Sexual Discoveries Part 3

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Kira’s sister, Misty Lawson, was also at the point in her life of making a significant decision. One that she had thought over many times over the previous year. She was eighteen, and although sexually active to point, she was still a virgin. She had been dating her boyfriend Eric for five months, and knew he was the one she wanted to generously offer herself fully to. Her breasts were bigger than her sisters, a full 36C, with ultra sensitive nipples. She consistently felt excitement whenever he fondled them, and particularly with the method he kissed her nipples. Up until this point, she had often gave him hand releases, or oral sex. She truly enjoyed letting him finish in her mouth, and also enjoyed seeing it spurt over his tummy, or her tits. Like her sisters, Misty also had natural red hair, but kept it down to her middle back. The farthest she had allowed Eric go so far, was to run his fingers between her legs, but only over the top of her panties.

After most of her dates, she would go to her room and masturbate, and think of the day she would offer him her purity. She most often used a vibrator, and usually managed to get herself twice each times. He had never pressured her to have sex, yet she understood he wanted it to happen as bad as she did. Finally she made the decision to do it, and told her parents and sister of her plans to have sex for the first time. Eric had rented a room for them at a cozy inn nearby. Her parents knew she was on the pill, and trusted her to only do what she was ready for. When the day arrived, Misty felt butterflies in her stomach. She sensed by the close of the day, she would no longer be virgin.

Eric was every bit as apprehensive as she was, and genuinely hoped he would be able to effectively satisfy her needs. He had been with one girlfriend before her, but it never actually felt that good. He had talked to his Dad about how to please a woman, and laughed when he joked about how he was still trying to figure that out. He was excited that Misty had selected him as her first lover, and hoped he would not lose it within seconds of finally seeing her anatomy completely exposed, and having intercourse with her.

In preparation for her big date, Misty took a long shower, and lathered every inch of her figure with soap. As she ran her hands all along her body, she sensed that just hours later, she was going to permit him to see everything. Her fingers ran over the reddish curls below her waist. Just like her sisters Kira and Tara, she preferred the natural look. Misty had recently purchased a matching light blue bra and panty set. The panties were the thong style, something she had never worn before, but was going to for her date with Eric.

Eric arrived for their special date, still shaking inside, and rang the doorbell. Misty’s mom responded to the door, and welcomed him in. Ten minutes later, Misty walked down the stairway in a new red dress. It clung to her curves perfectly, and her eyes sparkled with evident excitement. The tops of her breasts were visible with the plunging neckline of her dress. A long slit up the left side exposed her right leg clear up to mid-thigh with each step. They headed out to his automobile, and Eric thoughtfully opened the door for her. Misty was pleased to see a singular long stem rose on the seat. She reached down, brought the rose up and took a deep breath of its fragrance. Once inside his car, they kissed passionately for several minutes, as his hands reached under the neckline of her dress, and fondled her bra-encased breasts.

“Thank you very much,” Misty said softly. “What a nice gesture. Tonight, I’m all yours, anything you want.”

He drove to a quaint little Italian restaurant for dinner, and accompanied her to a table for two in the corner. Every moment caused him to have increasingly more thoughts about what was contemplated for later that night. As they waited for the meal to arrive, Eric’s fingertips ever so softly grazed the skin of her arms and hands. He felt Misty’s foot gently brush up and down along his shaking leg under the table.

“You better stop that or I may jump you right here!” he said with a laugh.

After dinner, Eric notified her that he had a special surprise in store as he drove to the hotel. Upon arrival, he graciously opened her door, and extended his hand. Misty walked hand in hand as he escorted her to their room. He handed her the key, and she opened the door. The room looked romantic, with a dozen roses sitting on the desk in a vase. There were additionally several rose petals on the floor, and the whole room was softly scented with their scent.

“Are you certain you still want this?” Eric inquired tenderly. He wanted to be positive that she did not feel pressured in any manner. Misty remained silent, turned her back to him, and slowly unzipped her dress. She turned to face him as the undone outfit slipped down to the floor. She then unhooked her bra, tossed it on the dresser, but kept her hands teasingly over her bosoms.

“Come on baby, show me those pretty little nipples please,” Eric begged.

Misty spun around, and modeled her thong panties for her admirer. She then dropped her hands, and pressed her breasts against his face. Eric worshiped her breasts with his lips, as his hands cupped the exposed flesh of her ass cheeks. He then undressed and stretched out naked the bed, his cock already at full mast. Misty knew she was ready to allow him to see all of her. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties, and slowly slid them down, but paused when the curls of her bush first became visible. With one quick motion, she stepped out of them and straddled his tummy. His erection pressed against her stomach as she leaned over, and kissed him with desire in her heart. Eric playfully twisted each nipple lightly, which made them even harder than they already were. Misty went down on him, and sucked his cock slowly for a couple of moments. She did not want to bring him too close to climax before they had sex.

Misty moaned with satisfaction when his fingers ventured between her uncovered thighs for the first time. She felt her mind enter a zone where time, troubles and pressures of life did not exist. She closed her eyes in peaceful pleasure as his hands caressed the silky skin of her tits. The manner in which he manipulated her hard nipples was unlike anytime before. For ten minutes, he did nothing but caress her upper body. Eric kept her breasts cradled in his hands, and moved his face downward, slowly, until it was between her open legs. He extended his tongue and brushed it against her inner lips. Misty gasped with pleasure every time he flicked his tongue over her clit. He enjoyed how her impressive body reacted to his efforts. Moments later, her body tensed and her legs gripped his head like a vise.

“Oh yes, oh yes Eric! Oh yes! That’s it, I’m going to…” Misty blurted out, and experienced a glorious orally induced orgasm. Her body quivered and shuddered for what felt like an eternity before she finally breathed normally again.

“Eric, that was sensational. Now it’s my turn,” Misty said seductively. Her tongue flicked the head of his cock, and down along each side. Eric watched as she took his shaft fully in her warm mouth without any struggle. Her soft hands tenderly cupped his balls as she held him motionless, her nose nestled in his pubic hairs. She recognized fully well that he would not be able to hold off long at all.

“Baby I want you to come in my mouth, but try to hold off a bit longer,” Misty said seductively.

“I’ll try, but I don’t think I can…much more…,” Eric replied.

“Let me worry about that baby, just appreciate this,” Misty responded, and continued her oral treatment. She considered herself somewhat a specialist at giving head. She often wished that her oral exams in school could have been given in that manner, because she would ace each and every one. She held him off from release twice, and
then, she wanted him to finish. Eric moaned as his warm cum shot into he
r mouth. She eagerly took what she sensed was the largest amount ever, without spilling a drop. She was both amazed and pleased at the force of his ejaculation, but did not stop until she felt his body relax.

Misty stroked his shaft affectionately as they kissed. Before long, she had him completely erect once more. With a sultry grin, Misty held his cock upward, positioned it at the entrance between her legs, and lowered herself onto him. As he thrust up into her, Eric pleasured her tits with both his hands and lips. He enjoyed the view of their shapely fullness as they jiggled with each stroke. This was the pivotal moment that she had waited for. His cock was thicker and a little longer in length than any vibrator she had used before. She rocked on his body slowly, and wanted nothing more than to effectively make it last as long as possible.

“Oh this feels so good honey…so very good…” Eric moaned softly. Misty felt his cock throb inside her as they simultaneously experienced the magic of two bodies as they equally shared a special gift. Eric somehow managed to stay at it for over thirty minutes. Every second brought her closer to the inevitable climax. And she knew, also to his.

“Oh, yes baby,” Misty begged. “Make me cum! I’m so…fucking…close…” Her orgasm took control as her inner muscles clamped him tightly with each erotic spasm. Eric then stated that he could not hold back any longer, and inquired if she wished him to abruptly pull out before it happened.

“No baby, please…cum…shoot it in me, I want it inside…” Misty promptly responded. She felt his cock pulse, and then achieved another orgasm just before his warm cum jetted deep inside her. She kept him inside until his cock became soft. It had happened, and she had no regrets at all. She only wished that she had done it sooner, since they would be going to different colleges shortly. But at least she would not still be a virgin when she arrived at campus. As they kissed, both understood this changed everything. They fondled each other, and a short time later, started over again. They made love throughout the endless night, two bodies, blissfully joined as one.

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