Sex with Aunt at day time

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I am Abhi , 26 age i stay in malleshwaram bangalore,i work in MNC it is in electronic city daily i go office at 9 am and office leave at 6 pm , and daily evening bus will be traffic at 6pm.One day i left office at 6.30 and waiting for bus, their were many people waiting for bus,i thought of today not getting seat and it was like to rain.Suddenly i saw one aunty she was around 35 age,she was in saree looking great with green saree, i was seeing her breast with so nice size, i felt like to have sex with her, any way its depend on luck and kept simply seeing, slowing starts raining,still bus was not came, some people went in auto, some ran,at the time bus came,it was first only rush only 4 or 5 can get in, but outside 20 to 25 people were waiting for bus.
Every one allowed first for ladies, once they entered gents start getting in , some how i manage to get in , in front of me only ladies were their, i didn’t saw their face, i was searching for that green saree aunty, she was near to me but one more lady in between us, i was looking at her if she saw means i was seeing in window as i am by mistake i saw her,rain started heavily and in the next stop the lady between us get out and the bus became rush full and bus was not moving heavy traffic,the bus stop their more than 30 mins , suddenly i pushed that aunty(green saree) with my chest actually it was because of rush, and i said sorry
she saw me and kept silent, i thought she may be angry, and i kept little space between us, after 5 mins i felt that some thing is touching to my dick, actually she came close to me, i thought its luck so i even went close and start pressing her Ass(her back)as it was very rush and raining people were busy with talking,i started pressing hard even my penis became hard, she was also feeling to have sex it seems, she was full co-operating me. I did this for around 20 mins and now the bus start moving , i slowly kept hand near to her where she was holding rod,she slowly kept her fingers on my fingers ,i thought today i may get chance and and with left hand slowly i touched her boobs as they were covering with saree and i pressed her stomuch, as bus going to majestic it will be rush all time,After some time we reached majestic, both get down and she took my number and went as if we don’t know each other,but i was sure she may call as she took number at that night she messaged me”Hi, I am Savitha met you today in Bus” i replied “oh ya remember how can i forget so beautiful aunty” she said to come me next day morning to her house i was shocked i asked what about your husband and children, she replied husband is going morning soon at 6 am to mysore come at night and she said no kids, i thought she may be recently married or may be telling lie, what ever i said coming to your home must be secret confidential and privacy, because i am from good back ground don’t want to keep both in problem so. she replied ya i know so only i am telling to come , i said ok .Next day i mailed my manager as i am sick cant able to come office.She gave her address, and said to come before 9 am, i said ok
That day i was thinking what to do how to do ,i saw many blue films on that imagination thought i can do sex,because it was my first time,that day i slept late.Morning i wake up took nice hair bath and reached her home at 8.45 am.she saw me first in window and opened door.i went in she locked the door
and she started kissing my lips tightly, she was very thirsty of sex , then we both went to bed room she was in saree , i said i will remove saree she said ok she sat on bed, first she removed my shirt pant and inner wear, it was my first time i was enjoying lot, she started licking my cock, she said your cock is hard and long i love it ,i didn’t talk anything i was in great pleasure,she almost did for 30 mins then i removed her saree, blouse and bra i started licking her boobs ang kissing stomuch neck and lips slowly i removed her inner wear and both were naked she was having little hairs at vagina, i always thought of licking and kissing women vagina, so i started putting my tongue in her vagina and started licking, she was feeling great she started making sound aa uu aaaaaa uuuuu for around 40 mins i did it and now slowly i put cock in her vagina , as my cock was long and hard she said aaahhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh
while doing i was licking her lips that was the great time i ever had i felt then i fucked her ass hole which is small but when i fucked it till today she love to fuck her ass hole, then this was repeated for 4 to 5 times and later we went for bath , even today i will had with her when she is alone , she love m long and hard dick, she even said me if you marry also please come and satisfy me till today i go,this was my first experience and still in continue…. if any womens,aunties,comments or any thing want to tell please mail me it was great day of my life….

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