Series of Fortunate Events: Me and the babysitter

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Series of Fortunate Events: Me and the babysitter

Just another ordinary day in my life, parents going to their fancy banquets, leaving a babysitter to take care of me and my two other sisters. Although this time they had told me Sandra, our babysitter will not be taking care of us anymore. Thank goodness for that, I never really liked her. So if she was gone, that would mean another babysitter, another reason to hate my life. I am sixteen and my two sisters are fifteen and fourteen, why can’t we take care of ourselves.

“We will be back later tonight, make sure you go to sleep early, tomorrow’s school, okay?” Said my mother.

“Yeah, yeah, you say that all the time, have fun!” I said.

“The babysitter will be here any minute, bye,” said my father as he closed the door.

“Finally their gone,” I said as I jump for comfort on the couch. I turn on the t.v. and throw the remote on the other side of the couch. There was an HBO special on about seducing younger men. The sex scene had just started and I take just a second to stare. Until I hear my sister calling my name, I immediately jump head first to the remote and changed the channel.

“Hey, me and Erin wanna watch a movie,” said Jessica.

“Oh, ye-yeah, uh, here,” I stuttered.

As they watched their movie, I went to my room and laid on my bed throwing a ball back and forth. Thirty minutes after my sisters started watching the movie, I hear the door bell go off. It’s the babysitter. I go downstairs and see Erin opening the door. I glare at the sexy girl who just walked through the door. Wow, she looked eighteen or nineteen, perfectly grown body, cutest face ever, nothing like those at my school.

She walks in and greets us, I could barely breathe just looking at her. I try to ignore that fact that she’s here by staying in my room the whole night. The babysitter watches the movie with my sisters. After an hour, I got curious of what they were doing and went downstairs. I hear a girl moaning and go down the stairs even faster to get a look. They were watching the HBO special that I was almost caught watching. I wasn’t sure of what this night would turn out to be. I return to my room.

After an hour or two I fall asleep on my bed. In my sleep I dream about the girl, and turn to the side and open my eyes. The babysitter was sitting on the corner of my bed.

“Whoa, you scared me, wh-what up,”

“Nothing really, I was just bored, your sisters are asleep and wanted to check up on you, I haven’t seen you the whole night, you should of joined us in the living room,” She said.

“I was tired, and already watched that movie…”

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to have some fun, you look lonely and I’m already lonely, how bout it?”

“Uh, exactly what kind of fun are we talking about?” I was just scared to think what she was planning. She doesn’t say a word, she just stares at me with those sexy eyes, and puts her hand on my chest. I look down at her hand and see her slowly move it down to my sleeping shorts. I take a deep breath and start to get sweaty hands. She starts to rub my dick and I immediately get hard.

I snap back to reality and think if this was a dream or real. But the feeling was unbelievable, so I assume that this is real. So as she rubs my dick, I reach for her perfect boobs and grab one of them. Oh yeah… this is no dream.

Just a minute later me and her already have our clothes off, she lays on the bed with her legs open, I don’t hesitate and just slide my dick into her pussy and out, I fuck her slowly to cherish the moment.
As I continue she starts to breath deeply. I pick up the pace and embrace my hands over her tits. I like this feeling, and apparently my cock does too!(Well what’d ya know) I go even faster and deeper, rocking the bed.

“Ohhh.. Yes!! Faster, give it to me! Fuck me harder,” She yells.

“You want it! You want it!” I scream and give it to her. I can feel her wet pussy cum all over my dick. The warm sensation just makes never want to stop. She moans louder and starts to grunt. I just hope my sisters aren’t woken up because of this.
I just fuck her even more, grab her breasts, and give her what she wants. Now I know why our parents had three kids.

“Yes! Oh!”

As I fuck her, she uses the bed to start thrusting her hips to get my dick in even more. I didn’t think I could go this far. I look down at my cock in her pussy and pull it out very slowly, stop, look at her with a naughty face and make her wait. Her eyes twitched, I was pretty sure she was having an orgasm.

“P-put it back into me, please! Fuck me, Fuck me!!”

I grab her hips and thrust my cock into her and she lets out the loudest moan as she tilts her head back and arches her back. Wow.. I’m pretty good at this whole, sex thing huh.

I use the last of my energy to give it my all. Then pull my cock out. She immediately jumps to my cock and starts to suck. Oh my goodness, I never knew about this feeling. As she was sucking the head of my cock, I looked to the door and saw my sisters peeping through the crack of the door. They heard me fuck her… damn, but I could careless because my dick was being sucked so hard.

“Here it comes, oh shit, here it goes,” I moaned and nutted on her perfect breasts. I fall to my bed and lay there. She takes her finger and slides the cum to her finger and eats it.


“Now that was fun wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting that kind of fun.”

My sisters walk in and stare at my cock. I assume that they are okay with me fucking the new babysitter because they were watching. I wonder if this was set up.

“Why were you watching us?”

“We heard moans and were curious, and besides it got me horny watching you two go at it,” Said Jessica.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go to sleep everyone, we’ve all had some excitement for one night.” Said the babysitter.

As my sisters leave the room they look back at me and giggle. I just smirk at them. I get dressed and so does the babysitter.

“Good night, and thank you for keeping me entertained.”

“Oh yeah, sure, anytime…hope to do it again next time.”

“Yeah, looking forward to it,” She says turning off the light and closing the door.

Wow… The first night on the job and I got to fuck her, I don’t even know her name. I stay up all night thinking of what tomorrow’s day with bring forth.

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    You definately need to continue and bring the siblings in a well

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