Sarah's Oddysey

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Silence was Sarah’s only companion as she sat in the passenger seat of the car. She was waiting, in front of the motel’s reception, for her boyfriend to return with the room key. It was the night of their formal and although it had been over for a good hour or so Sarah was still wearing her pink, seven-hundred and fifty dollar dress that she had bought just for the occasion.
Of course, she knew exactly why Anthony had taken her to this motel although she was not quite sure she was ready for it. She watched as Anthony walked out, with an almost disturbingly smug look on his face, from the motel reception and headed towards the car. Butterflies rose in her stomach and for the first time Sarah became aware of the tingling feeling just below it. Did she want this? Seventeen and still a virgin…
The car door opened and the breeze from outside rushed in, hauling Anthony with it. Without a word he drove the car around and parked it in front of room 10. Again without a word, he got out of the car, moved around, and opened Sarah’s door. She stepped out, her high heels clicking on the concrete car park. Thought were flurrying around in her mind.
How far was she going to go? How far did he want her to go? Did he know it was her first time? Would he be understanding if she didn’t want too? The thoughts continued as Anthony opened the door and led her inside. He seemed confident. Or at least she thought so…
Sarah walked into the room after closing the door behind her, and double checking just to make sure it did close. She stood still as Anthony sat down on the bed and flicked the lamp on. It’s dull light brought shadows to life all over the room. Next thing, Anthony grabbed the air conditioner’s remote and switched it on. The machine activated with an almost silent hush as it began to fill the room with cold air.
Sarah didn’t know what to do. How to act? Should she wait? Let him lead the way? She had decided she was going to do it… go all the way… but she was still as scared as hell. What if he didn’t like her? What if she made a fool of herself? She liked Anthony, they’d been going out for a little over a month, what if she screwed everything up now? God!
Anthony spoke, “Take your dress off.”
Panic struck through Sarah. So soon? She thought they’d talk a bit first…
“Do it,” Anthony ordered.
He spoke with all the calm austerity of her father and, looking at his face, Sarah thought she could even see him in there somewhere. Her father… what would he think of this? Her mother? Anthony was looking at her. Reluctantly she removed her dress and let it drop to the floor. As she was not wearing a bra, her breasts were now exposed and were already becoming erect from the cold air. She stood only in her panties and heels.
I’m a slut, Sarah thought, Nothing but a slut…
As Sarah tried to cover her breasts, Anthony began to talk again.
“Don’t cover them. They’re… perfect. You… you’re perfect,” he said.
Sarah’s should length, dark red hair fluctuated a bit in the breeze from the air conditioner. It was so cold… and she was standing naked in it.
As if reading her thoughts, Anthony (still fully clothed) rose up from the bed and took her into his arms. She could feel his erection press against her crotch. He wanted her… and the feeling was mutual. Anthony put his lips over Sarah’s, and played with her tongue for what felt like an eternity. As his tongue withdrew, as did his lips, Sarah almost felt like begging for them to return. She was so… so warm.
Anthony’s arms were on her naked shoulders, and slowly he began to drop to his knees, rubbing his hands the entire way down her body. As they brushed against her breasts, for no longer than a moment, Sarah’s heart rushed with euphoria. As he took he shoes off, Anthony let his head rest against her thighs. Sarah was beginning to realize how turned on she was getting. But was she ready?
After he had taken her shoes off, Anthony rose to his feet and whispered in her ear, “Take your panties off and lie down on the bed.”
Anthony stepped backwards, and began unbuttoning his shirt. He was watching her, consuming her, with his eyes. After a moment’s hesitation, Sarah slid her panties off. She was now naked. Utterly and completely naked. When she looked back up, she saw that Anthony had already removed all of his clothes except for his underwear. His erection poked out of his jocks, and once again Sarah was confronted with uncertainty. Regardless, she tentatively laid down on the bed, her boyfriend standing over her.
As she looked up at him, Anthony removed the last piece of clothing. His penis was about seven inches long but it was the rest of his body that Sarah found herself looking at most. He was well formed, and worked out often. His chest was perfectly well constructed, six pack and all. Suddenly she had a craving for stimulation. She needed to be touched…
Anthony crawled onto the bed at Sarah’s feet, “Spread yourself.”
It took her a moment, but Sarah did as she was bidden, slowly moving her legs apart and exposing herself fully too him. Anthony moved between her thighs, but, thankfully, did not enter her yet.
“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” He said.
By the way he said it, Sarah could tell it wasn’t really a question. Anthony leaned down purposefully, and took her left nipple into his mouth. As he did so his penis brushed up against her. A rush of sensation and emotion flooded Sarah. How good it felt! She moaned as Anthony continued to suck on her nipple. As he flicked it with his tongue, Sarah’s back arched up to greet him. Sarah closed her eyes in ecstasy.
And then slowly, timidly, Sarah felt as his penis pushed into her. He released her nipple and reached down to guide himself in. As Anthony filled her all the way, Sarah moaned as a slight twinge of pain rushed up from her vagina. That was it. Her virginity was gone. She breathed in heavily as Anthony started slide in and out of her. What a feeling!
Her body was coming alive with pleasure. Nothing else mattered. As their bodies melded together, Sarah closed her eyes to savour the experience. He was taking her, ravaging her. Sarah moaned loudly into the motel room.
She reached up and grabbed his shoulders, noting the look of grim determination on his face. Their bodies were shaking back and forth as he continued to pleasure her. Sarah could feel herself building. The pleasure was mounting ever so slowly… and then Anthony stopped abruptly.
Still inside of her, he bent down and grabbed Sarah’s lips with his. The were breathing so heavily that the two were scarcely able to keep kissing, but somehow they did. It was the most passionate moment of Sarah’s life; listening to Anthony’s breathing as he flexed inside of her. Her entire body was warm as Anthony let go of her lips, and continued the motion again.
Her mind was swelling from the pleasure. Anthony reached down with one hand and rubbed his fingers against her clitoris. Intense bliss permeated through Sarah, and it was only building as Anthony continued with steadily.
Suddenly he picked up the pace. Sarah gasped for air as she was rocked back and forth. Anthony’s hand was still having its way with her clitoris. With his other hand he reached up and took a hold of her breast, if only to balance himself. Sarah was reaching the pinnacle of her pleasure. It would be long until….
“I’m going to cum,” Anthony said, “Can I…”
Sarah moaned, “Whatever you want… I’m yours.”
Anthony’s pace increased further as Sarah suddenly exploded into a torrent of bliss. As the orgasm took her, she let her hands fall limply from Anthony’s shoulders and moaned loudly into the otherwise silent motel room. As her vagina clamped down on his penis, Anthony quickly followed, delivering semen into Sarah, who was now throbbing with pleasure.
Her breathing was going to take a long time to return to normal. Anthony collapsed onto her body
, which was now covered in sweat, and once again took her by the l
ips. With his penis still in her, Anthony kissed Sarah for what seemed like an eternity.
Eventually he withdrew, and laid back on the bed beside her. He was asleep in moments and Sarah was left alone to ponder over the experience. At once she felt both satisfied and slutty. But that was all right, her parents would never find out.
Still naked, and still full of Anthony’s cum, Sarah cuddled up beside him and went to sleep.

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