Jeez, he finally asks me. I’ve been trying to get Mr. Vargas to give me extra credit in Spanish class since the first of the semester. You know just to pad my college application. But it’s like he’s been avoiding me. I don’t think he likes me much.Once he said I should chill. Yeah, really, he used the word. “You should just chill, Kristi, you’re barely 17, still in high school, let your hair down once in a while.” Then, he laughed, his white teeth shooting acoss his face like a lightening bolt. When he smiles he almost looks like a boy. He’s gotta be like, gahd, 30 or something. Anyways, I DO let my hair down. My long honey blonde hair reaches almost to my butt and I wear it down everyday. So there. Tomorrow night is parent-teacher conference and Mr. Vargas just asked me to help decorate his room Mexican-party style, like a big pachanga, very festive. I say yes, surprised that he asked. I don’t have
drill team practice tonight so I tell him I’ll stay after school and work for him
as long as it takes. He seems to like this answer and I think to myself that I might be winning him over. He’s a tough teacher to read. He doesn’t seem weak to a young piece of ass. I mean he has never hit on any of us like our math teacher does almost every single day. In fact, he’s not even weak to my blue eyes and pink smile. I tried batting those lashes to get an A on the last essay exam but he still gave me a B. He really is too handsome for his own good. Not that I think of him that way. You know, he is like a much older man. Jeez, I have other things on my mind. I’m not into all that. I’m going to go to college, get my degree and get out of this town. I don’t even have time for some sweaty jock to paw at me in the back of his dad’s truck. Though the thought of it does make my crotch jump. Mr. Vargas is over 6-feet tall and has lots of muscles. Natural ones, not those pumped up ones like the varsity football players. You can see his muscles strain against his cotton shirt and his very practical teacher pants when he writes stuff on the board. His head is shaved smooth, the skin a dark caramel color. He corrects people when they say he’s African American. African-Mexican is more correct. I think his mother is Mexican. He was born in Mexico. Anyways, he’s got these hugedeep set almost black eyes with dark bushy eyebrows and eyelashes any of us girls would die for. I think he was raised in Chicago by his dad. He has this kinda low rapper voice that comes from his chest with some baratone sound that resonates like a drum when he speaks Spanish. It’s cool. Maybe he’s asexual. I don’t think he has ever even glanced at my titties. And mine are big, bigger than anyone else in the senior class. I’m a 32-C. Maybe he’s just a moral guy who doesn’t want to lose his job. He must like what he does to come all the way to Utah to teach a bunch of white kids Spanish. Whatever. “Hi, Mr. Vargas,” I say. “Where do I start?” He gets right to it. “Take these papers to the copy room down the hall, 20 copies each, OK?” Did he just cop a look at what I’m wearing. I changed out of my school uniform jumper and into these bitchin Levi 501s and a tight white T-shirt. Nah, he probably didn’t notice, being all business-like and stuff. I get to the copy room and it’s kinda dark and musky smelling with shelves of typing paper and different color construction paper that reach to the ceiling. I flip the light and the bulb blips out. Crap. Oh well, I’m a big girl and there’s enough light from the copier to see what I’m doing. I hear the door open and turn around a bit startled. “Oh, Mr. Vargas, you need something else?” He tries the light. “It went out when I cut it on,” I say. “That’s okay,” he says. “Do you think you can reach some orange paper up there for me?” The ladder’s right there, why doesn’t he do it himself, I think. But I step up. It’s one of those roller ladders hooked from the top to move around the shelves and it wobbles as I climb up. “Whoa,” I say. “Let me steady it,”
he says and deftly grabs the sides. I am suddenly very aware how close his face is to my butt. I can feel his warm breath on the back of my thighs. “You don’t have to do that,” I say, embarrassed. “No, but I do,” he shoots back.His voice is kind of strange and raw. “The paper right there,” he points it out then brings his hand down and places it right on my jean-covered ass. He pushes me up the ladder firmly. What is going on? I think as my head races and my heart too. I shift my weight but his big hand does not budge. “Mr. Vargas,” my voice comes out a silly squek. “Really, I got it.” I grab a stack of orange paper and start down the ladder. His hand actually felt good there and I’m glad it’s gone now. He takes the paper from my hand and sits it on the copier. “Let me help you down.” He lifts me off the ladder by my waist. Gahd, he’s strong. He’s still got me in his grip and pulls my whole body backward against his. I can feel his heart beating, his breath on my hair, it’s hot and quick. “Damn,” he says, then wraps his arms around me crosswise, his hands on my hips and pulls me even closer to him. I can feel his rock hard penis against my back. My body feels suddenly weak and a red heat floods my chest and face. I shiver. “Don’t be afraid, Kristi,” he says. “I’ve thought about holding you like this for a long time.” He lets one hand loose from me, reaches over and locks the door. I’m paralyzed, not by fear, but by, jeez, something else. It’s like I’m anticipating something, wanting something,
like a starved puppy. Crushing hiscompletely clothed cock into my completely clothed ass, he moves his hands up my waist to my round tits. “Yes,” he says as his hands gently cup each one, lightly squeezing. “You have the most beautiful breasts.” He kneads them and I feel my nipples push against my cotton bra, poking hard into his palms. I want to feel his hands, his skin on mine. “Te quiero, mi amor,” he whispers in my ear, then licks the lobe slightly. I swallow hard. He pulls my T-shirt out from my jeans, then slids his fingers up across my belly and under my bra. He caresses my nipples with his bare hands. Jeez, the feeling is overwhelming, little electic shocks scooting across my entire body then coming together and shooting down to my vagina. What a delicious rush. Then it hits me what he’s doing, what I want him to do. “Mr. Vargas,” I stop his hands with mine, “I think . . .” He brings one of his hands to my mouth while the other pinches at my hard and tender nipple. “Don’t think,” he circles my lips with his fingers then sticks one in my mouth. “Suck.” So, I do, like a baby. A low moan escapes him. He pulls off my T-shirt and bra, looking down over my shoulder at my
chest. I am totally naked from the waist up. “You are so fucking beautiful,”
he says in his throat. Then he takes my chin and turns my head to the side, so my mouth moves close to his and kisses me. Softly at first like he’s afraid he’ll bruise my lips or something. Then his tongue pushes in, then going in and out as his hands work my titties again. I can feel my jeans wet against the inside of my thighs. I want to turn around and hug him to me and kiss him back better, but he keeps my nude back pressed tight against him. I can feel his chest heaving. “Your mouth tastes good,” he says, then he runs both his hands down the front of my body and starts to slow hump me from behind. I can feel his cock like a rod against me. His hands are on my thighs, rough and urgent, he pulls them both up and inward until he parts my legs and grabs my pussy, covering it with both hands. “Damn, girl, you are soaked through your jeans.” I can’t help but push my mound against his
hands, my clit begging to be crushed. His fingers are moving, feeling every fold of me through my pants. I’ve fingered myself before but this — his man hands on me is too much. He asks, “Can I touch you, baby?” Why is he asking now? I can’t speak. I just nod and lay the back of my head against his chest, panting. He bites down the side of my neck as he opens the buttons to my jeans. I have on yellow bikini pantie
s that say Saturda
y across the front in glitter, and it’s Thursday. My pants drop to the floor. He runs two fingers from my belly button, down over my flat stomack and under my panties. I’m so wet and slick his fingers slip from my clit to my slit. “Oh, Kristi, your little pussy is so hot and juicy. I wanna eat you up.” He slides one very long finger into my hole. Nobody told me it would feel this good. Why didn’t anyone tell me! I start to pump against his finger like I’m trying to bang something from it. “Yes, sweetheart, work it.” I hear him undo his pants with his other hand. Then I feel the most awesome sensation — the top of his bare naked penis against my bare naked back. Both our pants are around our feet and we step out of them. He finally turns me toward him. I look at his cock. He has on no underwear. I stare. It’s amazing, like magnificant. I look at his face. He kisses me again. “Give me your tongue,” he says and I do. I run it into the deepness of his hot mouth and our tongues dance to the rhythm of his finger pounding my virgin cunt, no, now it’s two fingers bumping in and out of my tight hole. He’s stretching me. This is it. This is the first time I’ve ever been finger fucked and it feels awesome. If this feels this good, I think, how fucking damn good would it feel to have his hard pole inside of me. The thought frightens me and gets me fire hot at the same time. I pull my mouth from his and look down again. He is so big and so hard. His penis is swaying slightly from the blood pumping through it. He pulls his fingers out of me and I gasp. “Can I touch you, Mr. Vargas?” I ask. “Please,” he almost moans. I get down on my knees and place both hands around the shaft of his cock. I’ve never seen one up close and personal before. It’s chocolate brown and the head is bulging and rosy. I see some liquid ooze out from the top. I instinctively lick it off andsuck it down my throat. He tastes salty. “Take me in your sweet mouth, baby girl.” I wolf him down like a hungry animal. I’ve never done this before so I just let my tongue go wild exploring every part of his penis and I start to suck. I hope I’m doing it right, by the sound of his growls, I am. He puts his hands on my head tangling his fingers in my hair and gently humps my face. I can feel his sweat and smell his scent. I’m drunk on him. Just as I’m getting into his rhythm, he stops me and pulls me to my feet. Gahd, there’s that smile. “Have you ever had a man lick your pussy?” I shake my head no, my eyes as wide as big blue diamonds. “I’m going to do that right now.” He snakes his tongue over my lips, down the front of my neck, across my breast, then down my waist, then, like he forgot something, he comes back to my tits. He holds each one in his hands and slowly circles my cherry nipples with his long red tongue. Jeez, they’re standing out like pencil erasers. Licking, sucking. I literally cannot move. I’m dumbstruck. My moans and his mix. I look and see his glistening cock bobbing between his bended muscular legs. I tug at his black knit shirt and as soon as its over his head and off, he pulls my panties down and off me. His full firm lips are on my bush. I am so open to him. He licks the juices off my swollen lips and pushes his tongue between them. It flicks from my clit, along my slit and into my hole. He holds my legs apart. With his nose in my cunt, he pushes his tongue back to find my asshole. I jump surprised. “Shh, it’s okay,” he says. He tickles me there, gets it all wet and warm. Then he’s fucking my steamy pussy with his tongue. I can’t believe it. I start to ride his face like it was a horse. What is this? I want something bad like, oh, gahd, I’m desperate for it. I can feel his nose against my clit, his mouth all up on me, his fingers banging into me, his hand grabbing my ass mashing my vagina into his face. I’ve got both my hands on the back of his smooth head. He’s sucking my clit, then pushing hard against it with his tongue, then sucking again. His tongue works it over like a grape he wants to bite into. Then I feel his wet pinky finger against my asshole. He slides it in a bit then nips my clit with his teeth. Fuck no! Sharp trails of sparkles travel from my pussy down my legs to my feet and up my belly to my head. Juices gush out of me and my clit jumps again and again like a barefoot kid on a hot sidewalk. My hot box is having spasms against his fingers. I’m suspended. The sparkles swim across my eyes. My whole body is completely weak now totally in my Spanish teacher’s hands. He licks my swollen lips and sensitive clit gently which I appreciate. Then his baratone voice is at my ear. My body crushed against his like a second skin. His erection pounding against my belly. I can still feel my pussy pulsating. “Was that your first orgasm,” he
asks. “That’s what that was?” is my reply. “Yes, ummm, I’m sorry.” I feel the need to apologize for coming all over his face and for all the convulsions and stuff. “Don’t be sorry,” he laughs. “It was beautiful. You are so gorgeous. So responsive. I want to fuck you. Will you let me fuck you, sweet thing?” My mouth is dry and the word sticks in my throat but I force it out: “Please.” Then, “Yes, please, will you fuck me Mr. Vargas?” He lifts my chin and kisses me. I kiss him back. I can taste my juices on his mouth and tongue. “Will it hurt?” I ask. “Probably, at first. But if I do it right, you’ll want more of me.” Then he gets really serious and looks me hard in the face. “Don’t let anyone fuck you without a condom. Anyone. Ever.” I nod my head OK.
“Except me,” he says surprisingly. “I’m clean and I would never hurt you. But you have to be careful. No fuck is ever great enough to mess up your healthy body for the rest of your life. So promise me, OK?” “Okay, Mr. Vargas.” “Good. We’re gonna take this slow.” But his voice cracks and I can tell he needs this, wants it, has wanted it for a long time. “You set the pace, baby girl. I don’t want to give you pain.” But the pain, the ache, I feel right now inside my pussy is from not having his cock there. He lifts me up by my waist and I think he’s going to lay me on the floor. Instead he pulls my legs around him just above his hips while we’re still standing. It’s like a sexy slow motion dance. His back is against the wall and I place both my feet against the wall too. Jeez, I’m completely naked except for my bobby socks and white Adidas. His penis has a mind of its own, jutting out away from his belly, beckoning me. Together we lower my hips, his hands around my waist, mine on his shoulders so that the head of his cock is right at my open hole. I let out a gutteral moan and push my weight down on top of it. The head goes in a bit, stretching my skin. Ouch. I feel an amazing mix of pain, fear, intense pleasure and need. Mr. Vargas speaks in slow breaths. “You have the tightest little pussy. Oh, baby, I want to feel it all around me. I want to be inside of you.” “I want you inside of me,” I say as I lay my forehead against his shoulder. “I need you inside of me.” And then he is, pushing into me. Now, deeper, the pain I feel melts into this pleasurable wanting. I pump up and down on him like a piston. “Oh, Kristi, fuck my cock just like that. Make it work for you, baby. Get that orgasm. I wanna make you come
again.” All I can think is that this feels so fucking good. Nobody told me this would feel so fucking good. “Yes, Mr. Vargas, God yes.” I’m bucking on him now as he pulls me into him, his hands on my ass, his lips and tongue and teeth on my nipples, again and again and again. I throw my head back and a
sound I didn’t know existed in real life comes from a place I didn’t know I had deep inside me. Those sparkles again but faster this time.I grab onto his back like I’m drowning and rake my nails into him. My pussy
grabs his dick so hard I think I might break him. He kisses up my neck and
onto my mouth. Tears run down my cheeks and onto his lips and tongue. “I gotta pull out, baby. I don’t want you pregnant.” I gush in his ear, “Mr. Vargas, I’m on the pill, it helps my skin.” That’s all he needs. He pulls me all the way off his cock then slams it back in
to my swolle
n, throbbing cunt. Once, twice, three … I feel his cock grow even more suddenly inside of me. “I’m coming, baby. I’m shooting right into you.” His hips back wildly against my mound and I feel a warm gush of fluid spurt into my pussy. His hands on my back, he smashes my breasts against his chest. We fall to the floor like that, sticky and hooked together. Like that forever it seems. Our breathing
slows. He’s kissing all over my face, oh so slowly and softly, my eyelids, my cheeks, my chin, my neck, my ears, my forehead. I gently lick his lips with my tongue, tasting the salt and sweetness. Our eyes meet. I’m suddenly self-conscious and look quickly down then back into his dark warm eyes. “Mr. Vargas,” I smile, feeling his penis softening, heavy within me. “Um, what is your first name?”He chuckles, “Ruben.” I sigh, “Ruben, I still have my shoes on.” “So do I,” he says and we laugh together hard. Then I bury my happy face in his neck. -END-

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  1. excellent story

    I wish I could write as well as you, that’s all I’m going to say!

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    What a awesome story. It got me hot and remembering a teacher in highschool I wish I could of fucked.

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