Simply Dinner

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Looking so hot, she could steal and enchant every person in the room. She has subtle and just enough make up on to make her glow like a perfect day. Her breasts absolutely amazing and soft; so beautiful and warming. He wishes he was sitting next to her.

He wants to be all over her; he can’t wait till dinners over. Cleavage shinning in beauty; perky, soft and sultry to the touch. He can only imagine. He can’t stop starring in lust.

Shy and sexy smiles through the evening. Some serious and some soft conversations. With moments of silence just enough to sneak in a moan, or a sexy sigh.

He tells her, “I can’t wait to kiss you.” He smiles and lowers his eyes. She sees those sexy dimples, the ones that make her melt.

She has to fight herself from jumping across the table, grabbing his face, and stealing his breath. Soft and sexy would be a beautiful way to go but in the heat of the moment, it would be too unbearable. She can’t till dinner is over. She replies “My hands touching your face, the back of your neck feel…mmmm.. take my breath away”. He takes her to a place unknown to any other. No one could ever make her feel the way he does.

She is sexy yet witty. Charming and intriguing; he really enjoys her company. She’s complimenting to his rough edge. People stare in envy and wish they were walking in their shoes. A delightful evening and they are ready for more. “I can’t wait to fuck you in my bed” he contends. “I want my lips all over your body; your looking enticing” she tells him with truth.
Eroticism fills the air. She wants to feel his skin; just a touch to satisfy the hunger. The anticipation escalates through the night while they keep their distance. As dinner nearly ends, they talk about dessert.
A bottle of Rosa Regale waits her on ice. He wants her comfortable as they enjoy the night. The room is warm with candle light. He turns on the tv and kills the lights.
Music plays and they lose the fight. With their hands all over each other he lays her down. He holds her tight and kneels to the ground. She tells him, “I missed your body and your bed”.”I’m so glad you invited me here again.” “Your always welcome here in my home, I enjoy your company more than you know.”

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