Old Ladies Need It Too!

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I was kind of a late bloomer when it came to sex. At 17, I was still a virgin, and in 1983, that was considered a little late. I was raised in a very strict, church going home. In fact, we went to church every Sunday,(twice!) and every wednesday night, and sometimes Thursdays or Fridays, depending on the ministers schedule. I was what you would call a good boy. I had had a few girlfriends, and made out with some, and even groped Susan Miller’s tits under her sweater while she had rubbed my cock through my jeans, but I had never actually had any pussy.
Bill and Sandy Fleming lived down the street from me. The were an older couple, he was 62, and she was 57, and all their kids were grown and living out of the area. Bill had a stroke about 10 years earlier, and was confined to a wheelchair, and could not speak. I started doing the yardwork for Sandy, and would walk over about 2 or 3 times a week and mow the lawn, trim the hedges and whatever else they needed.
It was very hot one day, and as I mowed the lawn, I took my shirt off. As I finished up and was putting the lawnmower away, Sandy asked me if I wanted a cool drink. “Sure!” I said. “Well come on in the kitchen when your done out here.” She told me.I put my shirt back on and found my way into the kitchen.
When I walked into the kitchen, Sandy was sitting at the table with a couple of opened beers. “Oh darn,” she said, “I was hoping you’d keep your shirt off.” I started to get the feeling that she was hitting on me. Like I said, I was kind of slow in the sex department. I was however begining to figure it out. “Would you like me to take it back off?” I asked. “MMM HMM!” she said, enthusiastically. I took it off and sat down at the table. I picked up the beer and took a chug. “I won’t tell your parents if you won’t.” she said. We finished our beer and I stood up and said,”Thanks for the beer, Sandy. So, I guess I’ll see you in a couple of days?” She stood up and walked towards me. She wasn’t an unatractive woman, just old. She had shoulder length blondish gray hair, a pretty, if kind of wrinkled face, and her body wasn’t bad. She had nice sized c cup tits, a somewhat slender waist, and a big old ass. She was definitely pear shaped. She was wearing a white tank top and black shorts. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits wear swaying around and I could see her big nipples poking out. She saw me staring at her tits and looked down at them. She looked back and smiled. I was getting aroused, and felt my cock begin to get hard. “Scott, I don’t know what we would do without you,” she said and started to give me a hug. She pressed her body up against mine and I could feel her hard nipples poking against my bare chest.”MMMM” she whispered a moan and pressed even harder against my crotch. She really started grinding her pelvic area against mine and my cock spang to life. “Oh my Scott!” she said,”It looks like you like me!” Her tank top was now see through because it had gotten damp when she hugged me since I was so sweatty. I was staring at her tits. “Here Scott, take a good look!” she said and pulled the tank top off. “Would you like to suck them?” she asked. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I just sucked them like a baby, first one, then the other. My cock was hard as a rock, and she was undoing my shorts to get at it. She pulled my shorts down and grabbed my cock. “MMM Scott, you have a VERY big dick!” she said as she began to stroke it. “My goodness! how big is this thing?” she asked. “Uhm, I don’t know, exactly.” I told her. “Come on Scott, all guys measure their cock! ” she said. “Haven’t you ever been curious to find out how big this is?” she asked still stroking it. “I guess I never thought about it.” I said. “Well let’s find out!” She said and went to get something to measure with. She came back with some sewing tape. She measured my cock and told me, “9 and 1/2 inches! Wow Scott, I’ll bet the girls go crazy over this big cock!” “What girls?” I asked. “You mean to tell me that you are a virgin!?” She asked, her face lighting up. I nodded. “Honey, this must be my lucky day! Let me be the first to suck this big cock!” she said and put her mouth aroud my boner. Her mouth felt warm and wet and she took almost half of it in her mouth and gagged. “I could fit Bill’s whole cock in my mouth, but there’s no way I can do that with this monster!” she said. She resumed sucking and about 10 seconds later I came. “Oh Sandy!!!” I said and I shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed almost ever drop, and sucked my cock clean. We went into the living room and She put a towel on the couch. “To catch the drippings.” She said. I slid my cock into her hairy pussy and was surprised at how tight it was. It felt hot and my cock was completely engulfed in her pussy. I began pumping and her pussy quickly loosed up. It only took me about a minute to come again. “Oh yes Sandy!” I shouted as I pumped her twat full of cum. I pulled it out and apologized for only being able to last a minute. “That’s okay, Scott, why don’t you get us a couple of more beers, and come back in here and fuck me again? We have all day!” I went and got the beers, and came back in. We drank the beer and she said, “Okay baby, lets get back to work. She looked at my cock, which had deflated and gotten soft. “I bet I could fit the whole thing in my mouth now!” She said and sucked me back to life. This time, I fucked her for what seemed like hours, but was really only about 10 minutes. She started to shudder and shake all over and I knew she was cumming. “Oh yeas Scott, fuck me , harder, HARDER!” She had an orgasm and I felt mine just begining. I shoved my cock as far into her pussy as I could and emptied my balls. We got dressed and as I left she gave me a long, deep french kiss. “I think you need a raise.” She said as I left.

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