Seperated at birth part 1

AT THE HOUSE (Athens):

“Bye Mom, i will be back around eight.”
“Ok, bye!” Rebecca’s mother called.
Rebecca is a 13 year old girl, starting to change into a woman. Already, she is getting the curves she has seen in magazines, as well as a chest. She goes into a friend’s car to go shopping at the mall waves to her brother as she leaves. Ricky is two years older then Rebecca, he has grown handsomely: 6’1″ about 160 pounds.

AT THE MALL (Athens):

“Theresa, come look at this skirt!” Rebecca exclaimed.
“Oh my god, you gotta try it on becca!”
Rebecca takes the skirt and goes to the dressing rooms. As she is waiting, she sees herself across the room, but she has a hat on. Confused, she stares at the girl, and at the same moment the girl stares back. They walk closer to each other with uncertainty.
“Who are you?” Rebecca asks.
“I’m Rachael ….” The girl says, bewildered. Rebecca looks almost exactly like Rebecca, except Rachael has a nose piercing.
“Oh my god, we must be twins!” Rebecca said excitedly.
As it turned out their parents did not want more then two kids, so put Rachael up for adoption. After talking with each other for an hour, the both decided that they go to each other’s homes just like in the movies!

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