Sexual Future

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The people places activites depected in this story are a product of my imagination. Any resemblence to real persons places of things are highly coincidental.

Sexual Future
Part 1

“And now since the last day of school is officially over. I would like to ask the parents of the Graduating class of 2156 to raise up thier glasses and give them a official toast to thier new Adult lives” And with the Deans last word echoing throuhout the aditorium the parents of the Graduating class rose up in a loud cheer. The faces of everyone was beaming with thier sucess. I on the other hand couldent wait to get out of my cap and gown and into my party outfit. I picked a good one this year. It was a hot pink jumpsuit made of the new synth material processed on Anrix IV. Ank-Lyn was going to be green with envy. Well mybe not green since she already was, her species was from Dennrin II, and they were all a lovely shade of green. I am named Ani and on the other hand was just a plain old human girl with brown hair and green eyes. Although I will admit I do have a nice enough body,Ank-Lyn being a diffrent species had all the human and non-human guys after her. I am not to upset since she is my best freind, it just gets to me after a while.
Anyways as I was saying about my new jumpsuit, I think it will be the nicest at the party. So as I left the aduitorium with my parents we hopped into the sky train to go back to our unit. It was nice one as my parents are docters so they had enough creds to buy the place. Our unit was on the 234th floor, so we had a great view. As soon as I walked into my room my personal attendent activated to help me get out of my Graduation outfit.
“Hello mistress, was the Graduation a sucess?” My attendent Combre asked.
“Yeah it was ok, though a little long for my taste. And since this was my last day as a Pre-Adult, I dont have to go through it again. Yippie!” I sang as I danced around Combre and threw my cap on his shiny head. Since I was naked already I decided to go into the sonic shower and start to get ready for the party tonight. In the sonic shower I ran my hands down my body and cupped my breasts, I decided they were nice enough, a good handful. As I soaped them up I let my hand run down to my shaved pussy and pushed two fingers into my cunt.As I played with myself I could hear my mom walk into my room. I quickly finished in the sonic shower and went to go see what mom wanted.
“Hey mom, what do you want?” I asked.
“I came in here to let you know something I was saving for your Adult party.” And mom pulled out a chip from her bag and waved it in the air.”This I have been saving since you enterd your Pre-Adult training”
“Whats that?” I asked although I was fairly sure it was a sex chip for my attendent, I decided to play dumb and let mom have her moment.
“Its a sex chip for Crombe. It will let him have all the sexual knowlage to let him pleasure you. It will be great since I wanted you to be ready for any man and not feel like you are behind in your sexual studies. You were suppoesd to have it on your Pre-Adult day, but your father wanted you to be a little girl for a while longer.” mom looked a little choked up after her small speach. But I on the other hand couldent wait for her to get out of my room so I could put the chip in Crombre so I could have a little fun before the party tonight. I was still a vergin and I didnt want to be any longer. I think my mom senced my growin impatience to have some fun with Crombre so she handed over the chip and wisperd to me”Dont forget to activate your privacey shield so your father and I dont hear you. He doesnt know I gave it to yet, and lock the door behind me”as mom got up and started to walk out of my room she stopped and pulled something else out of her bag, it was a huge dildo with wires hanging out of the end.”I thought you might want a good specimin, so I picked this one out for you.” And after putting it in my hand walked out the door.
I looked at the size of the dildo and felt the realness of it in my hand. It just made me wetter than I was before. “Crombre come here for a minute” And Crombre finished putting out my outfit for tonight and walked over to me.
“I want you to sit down and open the acess port in your head for a minute” He did what I asked I put the sex chip in his acess port and closed it. I could see the information already going since he looked at me with a new sence of wonder and growing passion in his synth eyes. I walked over to lock my door and activate my privacey shild.”Stand up Crombre” I asked him and he did “Open your jumpsuit” And he did, the passion plainly in his eyes. And I took off his old cock and put on the new one and atached all the wires . Crombre treached down and rubbed his new member”It feels wonderful, this new model, I can feel everything mistress”
I looked up at Crombre, a little scared at he size of it. He reached down and pulled me up and wisperd in my ear “Dont worry mistress, I will not hurt you .I will make you feel wonderfull” And with that Crombre laid me down on my bed and slowly opend my towel. Running his hands over my breasts and my stomach, he kissed one of my nipples, and let his hand run down to my legs and slowly opend them up to let his hand move to my already dripping pussy.
Combre started to suckle on my breats as he moved his hand into my pussy..rubbing my clit with his thumb as a finger moved in and out of my pussy. It felt wonderful, and I could tell Crombre was enjoying it as well. His new cock was hardening against my leg, showing his building pleasure as well. He moved down my body, kissing and licking as he went lower till he was before my wet pussy “Mistress you look wonderfull, and my sencerory recepters tell me that you smell wonderfull”,and with that Crombre took a big whiff of me and set upon my pussy a fericeness that left me gasping for breath.
I could feel Crombre using his tounge to lick and probe me everywhere, flicking it across my clit,and sucking upon it, the pleasure made me arch my back off the bed. Crombre fucked me with his tounge and rubbed my clit with his fingers. I could feel the pleasure building in me till i came so hard , I felt Crombre lick my juisces as fast as they poured out of my body.” Mmmm mistress, you taste wonderful” Crombre said softley as he moved up my body. I felt him position his cock just outside of my pussy. Rubbing it up and down , sliding it just a little inside and pulling it out again. He did it acouple of times before sliding it in as far as it would go. Leting me get accustemed to it in my body.”Misterss, you are so tight” Crombre wisperd in my ear as he pushed farther into me untill he came to my barrier.”This will hurt mistress” and Crombre rammed his cock into my body before I could change my mind. He cut off my scream with a deep kiss,and then let himself settle in my now womans body. “There now mistress I am all the way in.Mmm you feel so wonderfull, fuck so nice and tight” And with that Crombre started to move back and forth in my body.
“Mmmm….thats feels Sooo goood!!!” I moaned, as Crombre started to fuck me. He pulled my hips up to meet his thrusts and he fucked me, doing it so hard I could feel my back push into my matress. He fucked so good. I was glad that my mom waited to give me the gift of his sex chip and the new cock for him, the wait was well worth it. Crombre pulled both my legs up to have them side by side against this body, my feet near his face and started to fuck me this new way. As I felt his cock moving fast in and otu of my body, Crombre licked and suckled on my toes and feet. I wraped my hands around my pillow as he continued to do this.Sucking on my feet and thrusting with his cock, almost in harmony with his tounge.
Another orgasm built up in me as i was being fucked royally good, and Crombre sence it starting, and he stopped.” Why?” I wailed, and Crombre smiled and reached over with his hands and pinced my nipples. A glance in his eyes told me not to ask anymore questions but to ju
st go with the best fuck in my life. Crombre leane
d forward and gave me a deep kiss, fucking my mouth with his tounge, probing it in the deep recesses of my mouth, rubbing it against my tounge and finishing off with running it around my lips “Sshhh, mistress, trust me”Crombre whisperd against my mouth. I felt his hands run down my body, ands then realised that his cock was still in my body. I could almost feel it pulse along with my rapid heartbeat.”Roll over mistress and get up on your knees” Crombre asked me as he pulled his beautiful cock out of my pussy. I wonderd what was now in store for me.And I did as he asked.
As soon as I was on my knees. I could feel Crombre positon himself against my pussy and slowly enter me.It felt so wonderfull. He was so big and I could feel my pussy adjust to him. I felt him move inside me and the new position that I was in gave me a whole new bunch of feelings to make me feel wonderfull. As Crombre started to move faster on my cunt I started to feel another orgasm build in me. I could hear Crombre grunt with each thrust. And I started to grunt along with him. Faster and faster Crombre fucked me. And the occasional slap on my ass just made me feel even more better.”Fuuuccckk mmmeeeee” I screamed at Crombre. “Ohh fuck yesss Misstress” Crombre crowed as he fucked me harder. I had the most powerfull orgasm that I swear I passed out. As I came to I could feel Crombre down at my pussy fucking me with his tounge and cleaning my pussy after that massive orgasm.”MMmmm Crombre” I sighed. And as Crombre made me come to another orgasm with his mouth. He moved up my body to lay down beside me.
“So mistress, how do you like being a Adult now?”asked Crombre “I feel wonderful” and I leaned into Crombre and gave him a huge kiss, with my mouth exploring his this time. “Good mistress, I live to serve and fuck”ANd with that Crombre lifted me of my bed and draged me into th esonic shower.”You have to get ready for you Adult party tonight mistress”he said as he set the sonic shower to start cleaning me. ” And if you are really good mistress, I will show you how to fuck in a shower”And with that Crombre walked out of the bathroom whistling. I thought to myself that I am truely a woman now and I have the best fucking attendent in the known galaxy. I knew I was a littel sore, but that will go away by tomorow. And Crombre better watch out because I knew I was going to want to have a good night fuck out of him. And with that I walked to my room to get ready for my Adult party.

To be continued…..

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