Schoolboys slapped by Ma'ams

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My Maam also enjoyed viewing the changing color of my cheeks due to her slaps from milky white to extremely red cheeks wet with my tears. But she was a very dominant lady teacher with angry eyes, she left her students in tears by her slaps. This is also worth mentioning that she first patted our cheeks before slapping (generally left cheeks with her right hand) in the way- catching my right ear with her left hand and as we students moved our faces slightly due to pain in my ears, she started patting my left cheeks with her right hand with all love, care and pity in advance for the next thundering moments. This patting was extremely pleasant but this was also the preparatory stage of getting the extremely tight, resounding and merciless slaps on the face cheeks of the unfortunate boys (including me). This was the reason that we boys sometimes started crying even while her patting! I felt that she first wanted to enjoy touching and patting the smooth cheeks of her students (boys or girls) before enjoying her resounding slaps on our smooth soft and delicate cheeks. And lastly but not the least, she enjoyed viewing our red fingerprinted cheeks, each fingerprint was exactly of her finger-shape! Yea, her extremely red fingerprints lasted for some days (even some weeks) and I was asked by many students and Maams at school and even at home by my Mom, whether I had been slapped by my Maam on my fair cheeks! And I had to tell the truths as my red finger-printed cheeks were more clearly visible and shining in the sunshine while our school assembly in our school grounds. School-girls viewed, counted the number of fingerprints on my cheeks, commented, giggled and humiliated me a lot in the leisure periods and so I prayed that Oh! there should not be any leisure periods in the school! All these scenes were continued for at least one week after I got her tight, resounding and merciless slaps on my cheeks as her those extremely red fingerprints on my slapped cheeks were visible even after one week of my school!

Love. Schoolboys.

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