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I’ll start off by telling you a little about me and my friend, and of course how this whole thing happend. Well we all know what its like to be the shy kid that always holds back and never says much, I know because that was who I was. I wasn’t a nerd at all, I’ve always had light brown glossy hair, bright blue eyes, and a very curvy and developed body, but i never liked the attention. My friend Kim was completely opposite. She loved attention and boy did she get alot of it. She was very slender but had pretty big breasts and a cute, round butt. I lived with my dad who was always out of town on the weekends and Kim never really stayed at her house so every weekend she would come to my dad’s apartment and hang out. This particular weekend was one that I’ve always remembered. I’d woke up pretty late that afternoon, due to the hour i was out partying with kim the night before. I jumped into the shower and was scrubbing myself down when I got the urge to touch myself. I dropped my fingers down my tummy and began massaging my clit. I was getting really hott so i laid back in the tub and opened my legs so the hot water would stream over my clit and cause me to have an orgasm. After the very pleasing shower, i got into my low cut jeans and my tight tank top. Before i knew it Kim was there getting ready to go clubbing with me. Everyone envied our fake id’s that made us 21 instead of 17. WE got all dolled up and left for the night. We were out on the floor dancing together, Kim getting all of the attention. Two guys came along and started to dance with us. I, being the shy one, held back and snuck away to the bathroom while Kim rubbed up and down the two much older guys.Pretty soon Kim came looking for me and dragged me back out there. The guys offered to buy us drinks, on one condition,…we kissed. I was dreading this because i knew kim would do anythign for a drink. She grabbed me and jammed her tongue down my throat. I started getting hott almost instantly. We stopped and the guys handed us our shots of tequila.After a few hours we had had our fill of the club and decided to call it a night. When we got back to the apartment, we sat on my bed, turned on the music and started replaying the night. We started joking about the kiss and how much fun we had. I looked up at Kim and she was giving me the weirdest look. “Kim?? whats up??” I said.She just shook her head and said she was thinking about the kiss. “You know, we could do that every weekend and we would get all the drinks we wanted..don’t you think Britt?” she said quietly while staring at me. I was thinking about the kiss too..i wanted it again…I had still been hott from it..”Yeah but people wouldn’t believe that it was a real kiss because we were awkward about it.” Then Kim said what i hoped she would.”We could practice it..” She looked at me and leaned in towards my face. I closed my eyes and laid there with my best friend exploring my mouth with her tongue. I was getting hott again and unknowingly had wrapped my arms around her waste. She got on top of me and started getting more into the kiss. She pulled back and sat on my stomach looking at me. She smiled and started pulling of her tank, exposing her breasts and then started working my tank up over my head so she could see mine. She lowered her lips to my nipple and began to suck and nibble on it while she massaged my other breast with her hand. I was getting very excited at this point and so was she. She got up and started working her jeans down her legs and then pulled her thong off. I couldn’t believe it. My best friend was standing infront of me completely naked. She approached the bed again and ran her hands down to my jeans. She unbuttoned them and started unzipping them and pulling them off. I laid there..staring at her body and watching her undress me. She bent down and grabbed my panties with her teeth and pulled them off. I spread my legs allowing her to see my pussy. She doved in and started eating me out. My back arched and chills shot up and down my spine. I was pushing my body towards her face…wanting more. She added her fingers to the mix and started sucking my clit while fingering my pussy.I could feel myself starting to cum and before i knew it i had cum all over her face. She smiled at me and kept working. I pulled her up, letting her sit on my face while i plunged my tongue deep inside her. She started grinding my face while steadying herself with my headboard. She started rocking back and forth harder and harder each time. I kept working deep inside her until finally she came. She slid her body down beside me and looked at me. We were both running our hands up and down each other’s body when all of a sudden my door opened. We jumped up trying to find something to cover ourselves with. I was mortified to see my dad standing there looking us over. My face turned bright red and i wanted to cry so bad.”What the hell is going on here?” he screamed. We both mumbled words trying to make up some excuse but nothing came. My dad’s friend from work walked in the room too…checking to see if everything was okay. I could feel their eyes looking us up and down. He stepped out of the doorway and into my room, closing the door behind him. I bent down and grabbed my robe trying to cover myself up. “No need for that now Brittany, we’ve already seen it all!”my dad said sternly. I looked at Kim who had found my towell from earlier and was clinging it to her body tightly.MY dad’s friend and him looked at each other smiled and then started walking towards me and kim. Kim and I started backing up looking at each other and then at the men. My dad grabbed kim and she screamed and then his friend grabbed me.”What are you doing?? DAD!!!” i yelled trying to wrestle my way out of the guy’s arms. My dad looked over at me and calmly said,”You’ve had your’s our turn now.”and with that they covered our mouths and carried us down to my dad’s room. I remember seeing Kim being dragged to the bathroom and the door slamming, while i was being thrown on the bed by my dad’s friend. I started to speak but he wouldn’t let me. “It’s okay Britt..we’re gonna have our own fun!” he said while pinning me with one hand and undressing himself with the other. When he was working on his pants he let go of me and i bolted toward the door but it wouldn’t open and he grabbed me by my neck and slammed me down on the bed”DO THAT AGAIN AND I’LL BEAT YOU SO HARD!” i cried and laid there too afraid to move.I heard kim’s sobs and cries through the bathroom door.The man climbed on top of me and told me to brace myself. His head of his cock was lingering right outside opening. I begged him not to I told him i’d never had sex and cried and cried but he plunged his whole member inside of me with one quick hard push. I screamed so loud..feeling the burn and pain of being entered fully for the first time. He slapped me and started pumping. “Relax Britt and it will go easier.”I felt like blacking out and i knew i couldn’t fight him so i just laid there crying while this man was taking my virginity. He grabbed onto my boobs and started squeezing them while his member was going in and out of my hole faster and faster. I opened my legs more trying to make it easier and he just smiled at me while he started pounding me harder and harder.He finally exploded inside me and my body went limp after he pulled out. He wanted more. He shoved his dick into my mouth and started ordering me to suck it. I reluctantly did and he continued to slap me.He shot his load and let me stop. I was so soar but i was slowly getting hott…and i didnt know why.I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I felt a tongue at my clit. I spread my legs again allowing easier access and i never opened my eyes. Whoever it was was doing a good job. i could feel myself getting excited and before long i came. I opened my eyes only to see a dog with his nose burried in my pussy. I pulled back but the man held me there. He ordered the dog to stop and then flipped me over. Making me get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. He held me there while the dog mounted me and started
jam his member in my asshole. I tried to make him stop and wanted to pull away but the man’s strong grip held me and he laughed when he saw how humiliated i was. After the dog had been excited, he pushed the dog off and took his place behind me. He entered my pussy from behind and started ramming me. i swayed back and forth with the motions and he held on to my boobs and squeezed them everytime he got harder. My knee’s started shaking and he pulled out just as i collapsed on the bed. I heard kim moaning in the other room but i was too exhausted to stay awake…..

hope you liked it

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