Sasha was worried. She as the pensive type. She never knew what to do, but she knew she was lusting for something. She was a virgin and her body was aching. When she saw a guy, she wanted his cock. Her friends had described to her what sex was like and she had seen porn before. She wanted it badly. It did not matter with who.

She never had a boyfriend. It was the nervousness that did her in. Sasha wanted a cock so bady she hardly got any sleep. Her grades dropped and nobody knew why. Sasha knew.

Sasha spent hours outside the boys locker room watching the guys exercise and show off amongst each other. She felt this uncontrolable urge to touch herself. Her hands went to her tits and when it really got bad she rubbed her crotch, but did not dare actually touch herself in that naughty place.

She thought nobody saw her or at least knew what she was doing. But, Bobby knew all about it. From the first day he could see the way Sasha looked at him and his friends.

He approached her one day and she quickly composed herself.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“…Nothing…” answered Sasha bowing her head.

“I’ve seen you touch yourself when your here. Are you horny? None of the guys have fucked you before.”

“I…I…yes I’m horny,” she shamefully answered.

“Let us see if you really are.”

Bobby grasped Sasha’s arm and took her into the boys locker room. They winded through many rows of lockers with guys in various states of undress. They all watched Sasha closely.

“Follow me guys,” called Bobby.

She was scared and was afraid of what was going to occur as she was being pulled along. In the back of Sasha’s mind she knew. Her body began to get hot and her tits pounded and strange sensation flared from between her legs.

Bobby pulled Sasha into the shower room. The showers were communal and there were no stalls. Her threw onto the ground in the center as all the guys in the locker room joined them.

Sasha tried to hide herself from the leering eyes of these men that she knew and fantasised about.

“Take off your blouse,” ordered Bobby.


“Take off your blouse, bitch. I won’t say again.”

Sasha fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and slowly slid off her blouse.

“Now, get rid of your bra.”


“I’m getting sick of this. Take off the bra or I let them take it off,” he motioned to the crowd of guys.

This drew murmurs from the crowd. Then Sasha did as she was told and let her breasts tumble of her bra and put it with her blouse. The men began to hoot and holler at the sight of her tits. Sasha felt so humiliated. Yet, the strange sensation between her legs grew more intense. She was dirty, so dirty.

“Now, I’ll say this once, bitch. Unzip your skirt and take it off.”

Sasha quickly obeyed not wanting to make Bobby angry.

“That’s a good bitch. Now, take of your panties.”

Sasha moved slowly to do this.

“Now, bitch!”

She swiftly took off her panties and kicked them from her ankles. She felt embarrassed showing her most sacred part her body to these men and their eyes.

“Rub your tits and pinch your nipples for the guys,” Bobby ordered.

Sasha’s hand wented to her breasts and she rubbed them and cupped them. A feeling in her grew and grew. She was becoming more and more depraved. Her body was enjoying this, while mind felt low and ashamed to see these men watching her pleasure herself.

“Now, pinch your nipples like I said.”

Sasha obeyed and found a new area of pleasure that was much more powerful. Her nipples hurt more as she pinched them for longer and longer, but she loved it.

“Good, bitch. Now, open your cunt lips and show us all what your like inside.”

Sasha nervously moved both hand to her crotch and felt her “cunt lips” as Bobby called them. Her touch made her moan and the men snickered and houled. What a slut Sasha thought. She again tried tried to spread her cunt lips. She pulled them apart for everyone to see.

“Now turn all the way around while you do. Every guy here deserves a good look.”

Sasha turned arounded slowly. Each guy grinned at the sight of her cunt. Her body was rocking with pleasure as her ind began to love the shame that she felt.

“Do the same with your ass cheeks. The guys wanted to see your puckered anus.”

These dirty words made her feel dirty. Again, the guys stared at her anus. Except this time Sasha could not see them which excited her.

When was done revolving, Bobby brought her a razor and shaving cream.

“Get your back and spread your legs wide,” he demanded.

“What ar-.”


Sasha did as told. Bobby spread shaving cream around Sasha’s cunt.

“I’m going to take care of this hedge you call pubic hair.”

He slowly drew the razor across he crotch reaving an area of no hair. He did this again and again untill all that was left was the lining of Sasha’s cunt.

“Stay perfectly still, bitch, or I’ll cut you.”

He ulled the razor along her cunt lips slowly. The side it rubbed against them and had to uses all of her power to contan the leasure.

“There. Now, your cunt is perfect, bitch. Unzip my pants.”

Sasha got on her knees before Bobby and unzipped his pants.

“Now, slide them and my boxers down to my ankles and help me remove them.”

Sasha acted accordingly. When she raised her head she was slapped in the face by Bobby’s cock. Sasha felt lower and lower. She felt like a slut.

“Get on your hands and knees lke the bitch you are,” ordered Bobby.

Sasha slowly did so, but feared what she could not see. This was the first cock ever. She had never seen one in real life let alone touched it.

Bobby’s hand felt between Sasha’s legs and pushed fingers along her cunt lips and found what Sasha would soon knows is her clitoris. He rubbed his firnger arond it and upon it. Sasha let out a loud moun. The guys all around cheered.

Bobby drew is hand from between her legs and raised it in the air.

“This is one horny virgin bitch.”

The guys loved it.

His hands went to her hips and he pushed his cock head till it just touched her cunt lips. he slowly spread the lips apart and inserted himself into Sasha’s tight virgin pussy.

Sasha let out a loud wail. but, Bobby was not finished. He pushed further and further until he popped her cherry and took the innocence that kept Sasha from being the slut she wanted to be.

Bobby fucked her in front of anyone. Her perverted nature was coming out to Sasha’s mortification and deepest desire. She loved seeing them watch her.

She came just as Bobby shot his load into her.

Bobby got up and watched is cum drip out of her cunt. He smiled.

“Do whatever you like with her, just make everyone gets a turn. There kis plenty to go around. Have fun boys,” Bobby orated.

The next two hours were out of Sasha’s deepest and most perverted dreams. Cocks were everywhere and did not even see any of the faces they belonged to. One of the guys ordered her to open her mouth. Sasha obeed and was fed a mouth full of cock. This became a new act to further use Sasha’s body. another guy spred her ass cheeks and shoved his cock deep into her anus. Sasha screamed and moaned until the pain began to feed her pleasure. She began to take three cocks at a time. Cum was being shot all over her face and body. I was caught in her hair and down her tits and steaming out of her cunt.

After two hours had passed, Bobby called an end to the gangbang. Sasha lay on the floor in a pool of cum. He took her by her hair and held her up.

“I guess we finally see the slut you are. Are you a dirty cumslut?”

Sasha res
isted the hand in her hair. Bobby jerked her hed very hard

“Are you a dirty cumslut?!”


“Say it!”

“I am a dirty cumslut.”

“Are you cock hungry whore?”

“I am a cock hungry whore.”

“Are you a filthy cunt bitch?”

“Yes, I am a filthy cunt bitch.”

“The piss like one,” Bobby said as he trew her to the ground.


“Piss, now, bitch!”

Sasha squated a got ready.

“No! If your a filthy cunt bitch, then you’ll piss like one. One hands and knees and leg in the air! And tell us how much you like watching you piss.”

Sasha got on all fours and then raised her leg.

“It makes me horny when you watch me piss, watch as piss like the bitch I am.”

A yellow stream flowed from Sasha’s pussy into their air and on the ground. With the release of the piss sasha would never return from her nymphomania.

Bobby lifted Sasha to her feet.

“Shows over guys contact me latter.”

He turned to Sasha.

“Well, now we know what a slut you are. I don’t want to see anymore shyness. You’ll fuck whoever asks and even those that don’t. Is that understood, bitch?”

“Yes, Bobby.”

“I am not Bbobby to you. You will address me and every other man as sir.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You may leave.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Sasha moved to take her clothing. Bobby kept the panties and bra.

“No more of these for you. I expect all of your panties, bikinis, and bras. G-strings are the only allowed undergarment.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sasha dressed and moved to leave.

“Oh, and bitch.”

“Yes, sir?” she answered.

He passed her the shaving cream and razor.

“Don’t forget to shave.”

(to be continued?)

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    You need to make it alittle longer and describe more of the guys fucking her.

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  2. I agree with him and bobbie was really really annoying but other wise a pretty good story

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