On The Job (Part 3)

Chapter Forty Seven: On The Job (Part 3)

Early in the afternoon, I made my way to Christine Steele’s bedroom. I tapped on the door and Christine let me in. I was very impressed. Christine was dressed in a short pink nightgown that draped over her ample figure very flatteringly. It fell just to the tops of Christine’s plump thighs. The thin nylon material was sheer and virtually transparent. Christine was braless. Her large breasts were displayed tantalizingly. Their big dark pink nipples looked delicious. The ensemble was completed with pink satin panties, black stockings that came up to mid-thigh and high heel shoes. Christine’s dark auburn hair had been brushed to silky perfection. Light pink lip-gloss emphasized her full sensuous lips and there was the wonderful aroma of some very nicely scented body lotion. Christine reminded me of a bride on her wedding night. Damn if it didn’t make me think that maybe I could spend a lifetime with a vision like this. I could just imagine Christine waiting for me like this every evening, when I got home from a hard day installing security systems. I chalked this up to a moment of temporary insanity probably brought on by hunger. I’d worked through lunch to gain some time to spend with Christine.

I sat my tool pouch on the floor and made sure the door was locked. I didn’t want any unexpected interruptions. I took Christine into my arms and kissed her passionately. I know this is cliché, but Christine’s lips were as sweet as honey. Maybe that lip-gloss was flavored. I moved my hands slowly down Christine’s back to let them come to rest over the lush swell of her big rounded butt cheeks. I slid the filmy material of her nightgown up and cupped those two delectable mounds through the tightly stretched seat of her panties. God, I couldn’t believe how this chubby teen could get me turned on. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer and my tool was already hard as a rock. The thought of seeing my shaft slide in between Christine’s big creamy white buns on its way into her tight hot asshole was almost making me cum before I got started. I moved a hand around to the front and into Christine’s panties. She gasped as my finger brushed over her clit. I was just checking and I was right. Her pussy was already wet. I guess she’d been thinking about me.

I figured there was no sense in wasting time on preliminaries. I knew what I wanted and I’m sure Christine knew what she wanted; it was too bad our goals didn’t quite match. Since the first time I’d seen her big round butt, I had designs on fucking this cute chubby babe in the ass. This morning she’d let me know she wasn’t enthusiastic about that. Well, I’d just have to change her mind.

I stepped back and quickly got out of my clothes. I glanced around the room. It was very large and elaborately furnished just like the rest of this mansion. However, it was decorated like a little girl’s room. Everything was in pinks and whites. Dolls and stuffed animals were everywhere. There was a huge white canopied bed in the center of the room. It was also done up for a little girl, with elaborate pink ruffled coverings. That thing had to be specially made and probably cost a fortune. It was plain to see why Christine was a little screwed up. Her parents were trying to keep her a little girl. I thought by the time I was through with Christine, all of this was going to be a waste. I took her hand and said, “Come on.”

As we walked toward the bed, I saw Christine glance down to surreptitiously eye my throbbing shaft. When we got to the bed, she brought a hand down and lightly ran her fingers up and down the length of my tool. She said, “It’s really big.”

“All the better to fuck you with my dear,” I replied.

“I have to tell you something Bill. I don’t have any experience other than this morning. I’m a virgin. I want to do it, but please take things slow.”

Christine paused and I could tell there was something else she wanted to say. I asked, “What is it Christine? What else is on your mind?”

“Well, it just that…you didn’t mean what you said about what else you wanted to do? You know…about putting it in my ass?”

“You worry too much. Why don’t you just relax and enjoy things. I know what I’m doing. A woman who asks too many questions when a man’s cock is hard isn’t worth a damn.” I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Christine around in front of me. I said, “You need something else to think about. Let’s see if that practice you had this morning did any good.”

Christine knelt on the floor and brought her sexy lips up to the head of my tool. In a moment, her little pink tongue was swirling over the head and then up and down the shaft. Then Christine’s sexy lips parted, as the head of my tool slid into her mouth. She began to suck and her full sexy lips slid over the head and on down onto the shaft. That morning practice session was paying off. Christine was a quick learner. She was sucking me off like a dream come true. I said, “Yeah baby, that’s good. Use your tongue some more.” I was enjoying watching Christine’s head bobbing up and down between my legs, as she sucked me off. Seeing those sexy lips sliding up and down on my tool was getting me so hot, I could barely keep from shooting my load, but there was more work to be done. I said, “OK baby, now it’s your turn.” Christine let my cock slide out of her mouth and she stood up. I continued, “That nightgown looks very cute on you, but it’s time to take it off.”

Christine reached down and pulled the nightgown up and off. I took a big firm breast in each hand and leaned forward to suck on their nipples. God what a treat, I loved sucking on those nice young titties. As I gently nibbled on her big hard nipples, Christine gasped and cried out in ecstasy. In a while, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of Christine’s panties and slowly slid them down to reveal the substantial muff between her plump thighs. I slid the panties on down to her knees and they dropped in a heap at her feet. I pulled Christine closer and slid my tongue into her sweet juicy love nest. I swirled my tongue lightly over Christine’s clit and in a few moments, her legs were trembling, while I continued sucking her swollen clit and teasing it with my tongue. Christine placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself and thrust her hot wet pussy up against my sucking mouth. I could have easily brought her off this way, but I had other plans.

I had Christine lay back across the bed. I pushed her legs up, spreading them wide. The sight of Christine’s dark muff really turned me on. I said, “Spread your pussy for me baby. Christine brought her hands down and spread her pussy lips. Her clit was standing out prominently. I knelt down between her legs and homed in on it instantly. Once I went back to work on Christine’s clit, I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot wet love tunnel. Her pussy was tight, but well lubricated and as anxious as she was to have a hard cock in it, I figured popping her cherry was going to be easy as pie. She was long overdue for it anyway. I continued to suck and tongue Christine’s clit while I did a little stretching with my fingers to get her pussy ready. All the while, she was thrusting her body toward me and crying out, “Oh God yes!”

I moved away and stood up. Christine looked down between her well-spread legs and when she saw me guiding the head of my lust-engorged member to the entrance of her love tunnel, she moved her hands to her sides and gripped the bed covering. I said, “Relax baby, this is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“Yes I want it, but take it slow. That thing is really big.”

“Your pussy can handle it, don’t worry. This is what it was made for. It’s not worth a damn for anything else.”

When I began to push the head of my tool into her pussy, Christine cried out softly and gripped the bed coverings a little tighter. I said, “Take it easy and just relax.” Then her pussy lips parted slowly as the head
of my tool slipped inside. I waited a few moments and then continued p
ushing my hard shaft inward. Christine’s pussy was clamped around my tool like a vise. It was tighter than I expected. She was a big girl and I assumed her love tunnel would be larger. Popping her cherry wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. As I pushed in deeper, I saw Christine biting her lips. I could tell from the look on her face, she was determined to be fucked and I wasn’t about to let her down, I started to pull out a little and thrust back in and as I did, I felt the resistance decreasing. After I got a little momentum going, I decided to make quick work of Christine’s cherry. I pulled back and thrust my tool quickly in at full force. As the deed was done, Christine gave out a short high-pitched scream. I said, “That’s it! It’s all the way in. Now we’ll have some real fun.

“Please wait, let me get used to it. It’s still hurting!”

I brought a finger down and gently stroked Christine’s clit. In a few moments, I pulled my tool out a little and then pushed it back in. As I continued to massage Christine’s clit, I slowly increased the length of my strokes. In a while, Christine was thrusting her pussy into my inward strokes. I asked, “It’s getting good now, isn’t it?” Christine nodded.

Very soon, I was driving my tool into Christine’s pussy at full force and she clamped her big shapely legs around my waist. Things worked out perfectly, we both came at almost the same instant. I felt my load of hot cum shoot out, like it was being sprayed from a high-pressure fire hose and our mingled cries of pure ecstasy reverberated throughout the large bedroom.

A few minutes later, we were lying side by side on the bed. I was holding Christine in my arms and sucking on her nipples again. I ran a hand down her back and over the prominent curve of her big butt cheeks. As I gently massaged Christine’s butt, I felt desire stirring within me again. I was contemplating the next move in the game. I asked, “Did you like that?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you did and I don’t think you’re a little girl anymore. You’re almost a woman.”

“What do you mean, almost? I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“You’re still a virgin in one way and you know what I mean by that. It’s time to take care of that too.” I got up from the bed and went over to where my tool pouch was sitting on the floor. I got out a container of Astroglide and went back to the bed. Christine looked up and asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s some lubricant to help things along. Take those pillows there and bend over them.”

“Bill please I don’t want to do this.”

I said, “Look Christine, I told you I knew what I was doing. This is going to be good too. Any woman who won’t let a man fuck her in the ass once in a while…”

Christine interrupted, “I know, isn’t worth a damn.” Christine placed the big fluffy pillows one on top of the other on the bed and lay over them on her tummy. My God, what a sight, Christine’s big lushly mounded ass was displayed perfectly. The sight of it had my tool rock hard again. I climbed onto the bed and ran my hands over Christine’s big plump buns. I could hardly wait to get my tool in between them. “I said, “I’m going to use a lot of this stuff. Spread your butt cheeks nice and wide for me.”

Just as Christine was bringing her hands around to grasp her butt cheeks, we heard the bedroom door opening. I swiveled my head around and saw Hilda closing the door. She smile and reached down to turn the lock. I guess she saw the look of consternation on my face and she said, “Oh it was locked, but I have a key.” Christine started to get up and Hilda said, “Stay right where you are Miss Christine. Don’t move.” Hilda came over to the bed and said in a mocking tone, “Well, what have we here.”

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