Str8 boy turns to gay boy

Well it all started a couple years ago just after my 21st birthday. I had a girlfriend who was very sexual. We fucked all the time, but I still felt something was missing. When she would leave the house I would jump on the computer and watch gay porn. At first it was just once in a while when I was bored. Then it turned into everyday and the gay porn just got more and more kinky. It was all I could think about. Finally I got the guts to put out an ad in the classifieds on a website for some jerk off fun. I thought, we just sit around, watch some porn and watch each other pull our cocks. I got a reply about an hour later. It was from a guy who was 42. That’s a little old for me I told him. He was so persistent. He kept emailing me talking about how he could make me feel so good and comfortable. He said he is very discreet and can take care of me like I deserve. He really sweet talked me. My girlfriend was kind of a bitch and never talked to me like that. It felt nice. He told me he had a large collection of str8 porn and would buy some booze for us to loosen up. “You’re buying booze?”, I said, “I’m in! Get tequila!” We set up a time for the next day and started to chat a bit and trade some pics. He told me how young boys like me are sexy. I was so flatered. I confessed to him I was truly straight and never been with a man. He was obviously very turned on as he had many follow up questions. I also told him some fantasies I have about being topped. We had some cyber sex, blew our loads and said goodbye till our meet tomorrow.

8 o’clock came and I went to his house just a few miles away. I walked to his door, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. When he answered I was kind of surprised. He was a little taller and more muscular than he looked in his pictures. He seemed like he towered over me. “Come on in” he said. “Tequila is on the counter just like you asked.” I said thank you and continued to the kitchen to find the tequila set out with shot glasses ready. I poured 2 shots and took them down one after the other. I looked over to the living room and he had already had the porn playing for me. Some blonde chick getting totally nailed by these 2 guys. “Looks good.” I said and walked over to the couch and had 2 more shots. I’m a little buzzed now and feeling pretty good so I get started and pull out my cock. It was embarassing at first but I kept on going. He walks over to the couch and says, “Looks like the tequila did it’s trick.” He gave a chuckle and sat down too. He pours a couple more shots and I slam them down. He sees the alcohol take effect and starts to seduce me. He says, ” you’re such a sexy boy. I like watching you work your cock. You are so sexy” This makes me feel hot and I stroke harder and rub my balls. “Now,” he says, “I want you to touch my cock.” I tell him I’m straight but he says, “that’s ok” and keeps rubbing his hands all over my body. He keeps moving himself closer on the couch until he is all over me. He rubs his hands down my chest and I start to moan a little with pleasure and this really turns him on. He starts to unzip his pants and my eyes widden at the sight of his big cock. He forcefully grabs my hand and puts it on his dick. I dont know what I’m doing. I find myself starting to stroke his cock on my own. Just when I start to realize that I’m beggining to like the feel of his cock in my hands, he grabs me by my hair and slams my face into his crotch. “PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY COCK BOY!” I do just as I’m told and slide his dick down my tongue.

suck his big cock nice and slow. I can feel it grow inside my mouth and I begin to choke. I pull my head off his dick and spit runs from his rock hard cock down my face. I try to catch my breath when I get a frim slap across my face. “You dont take your mouth off my dick bitch till I tell you!! Do you understand?” I feel so helpless. I think, what am I doing? I could just get up and run for the door. But before I can get up and make a run for it, I find myself saying ” Yes sir,I understand.” And I put his cock back down my throat. I suck it deep and hard. I choke but this time I keep on his dick. I can feel my dick getting hard through my pants and I start to rub myself. He notices my rubbing and says, “Looks like you’re starting to like this aren’t you boy?” I give an embarrassed grin with his cock in my mouth, pull out and say, “Yes. I like sucking your cock. It feels so fucking good going down my tongue.” He just leans back and laughs. “I knew you would boy.” I crawl back to his dick and start to suck it again. Now he starts to get aggressive. He grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick so far down my throat. It felt like 10 seconds of choking. Tears ran down my face. He pulls my head back and gives me a slap in the face. “You love Daddy’s cock don’t you boy!!??” I can barely talk after the cock choking. “I love sucking your cock” I say. WHACK!!!!! I get another slap across the face. This one really hurt. I think I actually saw stars. “I’M YOUR DADDY NOW BOY!! AND YOU WILL CALL ME DADDY WHENEVER YOU ARE SPOKEN TO!!! UNDERSTAND BOY?” That last slap hurt so fucking bad. I don’t want to get slapped again. “Yes Daddy I understand. I will be good for you Daddy.” He smiles and nodds his head. “I’m glad you’re going to be good for me boy. Because you are about to get Daddy’s dick up that tight boy ass of yours.” My eyes widen with fear……

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