway.” Brandon mutters the last part more to himself than to her.
They turn around and walk through the empty gym and out into the bright afternoon sunshine, she pulls off her jacket and ties it to her waist as they walk down the hill towards the backstreet near his house. She pulls out her phone and calls her mom.
“Hey mom, can I go to Brandon’s for a couple hours?
Yeah his mom is home,

Yes, I cleaned my room, now can I go?

Ok, I’ll call you when I want to come home,” She makes a thumbs up sign and grins, “Ok, love you too mom, Bye”
“Come on, hurry it up, I have this cool new skateboard I want to show you, new trucks and wheels and everything.” Brandon quickens his pace, his long legs carrying him closer to his house, she jogs to keep up.

Part 3

They walk in the front door and up the front parlors steps, Brandon opens his bedroom door and they drop their bags on his cluttered shelf walking over towards his bed, she plops down as he walks towards his closet and pulls out his new creation.
“See, the base is a different color, from the Element company, the wheels and truck are glow in the dark too,” he smiles at her and she feels fluttery at the stomach. Her nipples tighten against her shirt and she is alarmed at this new sensation, a moist heat resting in the base of her stomach.
He looks down at her shirt too, his eyes widening, he licks his lips and he glances up at her face, his cheeks stained red. He stutters when he trys to speak, “C-Casey…?”
Her own face drains of color and again her face heats, “I… I’m sorry Brandon…. I..” She feels even more alarmed when he takes a hesitant step forward, towards the bed, she blurts out, “I like you! Ok? I have for a long time now and I can’t help it, I care about you alot, please don’t hate me for it, I really do love you.”
He moistens his lips again, his eyes drifting down her shirtfront, his pants defining a slight bulge, he raises his eyes to her face, and remarkably, he smiles. “Casey I’ve liked you for the longest time, I was afraid to tell you because I thought we could only be friends.”
He steps up to the bed and puts his knee on the bed, leaning over her, he kisses her lips softly. Casey moans deep in her throat and wraps her arms around his neck, forgetting her shyness and pulling him down on top of her, deepening the kiss.
He nibbles on her bottom lip and she gasps, he takes this to his advantage and slides his tongue into her trembling mouth, coaxing her to respond.
Her head spinning she reluctantly runs her tongue over his, trusting him compleatly, she feels his hand slide under
her shirt, his hand pushes her bra up and he gently rubs her nipple, his fingers teasing it until she can barely think. Her
nipples hard nubs, he groans and pulls her shirt off exposing her supple lithe body, narrow waist and high perky breasts, her pink nipples steeple an ivory mound, he kisses her again, his fingers rolling her nipple softly.
Casey archs her back, pressing herself fully into his palm, his teeth nibble her ear and throat, tracing her collar bone, her body jerks when she feels his burning mouth cover her nipple. His other hand slides along her flat stomach, stopping at her jeans, he suckles her breast as if possesed, his hand unbuttoning and pushing her jeans down her hips.
Brandon stands up, his bulge more evident than before, he pulls her pants over her ankles and drops them on the floor, he slips his hands under the elastic of her panties and gently pulls them down, the hair on her pussy neatly trimmed into a V shaped patch. She covers her face realizing she is nude, but before she can get her thoughts together she hears a shuffle and zip and sees Brandon already topless, his pants sliding down to his feet. He steps out of his pants, his arousel defined through his thin boxers, he sheds those as well.
She opens her arms to him, and he promptly comes to her, pressing her back down, kissing her with passion and zest. She gasps in shock as she feels a finger slip into her moist heat. Her thoughts surround that hard, slightly painful invasion. His lips fall back to her nipple tugging on it gently, his finger continueing its maddening assult.
Her breath comes in sharp ragged pants, her body alternetly relaxing and stiffining, finally when she thinks she can take no more, her body convulses and she lets out a moan, her first climax wracking her body, she barely realizes his finger slipping from her, or him sitting up before she feels the tip of his shaft pressing gently against her moist heat.
Her eyes fly open as she feels him sink himself a little deeper, the head of his arousel already sheathed by her body, she glances at his face, hers a little frightned, “Brandon…”
He smiles gently, reassuringly, “I will try not to hurt you, but I can’t promise you it won’t at first, just relax your body… yes that’s it… now relax more… good girl.”
With each nonsense word he sinks a bit deeper, nearly all half of the way in, it feels as if she can’t take him anymore, and her body gets accustomed to him bit by bit. Stretching and opening up to him, suddenly he groans and plunges in, she feels a sharp pain and feels somthing hot and wet splash on her thigh.
Their breath stills for a moment, and slowly he begins to move inside of her, quickly she begins to feel that same maddening building of pressure inside of her, and now knowing what lays at the end she arches to meet his every move, falling back anticipating to meet his next thrust, he quickens his pace, and so does she. Their breath and heartbeat quickening in response.
He lifts her knee to flank his side and seh quickly realizes the advantage of it and raises the other to open herself for deeper penetration, she lets out soft mewls as his thrusts harder and deeper each time, his breath now coming in panting gasps, his hands on either side of her head, his hair hanging down over his eyes, she lifts her head and kisses him, biting his lips. Moaning louder now, she bursts out, “Brandon, please…. Faster…”
He quickens and deeped his thrusts, dipping into her, she feels his body tightening up, and she knows his is near release, she pulls him down ontop of her fully, his chest crushing against her breasts, she bites his shoulder to stifel her moans, he groans loudly and suddenly releases his seed, her body quakes and their voices mingle, breath stops as they climax together. His stiffened body falls limp beside her and he lays on his back, panting, catching his breath, she too finds it hard to breathe.
She looks over to him a few moments later and smiles, her breasts and body flushed with the look of a woman well pleased, “I love you Brandon.”
He kisses her softly and smiles warmly, “I love you too Casey. I don’t know why it took so long for us to realize we had what we was looking for all along… each other.”

The End <3

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