No Wonder Women Love Mr. Clean

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Callie was sensually swaying on the edge of the dance floor when Greg saw her. She was thin and shapely with wavy light brown hair. He saw her from behind, she was wearing a skin tight dress that clung to every curve of her body. It was a black dress with a gold chain slung sexily around her round hips, it laid above her very high round tight bootie and accentuated how small and pinched in her waist was. She had on high heels that made her butt stick out even more. He was hoping that the front of her was at least half as good as the back.

He walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and he was immediately turned on, she had a very pretty face, she had the sexiest most feminine face, full red lips, a small cute nose and big liquid blue eyes and sexy arched eyebrows.

“I was watching you and wanted to come over and introduce my self to the prettiest woman in the club, my name is Greg.” and he extended his hand out to her.

Callie smiled at him, her eyes slighty drooping, she was kind of buzzed, she shook his fingertips and she said, “Hi, I’m Callie.”

“Callie? Nice name.”

Callie smiled. She was listing from her slightly inebriated state and she bumped her firm breasts against his chest. “Oops!” she said and giggled.

The music was getting louder in there so Greg asked her if she wanted to go into the back lounge and talk. Callie looked him up and down and seeing his smooth shaved head, his big biceps with a few tattoos on them, his pierced ear, his white tight tee-shirt, his muscles and his nice eyes and great smile so she said yes.

In the lounge they had a light conversation, but there was a real connection between them, they would periodically just stop talking and really look into each other’s eyes and the sexual attraction between them was obvious.
Knowing that there was this chemistry between them Greg started touching Callie on her arm, then on her bare firm thigh. After a while Callie would reciprocate by rubbing the top of his hand as it laid on her arm or leg.

“Listen, would you like to get out of here? Get some fresh air? Maybe go for a walk on the beach, or a drive?”

Callie smiled and said she’ld like that. She suggested a drive in his car. They left and got in his car. They drove onto the expressway, it was one of those very warm July nights where even though you were driving fast in a covertible car it did not really cool you off.

Greg pulled off the expressway, drove down a lonely dark road and pulled into a sandy parking lot of a beach. He put the car into park and took off his seatbelt and turned his body toward Callie and smiled. She took off her seat belt and she too turned toward him. The sexual energy was so thick in there that the air was perfumed with their horniness. Greg moved closer to her and put his hand around her back and gently pulled her toward him, she offered no resistance, soon their bodies were pressed tight and they were kissing, very deep tongue probing sensual kisses along with upper body humping. Greg, sensing that she wouldn’t mind, he slid his hand up her thigh underneath her dress and right to the crotch of her panties. While he French kissed her he rubbed her soaked, sensitive pussy lips through her panties. He used his third finger to get in her slit through the panties, the energy of his finger on her most intimate area made her feel filled with lust. Carrie pulled her hand down from around his back and ran it down his shoulder, then over his arm and squeezed that big bicep, which made her pussy gulp at its thickness and rigidity, and then she ran her hand down to his stiff cock feeling its enormity and rock-like stiffness.

“Baby, let’s go back to my place, ok?” Greg asked. Carrie responded by squeezing his hard on and sucking his tongue and licking his lips and then pulling away and she said, “Let’s go.”

They drove back to his place and went inside, Greg just walked her right to his bedroom, there was no reason to go anywhere else they both knew what they wanted.

Greg first held Carrie in his arms and kissed her pressing his hard bulge against her and rubbing it on her and then he pushed her back on the bed and he stayed standing. She put her head high up on his pillows. She splayed her hair out looking like she had a halo of silky brown hair. He stared at her and she sexily pulled her tight dress up and over her body stopping above her bra covered breasts. He looked at her sexy shape, so fit and trim and tight. Her skin glowed and was slightly shiny. He smiled and kissed her ankles, then shins, then knees, going from one leg to the other, then her thighs, really nibbling on her inner thighs which made her shake slightly and moan. He got his face right on top of her panty covered pussy and he rubbed his face all over her. That drove her crazy. He used his chin to rub on her pussy, he rubbed it hard back and forth, breathing in her sexs scent the whole time, that feminine sex musk went right to his cock. He stopped and pressed his chin right on her pussy and smiled up at her. He saw through her bra her nipples were hard. They were pointing up toward the ceiling. He reached up and unclasped her bra, her nice, firm tits shook slightly as they were released from their fabric confines. He really looked at how round and full and nice her breasts were. He scooted up on her body and started sucking on her right nipple while he twisted lightly on her left nipple, it shot energy right to her clit that was hidden in her pussy slit and being bathed in her sex juices as he manipulated her tits with his lips, tongue, teeth and fungers. She scratched lightly on his bald scalp right around his ears, the sensations of that sensitive electrical energy were driving him wild so he sucked and twirled her nipples harder. He stopped and pulled her up and took her dress off over her arms and head, then he pulled the straps of her bra off of her arms, he laid her back down kind of roughly and he saw her pretty breasts shook. He liked seeing that so he asked her to shake her tits for him. She moved her shoulders back and forth making her tots jiggle for him, he just watched as they erotically wiggled and shook. He scooted back down her body licking his tongue in the deep crevice between her ribcages right to her belly button, he kissed her belly button, then he leaned up, kneeling and he slowly achingly slowly removed her panties, pulling them down over her waist and hips and hip bones and pelvis and finally over her pussy, he smiled as her sensual red with lust pussy was exposed to his eyes. The wetness shining in the slit letting him know just how much he turned her on. His dick saw that and wanted in there. He removed her panties all the way off and he slipped off her heels, she was now totally nude and he loved what he was seeing, all that soft, curvy, feminine flesh just ready for him to sexually devour. He stood up and took off his tight tee shirt, “Ohhh nice. You are so built! Mmmmmm those tattoos are so sexy!” Callie purred as she eyed him. He smiled and slowly undid his pants, he slowly unzipped, his cock head was already over the top of his underwear all red and horny looking, precum seeping out of the tiny slit. He pulled his pants off to reveal hairy big hard thighs and nice hairy defined shins. His cock was bulging in his underwear and it looked huge. Callie’s eyes got huge and she got a scared look on her face. “I really don’t think I can handle that.” she said.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll ease it in real slow, you’ll get used to it then I’ll fuck you like you have never been fucked!” Callie’s pussy practically squirted hearing that. And he pulled his underwear down and off, his cock was gigantic, he held it and shook it at Callie she giggled, but was extremely turned on. He got on the bed and doing a push up over her he barely touched her then he very slowly laid down on top of her grinded his humongous dick on her tummy and then down to her pussy and he got up, again he barely touched her, then laid down
on her and rubbed his dick on her, he kept doing that making
Callie’s pussy juice up in response and making every cell in her body awaken with pleasure and sensitivity.

He then leaned back away from her and holding his shaft in his fist, he rubbed his dickhead all over her full pussy lips, in her slit, pressing it on her clit, then poking at her hole, then more rubbing then poking, everytime his cockhead encountered her pussy hole he could feel how small and tight elastic her pussy hole was, as well as how super slick and moistly warm it was. Feeling horny as hell and ready to dick her he pressed the head in super slowly, Callie moaned and closed her eyes feeling that huge cock spreading her hole apart, he would wait a second move his hips slightly from side to side widening her hole and then ease in more. Callie was feeling really stretched as wide as she could possibly get then he’ld get in deeper. He finally got his full length and thickness of his prick in her and they both just laid still feeling all that horny warmth and tightness and stretchiness and horny flesh. She felt completely filled up and he felt totally tightly gripped and held in place. He did a slow pull back massaging her inner pussy walls with his blood engorged veiny hard cock. “Ohhhhh fuck. Ohhhhh shit!” they both murmurred as they felt that incredible slow fucking back out movement. He did these slow in and outs and feeling her pussy loosen up just enough inside, he started fucking her hard, she responded by widening her thighs as far out as she could. He was slamming into her pussy hole like a sex-crazed maniac his breathing was hard and punctuated by grunts, this was making Callie feel unbelievably raw and super passionate, her pussy was being so controlled by his cock, it was intensely erotic and satisfying for them both. Her pussy kept feeling like she was going to orgasm, after all he was so big that he was causing her clit to stick out even more and he barely would hit it with his groin and almost make her hit her hilt, but it was in such quick, brief hits that it merely made her clit harder and more sensitive. Her pussy juices wewre flowing like nectar from an overripe peach just soaking them both from the intense deep fucking he was giving her. Greg could not hold back any longer and he came, a hard, deep, sticky, gooey, warm, sexy cum, it was intense, he pumped in her a few more times, as if he was emptying every drip of cum out of his dick into her silky soft pussy. Callie scratched his scalp and moaned as he laid tight on her and rode her clit to an intense orgasm an orgasm that caused her pussy to strangle and suffocate his cock, they both moaned at the intensity of her pussy muscles. Greg looked her in the eyes and told her how hot that fuck was and he pulled his still quasi-hard cock out of her well-oiled and fantastically fucked pussy. Greg stood up over her, each foot by her hips and he shook his hips she looked up and watched his cock and balls wiggling and shaking and she rubbed and fingered herself, he saw her doing that and it got him off again he watched as she orgasmed yet again. As she did she bucked her hips up. He laid down near her and kissed her, she grabbed his cock and stiffened him up yet again.

“Damn baby, you turn me on! I could just fuck you all night!” and with that he again entered her pussy and fucked her again his cock was so sensitive though and her pussy so juicy and hot, smooth, silky soft, tight that he came fast, he was almost embarassed.Callie just purred feeling his dick jump in her like that.

“Can I hump your bald head?” Callie asked.

“Damnnnnnn I never had a girl do that, but I want to see what that’s like. Yeah baby hump my scalp with your pussy.”

Callie told him to lay down on his back, with his head on a pillow, so his head was up and away from the mattress, he did, she straddled the top of his head with her thighs pressed on his ears and her legs draped over his arms alongside his chest, she pressed her overly screwed wet and sex scented pussy all over his shaved head and she humped his head, he felt that wet warm little pussy rubbing away on him, up and down, and side to side, Greg was rubbing legs all up and down and behind them feeling their tautness and smooth soft as satin skin, she quickly orgasmed and his cum and her juices ran down his forehead, then over his nose and onto his lips he tasted his cum and her juices and moaned in pleasureas he licked his lips tasting his saltiness and her sweetness and it drove him and her wild. Callie watched him lick up the small amount of their lust liquids, as he pulsed his hands on her calves and she had another mini orgasm which he felt as her pussy lips kissed his forehead repeatedly, almost sucking his scalp.

They laid their in sexual bliss and let their bodies relax and then they started up again completely fucking each other until all they could do was go to sleep.

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