The Adventures of Veronica Love, Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Veronica Love arrived at college nervous and full of fear. She had never before been away from home and already missed her loving father and stern mother. But at the same time, she was excited. She knew that MidNorthEastWestern University would give her opportunities she could not find at home.
Since she was very young, Veronica knew she was different from other girls. While her friends dreamed of boys, Veronica dreamed of her friends. She had to keep her feelings a secret back home, but she knew that in college, she could find other girls like her.
Veronica Love walked through her first day of classes dazed and lost. She had never before been in such a large building with so many students. As she rushed down the hallway to make it to her Anthropology course on time, she bumped into someone and fell down.
“You should watch where you’re going,” the person said, as they helped Veronica up.
Veronica looked up to see who was helping her, and went weak in the knees. It was a butch girl. She had seen them on TV before, and often yearned for them, but she had never seen one in person before.
This woman had brown hair cut short like a man. She was wearing baggy men’s trousers and baggy T-shirt. She caught Veronica gazing at her and winked. Veronica blushed.
“What class are you going to?” the woman asked.
“Anthropology 1o1,” Veronica said, shyly.
“The same class as me,” the woman said. “Do you mind if I walk you there.”
“Not at all,” Veronica said. “I’d appreciate it.”
After class, they met up in the cafeteria and talked all through lunch. Veronica learned that the woman’s name was Tamara Jane Goldblatt. But she preferred to be called TJ.
“Veronica,” TJ said, suddenly. “I’m making lasagne tonight for dinner. Would you like to come over?”
“That would be great!” Veronica said. “I never thought it would be so easy to make friends here!”
TJ winked again.
Veronica showed up at TJ’s apartment that night and they enjoyed a delicious vegetarian lasagne with a baguette and red wine.
Then they settled down on the couch for conversation and more wine. TJ had her arm around Veronica and her hand was moving in slow circles on Veronica’s arm making her nipples slowly harden. And then the hand moved down to her inner thighs, close, close to her centre, stroking her until she could not help but moan. And that is when TJ leaned in to kiss her.
Veronica had never kissed a girl before, but quickly learned and soon their tongues were intermingling and Veronica put her arms around TJ and pulled her close. TJ began to gently squeeze Veronica’s breasts through her shirt and Veronica groaned softly and raised her hands to TJ’s breasts.
TJ pulled away. “Don’t,” she said.
“I’m sorry,” Veronica said. “I didn’t know.”
“It’s okay,” TJ, said. “Just…let me do all the work.”
TJ unbuttoned Veronica’s blouse and began to kiss her way down Veronica’s chest. She cupped Veronica’s small breasts in her hands and began to lick and suck her nipples until they were as hard as little rocks.
Then TJ kissed her way down to her stomach and then unzipped Veronica’s jeans. She gasped in shock when she saw that Veronica had soaked through her panties. Veronica spread her legs wide open and whispered “fuck me.”
TJ pulled Veronica’s panties off with her tongue and began to lick, suck, and slurp at Veronica’s pussy, sticking her tongue as deeply into Veronica as she could. She moaned when she tasted how sweet Veronica’s juices were, and began to move her tongue in and out of Veronica’s pussy.
Veronica began to moan and thrust her hips against TJ’s mouth. She ran her fingers through TJ’s short hair.
When TJ began to lick Veronica’s clitoris, Veronica came instantly, cum gushing from her vagina. She thrusted frantically against TJ’s mouth, moaning and groaning louder every second. TJ sucked Veronica’s clit in and out of her mouth to give Veronica a second orgasm. And then thrust three fingers deeply into Veronica’s pussy to give her a third orgasm.
Finally Veronica could take no more and blacked out from the overload of pleasure.

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