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I went to a costume party when I was sixteen for fall harvest celebration. I was five feet five and one hundred ten pounds, small and petite for a boy. My body was little and smooth from my face to my toes. I never had any fuzz to speak about. I dressed up like little Bo Peep and went with my best friend dressed like the wolf. He was six even and even before this night I was attracted to him. He had dark blonde hair and big blue eyes and even though he was bit fair skinned he had a nice tone to his body. We had been best friends since we were two. Only once had anything sexual occurred between us and it happened when we took a shower together at his house after a baseball game. We never really touched but we did look each other over.
That night the party was at the Mausoleum and the rooms had been decorated with covens and fake cobwebs and candles and monster mask. The lights were turned off everywhere except the entrance. They used candles in every other room and flashlights. Even the bathrooms had candles.
Well the party was really fun we had a blast. Then two of the men that were helping with the refreshments and decorations took a notice of me. They came on to me in the hallway outside of one of the rooms. I was on my way to the bathroom when the whole thing started.
“Hey Bo Peep, you got a nice looking little set of legs there,” one of the men dressed like a goblin told me.
I just smiled and tried to pass, as he stuck his arm out to block my way. I looked up at him as he then added, “A little sheep herder like you might like a big bad goblin surprise?”
I smiled and evaded his arm and as I swept away from him, the other grabbed me from behind. He was dressed like a vampire, and he quickly told me, “I would like to suck your tits doll.”
I pulled away and looked and them and flushed and angered replied, “I am a boy. I am not a girl.”
The vampire replied, “We know, you are a boy. Who said we liked girls.”
I looked at them in surprise as I backed off to the bathroom door. I turned and went in and as I made my way to the stall I took notice that I was alone. I heard the door open and gave it little thought, but when I realized that the door lock had just been turned I became aware of the two men.
I hurriedly finished draining my bladder and as I struggled to pull up the tights I wore the stall door burst open. They both grabbed my arms and yanked me out of the stall. Then they covered my mouth with a rag and bound my wrist with a belt and my ankles with another belt. Suddenly they threw a large plastic bag over my head and covered me in it. I felt them lift me and I knew I was being carried off but to where.
About five minutes passed by and then I was stood on my feet. I felt the wind as the bag was removed and as my eyes cleared in the dim light I could see three coffins in front and what looked like a dead body lying on a table near them. There was something else about the room it looked like a laboratory only it was candle light I was seeing by and it made it even more sinister.
The two men removed my bounds from my mouth and ankles then my wrist. As they did the one dressed like a goblin told me, “You can scream all night long and no one will here you. This room is underneath the basement and it’s sound proof.”
The other man moved over to the corpse and began to toy with the sheet covering it. When he removed it a young man’s body appeared. He was young and blue and white and must have been dead for a few hours. Then I noticed the made in Japan writing in big letters on his foot and realized it was dummy like me.
I relaxed a bit thinking that this was a practical joke. I started to laugh at them and then the one looking like a vampire grabbed my dress and began to rip it to shreds. He tore it in pieces as I tried to stop it, and if that wasn’t enough the other man came from behind and started to restrain me as they hoisted me into the air and removed my stockings and shoes. My underwear was next and it lasted only until he ripped it in half. Then they carried me naked and tossed me into the casket that was closes to us. The lid slammed shut and I could feel it moving. I heard a door open and then close and the box stopped. I was pounding and crying and screaming for help as the lid popped open. I raised up and I could see I was in a storage room alone.
The only light was a small watt bulb over the door that said exit. I looked around before I got out and then crept my way along. Then the door opened and in they came. They were carrying candles and large old wooden coffin. They sat the candles on the shelves near the coffin and then opened it. Inside was an old man naked and very much alive. His dick was hard and he was groaning as he pointed at me. They grabbed my arms and tossed me into the wooden casket backwards. The old man quickly popped his dick into my virgin ass and began to fuck me. I squalled like a baby as he took me. I tried to get up but they held me down. When he hopped me up and down on him at first it was all under his power but then I started to help a little and I don’t know why. It was if he was making me too, even though I was trying to make it stop. The other men saw it and began to strip as they released me, I then knew I could flee if I wanted to but something wouldn’t let me do it.
When the others were naked they joined the old man as they began to caress my breast and kiss my lips and even play with my little dick. Suddenly I wanted the one still wearing the Goblin makeup. I clasped his dick in my hands and took it into my mouth. As I sucked it I began to groan from the pleasure of it and my ass fucking. The other man took his hands and twisted my nipples and then he started to kiss in my ear and long my neck. When I sucked the goblin off and his cum oozed over my face and lips and ran down onto my chest I then turned to the vampire and slid his dick into my mouth. The entire time the old man fucked me harder and harder. When I was just about to go nuts from pounding below he shot his load into my ass. The weirdest part of this whole story is that I came too without even jerking myself less than minutes after the old man. Then the guy I was sucking unloaded on my face. As I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue he lathered it with his cum.
The old man began to fondle my tots as he pulled me back into the casket. He had me lay beside him as he licked the others cum from my face and he held me in his arms. The two others then quietly retreated from the room. The old man who I finally recognized as the owner of the building told me, “Now you are my pet. Every day you will come to me here and every day I will take you. You will be my slave boy won’t you?”
It was a question and a command and a plea all in one. I nodded yes and then I kissed him, as he cuddled me in his arms. A few minutes passed by then he told me that I would need a new costume so the others had gone to get me one. As I looked at him I knew that I was gay, and I asked him, “Does this mean I am yours alone?”
“Of course not sweaty. You can have other lovers, like my two sons there. I chose you because of your appearance,” he said with a smile.
I lay back against his chest and he began to get horny again. He told me that if I wanted to I could suck his dick, so I moved down to it and began to engulf it with my lips. As I bobbed up and down on his fast growing dick, he began to toy with my balls and cock. I rolled my tongue over his pecker for almost thirty minutes before he got to his peak. I was lapping up the pre cum as the load shot onto my face and covered my eyes. He just laid there smiling.
When the other two came back they brought me a wet rag and a towel and some clothes. I quickly got cleaned up and wash just about to get dressed when my best friend came in. The old man had managed to get him and bring him there. I looked up and could see he was worried. He noticed that I was naked and he quickly asked me if I were okay. The old
man pointed to his sons that quickly star
ted to strip my fiend in front of me. The old man then told him, “You friend wants to suck your dick.”
I was shocked and excited when he said that as they lowered Scott’s costume and held him for me I flew to his dick and began to suck it. Scott wasn’t too upset and the men quickly let him loose as I ravaged his dick with my mouth. I was going crazy on it when Scott decided he wanted my ass more. He flipped me around and shoved his meaty part into me and I howled with pleasure as he rode me with his stiff prick for the next twenty minutes. When he came the old man instructed us to be quiet about what had happened and to come back tomorrow for more.
We went to my house for the night and after we were sure everyone else was asleep we crept down to the basement and Scott finally let me suck him after fucked me again. Since then the old man and Scott take me daily. Sometimes they dress me up like a woman and take turns fucking me under my skirt. Once they made me let them fuck me in ass while I sucked a total stranger off. There are times when they lock me in a casket naked then open it and take me. I am now twenty-seven and though I grew two more inches I enjoy being Little Blow Peep who blows her sheep.

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