Our First Time

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A crisp white cotton sheet is all that separates us…

I breathe in deeply as your lips touch the nape of my neck your right hand slowly begins to trace down my body, your finger teases gently through the fabric, around my nipple before rubbing the palm of your hand over it. A tingle shoots through my body, and I press my breast against your hand, and arch my back a little, my bottom automatically pressing against your sensitive hardness as I feel a cool breeze whisp across me. The sheet now lies across my waist.

I ache to feel your tongue on my sensitive nipple, so lift my arm up and over the top of your head, guiding your head down from my neck, and a moan escapes as your tongue gently flickers over it, before gently nibbling, your hand moving downwards to my rib cage. Your fingers moving so lightly, raising goosebumps as they go. Your mouth is so warm and wet on me as you shift your weight over and lean across to the other breast.

On my back now, I raise my arms above my head, offering myself freely to you, shuddering and squirming, silently pleading, yearning, aching to climb right inside you. The heat rises in me like a volcano preparing for an earth shattering eruption.

Your fingers trail to the dark moistness between my legs, my hips raising off the bed, eager to feel your touch inside me. Slowly your finger dips in the now wet folds of skin, teasing backwards and forwards, pushing into me ever so slightly before withdrawing. You bring your hand up to my mouth, your fingers covered in my musky wetness. I open my mouth and taste myself on you, running my tongue around your finger tip, sucking your finger into my mouth.

No longer able to control the fire rising within me, I take control, pushing you back onto the bed, you pull me close to you, as I lean over to kiss you, a deep, passionate kiss, our tongues teasing each other, fighting almost. Your hand once again slides in between my legs, and gently I move my hips away, moving your hand around my waist “Please honey.. I need to explore you, I want to please you as you do me” I whisper.

You smile in agreement, as I begin my journey, tracing my tongue down your neck, to your chest, lingering on the spots where your body tenses, aware of every sigh, every movement you make, learning which buttons to press for the very first time..Further down I travel to your stomach, resisting the increasing urge to taste your hard shaft which is twitching in anticipation, I move further down to your thighs, soft kisses intermingled with gentle bites, my tongue covering every inch, down your legs, behind your knees, down to your feet, before moving up the other leg.

I am so wet now, my juices flowing slowly down my inner thighs, I must have you soon, feel you inside me, filling me. Breathless now I surrender to my desire to taste you. A moan escapes from your mouth as I slowly lick the end of you, my hands roaming across your chest as I take you in my eager mouth. My tongue twisting and turning, tickling, teasing your throbbing manhood. Your hips raise and fall in rhythm with my movement, and I feel your fingers running through my hair, gently nudging me to take you deeper, to which I lovingly respond. Again and again I feel your body movements quicken, and when I sense you’re on the edge, move away for a moment. Quick just isn’t on the menu tonight.

I suddenly realise that my fingers are rubbing myself at the same tempo at which my mouth is sliding up and down you.. My focus returns to you, I move my, now, very wet hand and wrap it firmly around you, the other wandering from your hips to your back, and yet hotter I get. Your moans and sighs making me want you more and more, until I can stand it no longer..

Panting I crawl up your body, my legs astride your waist, one of your arms around my back, the other pulling me forward for another deep kiss. A brief moment of surprise hits me, that you should want to kiss me after I’ve gone down on you, yet another first for me; before the passion sweeps through my body, clouding my mind, I can’t think, all I know is I want you with a burning intensity I’ve never known.

I use my last ounce of strength to move down onto you slowly, just an inch then up again, an inch more coated in my wetness, then up once more. Your hips push up to meet me as my hot, wet depths envelop you. My mouth moves back to your chest as we move slowly together, the sensations getting stronger with each thrust. I feel your hands roaming, squeezing, caressing me, then suddenly, somehow, you manage to flip me over, and I’m underneath you, disorientated and dizzy from the intensity, I feel your tongue plunge into me “Oh my God!” I cry.. I can’t stop the wave that engulfs me, my body shudders, again and again, your mouth closes over my clitoris, your tongue flickering backwards and forwwards, time stops, and as the waves of my orgasm rush over me, you instinctively know and at the very moment, plunge two of your fingers deep into me. I writhe and buck like a wild horse, panting and shaken to the core. You quickly seize the moment, pushing my legs up onto your shoulders you plunge into me, thrusting faster and faster, God Almighty, “I’m coming” we both cry in unison, and as I feel you come deep inside me we’re flying,
lost in each other…You collapse in my arms burying your head in my neck, my arms and legs now tightly around you, as we struggle to get our breath, our hearts pounding against each other. I hold you tight, never wanting to let you go, and we lie together bathing in the heat we have made, until our breathing becomes easier… “You know I love you, don’t you” I whisper, “Yes” you reply “I love you too”…”Well, in that case..” I answer, “Perhaps you’d turn the shower on, and soap my back for me?” and you smile as the glint in my eye tells you that the night is far from over…!

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  1. Crimson

    that was the most romantic story i ever read. that almost tells me exactly what i wanted when my gf and i first got together…in that way. its amazing. our first time was actually good, but what you wrote was phenomenal. very well written, and very arousing. a masterpiece.

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