Sailor's first taste of sex

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My story starts when I was a junior rating, at HMS Pembroke, Chatham, Kent.
I was on my first shore leave, and had very little money. The other rates in my mess told me that if I went to the Invicta Ballroom, in Chatham, there were girls aplenty willing to do the business for free.
The evening wore on and I’d had a few tots, but no luck with the girls, even in my tiddley suit they weren’t interested.
As I made my way back to barracks, I passed a small terraced house. I heard someone say, ‘Hello Sailor’. Here we go, I thought, someone taking the piss. I looked up and saw a beautiful redhead, leaning out the window. She wasn’t wearing much, though because I was below her I couldn’t see too ell.
“Want a good time, lover?” she said. “If only”, I replied, “But I have no more money”.
“You look a sweet young thing, and this evening’s slack, perhaps we can give you a free trial”.
While she was still at the window, the front door was opened and there stood a girl about my age, 19 years, dressed only in a thin orange nylon negligee. My John Thomas was all ready to salute the quarterdeck when she pulled me inside. We went up the narrow staircase, into a sweet smelling bedroom, well I guess you’d call it a Tart’s Boudoir. I imagined that it would smell sour, but it didn’t.
After telling them my name, another girl in a purple negligee came through the door, with a bathrobe over her arm. I asked what that was for, and was told that I would be washed and sweet smelling before the ‘games begin’.
All three girls, then washed and soaped me all over, especially between the legs, and I wanted to come there and then, but the redhead, Sally, pressed a spot under my scrotum and I lost the erection. Oh dear, I thought, but Sally assured me that was what they wanted.
Back in the bedroom, the girls began by an overall massage, having removed the bathrobe. Then Molly, the blonde in the purple gown, took a fancy glass jar from a shelf, and rubbed the contents over my genitals. There was initially a hot feeling that changed to a warm glow, and my dick was again rock hard. “There, that’s better, said Sally, “now the games can begin”.
Now, I have a slight fetish for ladies in silks and satins, even nylon, and I asked them all to keep their clothing, such as it was, on. The next thing was amazing. Sally straddles my head, showing to me a gorgeous fanny. It was plucked, not shaven, and her clit was so proud, though her labia were like saddlebags. They were so soft and sweet as I sucked on them. Meanwhile, one of the other two, whether it was Molly or Zoe I shall never know, began a mouth job on my dick. Mt balls were being stroked and it was devine. I didn’t feel at the least like coming, and found out later that the oil Molly had used was to stop ejaculation. Boy did it work! My balls wanted to explode!
When I had satisfied Sally with my tongue, (I can touch my nose with my tongue, sure it’s long), she dismounted and then the other two grasped her legs and Sally did the splits. She wasn’t too large, so Zoe and Molly were able to lift her over me, lying supine on the bed, with my John Thomas upright. As she was lowered towards me, Sally reached beneath herself, grabbed my dick and guided it into a very warm and moist cunt. Zoe and Molly were able to rotate Sally around the bed, gently lifting her up and down, giving me the most fantastic feelings, and nearly making me shoot into her.
After a minute or two, they lowered Sally down to face me, and I was able to nuzzle two wonderfully soft tits with sticking out nipples through her satin nightdress. My hands found the two globes of her magnificent arse, and through the slippery shiny satin I massaged towards her anus. “Go on, lover boy, put your fingers in there and make me come” I lifted the satin away and with the love juices from her cunt, moistened my fingers and entered he arsehole. She squeezed her cunt muscles so tight, I though my dick would come off, but she came so violently, she obviously was enjoying it. Sally sat up, and Zoe lifted her negligee and fed my face with her tits. I sucked each nipple in turn until they were like the proverbial organ stops.
Sally climbed off me, and Molly took her place. By this time I was beginning to wish I could come, but still the feelings were tremendous. Zoe was still trying to smother me with her tits, and I managed to reach over my head and finger her cunt, with one finger in her anus. She wriggled so much, my fingers came out. She them climber onto the bed with her fanny over my mouth. “Give me that fabulous tongue”, she said. I did and it wasn’t long before she came, and her love juices literally shot out and over my face. I had heard that some women could shoot like a man, but never seen it.
Someone was now licking my balls and it could only have been Sally. She stopped and then my balls went all warm. Then I felt them being rubbed with a towel.
Whatever it was that Sally rubbed on me, it intensified my feelings and I screamed as I shot a huge load of spunk into Molly.
I still didn’t lose my hard-on though, and when Molly climbed off I sat up. I could now see that I had lost all my short and curlies, and the towel by the side of the bed had short hairs over it. “We like our men to be clean, like us”, said Sally. “It’s better than shaving, you won’t feel all itchy as they grow back.
They gave me another bath which was twice as enjoyable as the first one, and I now smelled like a Tart’s Boudoir!
Putting my tiddley suit back on, the girls said that if I was around that way again, I should call in and see what we could do next time.
I did go back, but perhaps I shall tell that tale another time.

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