Seduction is all in how not who

I was never expecting to be seduced, at leas not by a man. It happened one lonely night just after my 18th birthday. I was alone at the park the sun had just set my only girlfriend of four plus years had broken up with me just after graduation three weeks before. She said I wasn’t what she wanted after all that time. She hated my long black hair and my small endowment. Most of all she hated that I was poor and she loved money. When she heard I was going to join the Peace Corps she went off. She wanted me to go to law school and become wealthy so I could support her, I wanted to help others. I should have known when a girl as good looking as her liked me something was wrong. So I sat there that late evening watching the waves of the lake come in and go out. It was where we had set so many days before.
A man some years older than I came over and asked if I was alone. Then that’s how it all started just a simple how are and then bang. He was taller and stronger than I was. His dark tan showed that he loved the outdoors and his muscles showed he was working out somewhere. The park was deserted that night as most kids my age were playing ball or at the fair in town. It was just the two of us all alone.
The stars had begun to shine as he knelt and then sat beside me.
“I’m Trevor, what’s your name?” he said as he slid closer to me. The reflection of the distant lights sparkled on the water as I looked up and said, “Ricky, nice to meet you Trevor.”
“Say why are you here and not the fair?” he said inching closer.
“No one to go with and I didn’t want to walk around alone there, so I came here,” Sadly I stated the facts.
“Oh I see,” he said thoughtfully then added, “Was she special?”
“Yes,” I said not realizing how easily I answered his question.
“You know you can find someone else to love but you might just never know where or who,” he said as he flipped a piece of the grass between his fingers.
I looked over at him and sort of frowned as I said, “Tell me who would want some skinny short ugly guy like me?”
He smiled and then said, “I don’t think you’re ugly at all. In fact I think you look sexy.”
“Sexy me,” I laughed and added, “Never in a million years.”
“Don’t be so sure Ricky. You look nice and I would think that I am not the only person who can see that. What if I showed you something different?” he said in a way that made me ask the question what. Then he said softly, “No one ever thinks of themselves as others do, for instance I see a good looking young man here. You make me feel good, by just the way you looked in my eyes when I came over. I think you find me attractive as much as I do you.”
I smiled and plopped out, “Are you hitting on me?”
“Tell me what you thought when you saw me,” he said tenderly.
I smirked and replied; “Well I guess I felt jealous at how good you look and how plain I am.”
His hand made its way to my bare leg and as he touched me his face came closer and suddenly he asked me, “Would you get angry if I kissed you?”
His hand slowly brushed my leg and slid slightly up my shorts as I replied, “I’m not sure I could.”
He didn’t wait to see as he drew to my lips and slowly kissed my lips as his hand went up my thigh. His other hand came around my shoulder and as I tried to speak he gently guided me to lay back on the grass. His tongue entered my mouth as one hand slid up my shorts and the other inside my shirt. He flipped his thumbnail over around and along my right ball as a finger encircled my nipple. He was kissing me so passionately that I could not say a word, as his hand cupped my balls. With his other hand sending tingles through my body, this one now had my jewels in his palm and I just melted. He slid his mouth down to my chest as my shirt was hoisted up and as he kissed and licked my nipples I panted. I felt my shorts open and then unzip, and as they did my cock rose through my boxer opening. He moved his hand to hold my four-inch small pecker and his thumb to tease the tip of it. I was cooing at his mouth and hand when he somehow turned me towards him long enough to remove my pants. My briefs had gone with them and as I lay half-naked by this man, his hands seduced me into allowing him to spread my legs up and wide and then enter my asshole. He fucked me easily for a few minutes until I became at ease with it, and then he began to rocket inside me. Not more than a few minutes ago I was a broken hearted man, now I was a confused bisexual, maybe even gay male. That’s just when he sensed what I needed and began to jerk on my cock while he rode me. It came before he did and when it did, we both enjoyed it. He ate most of it and then fed me some on his finger. Within a few seconds of that he exploded in my ass. He started kissing me and holding me tighter and as he did, I felt his love for me and mine for him. I panted as he fondled my bare ass and balls, and started to get hard when he began sucking on my nipples. Then when he sensed I was ready, he turned onto his back and said; “Now it’s your turn.”
I looked at his cock, which was growing by the second. Then I slid down to it and kissed and licked it fully hard before I sucked on it for a very long time. Now I was sucking him and I felt myself falling into his grip and control, as I tasted his cum seeping into my mouth. When I kept sucking and the full load entered me, I surprised him and me by swallowing it. That was when he knew he had me and I knew he did too. We stayed there for a few more hours in the darkness and the starlight and just before midnight I left with him. He drove me naked to his house some miles away. Once we got there I was walked inside and bathed by him then taken to his bed and placed on it. His cock was offered to me which I gladly sucked as he fondled on my nipples, when I got him hard as a rock, he moved between my legs. Pushing my legs up and wide again, he fucked me while he looked into my eyes. Knew I had to have it and not just for a night, so I begged to be his. When he came and I started crying for more, he answered with one word, “Yes.” Then he made me hard and jerked me off while he sucked my nipples and we kissed. My cum was dabbled on his cock and then fed to me again and again until it was gone. Then he slid me in his arms and held me until the sun came up. His cock was hard as daylight arrived and he screwed me once more willingly. The way he fucked me made me so happy that I knew I couldn’t let him go. When he allowed me the pleasure of fucking his ass after that, he had all of me in his control. He knew how I felt and when I told him all he did was smile and kiss me. That sealed me and my fate and made me his gay lover.
I went home long enough to back and leave without saying goodbye, only a note saying I was not coming home again. That was three years ago, and we are still together.

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    love the cocksucking and control

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