Old friends, with new memories

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I wook up late in the afternoon from the previous night still going on into the next day being at the beach all day. I should have known that getting invited to go to the beach just to hang out with Susy wouldn’t stay that way. It ended being Susy, Yesenia, and me. And it was getting late and us three just layed down on the sand and watched the sunset and we caught up and talked alot. And eventually we talked about our sex lives, and our interests in sex. And I found out that Susy has only had sex only three times when she seems so active and experienced while Yesenia was still a virgin or etleast she hasn’t gone really far and hasn’t fully had sex and has only performed oral sex. And then they both asked about me and I shared my experinces and performances and then Susy asked Yesenia “What is the biggest cock you’ve ever seen?” Yesenia responded “Well, my last boyfriend Jeffery was pretty big but we never did much. I’ve blew him and always just played with it, but nothing serious with it.” “What about you Susy?” “Well, I’ve seen some pretty big ones but I was never with them.” Then they both wanted to know about me, I tried to change the subject but they brought it back up until they finally convinced me to tell them. And they didn’t believe me and then they wanted to see it so I wiped it out and they both dropped there jaws and stared at it in amazment. “Wow, that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life! How much of a diference is there when its hard?” I knew if I were to let this continue we would all end up fucking each other and then ruining this great friendship. So I pulled back up my shorts and canceled there excitment, and then Susy knoticed that she got tan lines and so did Yesenia but she didn’t really mind. “I can’t belive this! I can’t stand having tan lines!” “Just get naked and even it out!” “Like I would do that!” “I’ll get naked with you to make you more comfortable” “Really?” “Yes, anything for you!” “Well, I don’t want us to be naked right here infront of Javier!” “Well, let’s just all be naked and be comfortable with each other.” “So, who’s first?” The two just stood there nervous and waited for the other to just strip down already. Susy bravely voluntered to go first and untied her top around her neck and then the bottom and letting her top fall to the ground revealing her beautiful tan round 40D breasts and the knoticible tan lines that outlined them perfectly and her nipples hard and pointed. And then she untied one side at a time of her bottom and let it fall to her ankles and then kicked them off revealing her beautiful pussy. Tan, pink, and with hair barely growing back! Just as I always thought of it being! We stood there and checked out her amazing naked beautiful body and then Susy yelled at Yesenia to undress already. Yesenia wanted me to undress while she did so I slowly pulled down my shorts and then Yesenia untied and then threw off her top and let out her perky round 36C breasts and then I pulled down my boxers and Yesenia already had her pussy out and showing. Fair tan, and had hair on it which made it look good and it was really tight. And then I finally let out my 12 inch cock, and it was slightly erected and they both gawked at it and we all sat back down in the sand continued on talking. Later on Susy jumped up annoyed with sand creeping in her ass crack and in the depths of her ass cheeks and so she tried to get it, and asked Yesenia to get it when she refused. “Javier, would you see if there is still sand?” She bent over a little bit and slightly spread her ass cheeks and gave me a full view of her pussy and her tight little pink asshole. I blew it out and she claimed that she could still feel something there and so I blew harder and told her there was nothing and she still claimed she felt something and brushed it off with her hand and pointed out where she felt sand. So I brushed it off and then she sat down happily and I saw that she knoticed my erection and then looked away. And I knew that Susy was dieing to have my dick, and then she zoned out and me and Yesenia talked and we knoticed that Susy started to piss in the sand and then she realized that she couldn’t control herself and she lost control of her pussy from fantising. “You need to go to the bathroom?” “Not anymore. Sorry.” “It’s alright.” Me and Yesenia carried on talking and then Yesenia asked “Can I feel your dick? I mean it’s just so BIG! And it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.” I tried to tell her no, and then she just leaned over and grabbed ahold of it with both hands and had a firm grip of it. “Damn, it feels so much bigger than it looks!” I tried really hard to refrain myself from getting hard and I just let go. And I got fully hard and Yesenia just started to massage my dick and then slowly started to give me a hand job. Then she started to speed up and I just let her keep on with it and Susy started to enjoy watching this, and then started to rub her clit slowly and then she inserted herself and fingered herself slowly and then inserted another finger and speeding up and then she came on her hand. We both stared at just stared at her and asked “You enjoying yourself?” “Sorry, it’s just your dick, and watching Yesenia. It turned me on. God, now I have cum all over my hand and my hand is all sticky!!” Susy tried to use the sand to get it off and Yesenia suggested she lick it off “Gross, its my cum! Why would I do that?! I had my hand inside of my pussy. So, you’ve never tasted pussy, not even your own?” “Obviously not. Nothing wrong with it, just exploring yourself.” Yesenia then inserted a finger in her pussy and withdrew and sucked on her fingers. And Yesenia then entered Susy’s pussy and then sucked on her fingers and then went for her cum on her hand. Then Yesenia locked eyes with Susy and kissed her and Susy went along with it but not enjoying it and then Yesenia started to get more passionate and Susy gave into it and enjoyed it. As they kissed each other Yesenia grasped Susy’s nipples and pinched them and played with them and I sat back and enjoyed myself watching them. Then they both realized that I was playing with my dick and watching, so they both stopped and went over and took turns playing with my dick and then Susy finally layed her lips around the tip of my dick and licked it up and down with the tip of her tounge and drove me crazy. She then slowly inserted more and more of me into her mouth and sucked my dick and bobbed her head up and down slowly and then speeding up. As she withdrew she let Yesenia have a turn and she spit on my dick to lube it up and went to work and gave me just what I needed and damn did she know what she was doing!! I was so close to cumming and so I pulled her head off of me and then Susy wanted to taste me from within Yesenias mouth so they both made out exchanging spit and the taste of my dick. Then Yesenia comes over to me to kiss and I played with her tits and then I started to bite and suck on them and Susy went for her phone to text back to her friends and then she had realized the time and how late it was. “Yesenia, we got to go. Its 2:30 in the morning!!” The girls had planned on having a night out together at Susy’s new house and spend the night. Susy got up and walked to the changing room to shower off the sand and whats left of her cum on herself. Yesnenia got up to go to the showers and I just got dressed here. They left and invited me to come with them and I got in my car and followed them. We got there and all went inside and decided to all fuck each other. Yesenia jumped fourth at me and finally carried on with what she wanted to and we started off by making out while Susy sat there and watched. Yesenia’s hands went wondering and went to play with my dick and then got to her knees and licked me all over and then swallowed my dick whole. She stood back up and kissed me and I played with her pussy she moaned aloud and panted while grasping her breath she gave me one last kiss and then turned around and positioned herself to get fucked from behind. I spread her cheeks and spread her pink pussy lips and licked her up and and went faster, t
n I continued onto her pussy hole and began to tounge fuck it and finger her while eating her out. Yesenia screamed and screamed I inserted another finger and finger fucked her faster and then I went to her other beautiful small tight pink hole. She spreaded her ass cheeks again to let me get better access to her asshole and I licked and licked it and tounge fucked it and began to finger her asshole as tight as she was, I managed to slip in another finger into her tight ass hole and finger fucked her faster and harder. Yesenia’s screams were loud but now it sounded as if she were being brutally murdered and I went back to her pussy hole fingering it to remind it of what it would soon be getting only bigger and harder and back to her ass hole. I grabbed my cock and teased her and rubbed my cock on he rpussy lips and softly went inside her pussy hole and then out and back in. Yesenia then yelled out loud with her only breath “Fuck me Javier! Fuck me! Give me that cock to my pussy!!” I put in my dick in her tight pussy and riped her apart. Slowly I fucked her back and fourth and let her get used to this feeling and then I withdrew her and then fully put me inside her and fucked her hard bringing me back and fourth slamming myself against her ass hearing nothing but my balls slapping her and her moaning of her enjoying every bit of it. Yesenia started to buck her hips to get more pleasure out of this and started to meet me with my rythm. Each and every time Yesenia meet me I fucked her harder and went deeper inside of her. I slowed down and withdrew from her and she collapsed to her knees and wanted to taste herself. She swallowed my cock sucking me off and went back and fourth faster and faster and started to gag. She let off of me to catch her breath then jumped on me holding me tight and I inserted her pussy and gave her another hard fucking. Then I left her pussy for her other glorious tight pink hole and I started to tease her asshole. I would softly bring my dick to her asshole preparing her hole and I slowly inserted her tearing her apart and making her whole bigger and bigger as I continued to enter her. She took a big gasp at the pain she had of my dick in her asshole and at the same time having extreme pleasure to this new feeling and I knew from then on she would like anal sex. I started off slowly to let her catch her breath and then I took over and fucker her real hard and fast and I was so close to cumming and Yesenia yelled out “Gimme your cum! Give me your hot cum in my ass!!” I kept going getting closer and closer to my climax and went faster and hit Yesenia harder and Yesenia sank her nails into my back and just kept screaming. I didn’t know who was screaming louder, me or her with her enjoying this new sensation or me getting close to putting a huge load in her ass.A good five mintues pass and then I finally unloaded my seed into her and laid her down on the ground and she inserted her fingers in her ass to get her present I left in her to taste and enjoy. Just when I thought we were done, Yesenia wanted to give me a thank you present and had me lay down and she climbed ontop and sat on my face. She yelled out “Eat me out! I want to unload a hot load of my yummy pee all over your face!!” Then I knew why she was so turned on from Susy peeing at the beach and I found out another dirty secret of hers. I did as she wanted and I licked all over her spreading her lips and sucking on the insides of her two lips driving Yesenia crazy as I licked her up and began to tounge fuck her pussy hole. Yesenia grinded against me fucking my mouth and I lapped up her pussy juices and kept on eating her out. All of this drove Susy crazy who had been sitting there and watched us and surprisngly played with herself at the sight of her friend being fucked and her wanting to have my dick so badly. Yesenia was just screaming and bucking her hips begging for more and she forced me into her as she neared climax I licked her all over getting as much pussy juice as I could and then getting inside of her pussy lips and all while finger fucking her with three of my fingers inside of her pussy and I pulled out and she came in and all over me. Yesenia stood up went over to the couch and collapsed into it next to Susy and they made out and Susy was dieing to get fucked but Yesenia wouldn’t let that happen until she got to do her first. I got up went over to them let them suck me off and I put another hot load of my cum into there faces. Letting them suck out as much as possible and milking me for all that I was worth. I went to the bathroom and then to there guest room and fell asleep and let the girls be together and left my door unlocked incase if they wanted any “company”

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