the adventures with Sandy

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One Saturday night some friends and I were out at a local beach music club drinking and dancing when we happened upon a group of ladies doing the same. One of them, a cute slim blonde took charge by taking my hat off of my head and putting it onto hers and telling me I could get it back if I gave her the next dance and bought her a beer. Not wanting to disappoint this cutie I accepted the offer and we went to the dance floor. She introduced herself as Sandy and said she was totally bored with her friends that night as they all just wanted to get plastered but she was looking for something more.

Since my friend’s girlfriend had halfway set me up as a blind date with her friend I couldn’t accept Sandy’s offer right then but I told her that I would definitely offer a rain check and we made plans to meet at a party the next weekend. I resumed partying with my crowd and explained to my blind date that while she was in the bathroom Sandy had asked me to dance. The rest of that night was uneventful as I found out that my “date” was an absolute idiot and a bitch to boot but I remained polite to her and we danced for a bit before I took the first opportunity I had to leave.

That next Friday night my buddies and I made our way to the party Sandy had mentioned. We stashed our coolers and looking around I saw Sandy talking to a group of people so I made my way over to her. She saw me coming and met me halfway across the room and stumbled into my arms as she was totally intoxicated. I asked if she was alright and she mumbled something about being there since 4:30 hours already and somebody talking her into doing several shots. I took her outside for some fresh breath and she said her apartment was next door and her roommate was taking her home in a few minutes. She apologized for being so drunk and as her roommate came out to retrieve her she told me that she intended to get a buzz and fuck my brains out but went a bit overboard. I told her to get some sleep and we’d hook up at the beach music club tomorrow night if she was recovered.

I went back to the party and explained her situation to my buddies and partied with them for a while before leaving for home. The next evening I went to the club and walking in I saw Sandy sitting at a barstool wearing a bright red knee length sun dress holding what looked to be a cocktail. I approached her and said something about her being hard core after last night and she held the drink up and said “water”. I laughed with her and ordered a beer as I sat down next to her. We chatted for a bit and she apologized for the previous night and I told her that it happens to the best of us and there was no apology needed. She also embarrassingly apologized for what she told me and I said I thought it was cute and not to worry about it and that her wish might just come true tonight. She blushed and bit her lower lip and said “only if you play your cards right”.

We danced a few times and eventually she ordered a beer to knock the fuzzy haze off. I told her that tonight was all about her and wherever she wanted to go and whatever she wanted to do was just fine. With that she took me by the hand and led me outside towards my car. I asked where we were going and she said my offer was accepted and I was taking her to her apartment so she could change clothes.

Once at her place she excused herself and went upstairs to change. When she returned she had a pair of loose fitting shorts with a tank top on and she sat down on the couch next to me to put her tennis shoes on. I asked where we were going and she said she wanted us to go to the nearby city lake with the walkway surrounding it and have sex on the picnic table at the back of the lake. As she finished tying her shoes she leaned back and looked at me with inviting eyes so I leaned over and kissed her for the first time. She hungrily kissed me back with her tongue working around my teeth and over my tongue. I started rubbing her leg while we kissed and she spread them inviting me to work my hand towards her inner thighs and as my hand reached the bottom of her shorts I slid it inside and across her mound. She moaned and said do not stop as she spread her legs further so I slid under her panties and found her hot and soaking wet pussy with my fingertips.

She pulled away from our kiss and told me to keep going as she grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers deeper inside her love hole. I slid 2 fingers into her pussy and started stroking them in and out and playing with her g-spot as she reached down to rub my cock through my shorts. I asked her if she still wanted to go have sex on a picnic table or would she prefer to go upstairs to her bed and have me use my tongue and cock where my fingers were playing. Her response was hard to understand as an orgasmic wave hit her and she came all over my hand but I think she begged for me to her upstairs and fuck her all might.

With that we headed upstairs where I slowly undressed her as she undid my shorts and slid my boxers off. Removing her bra revealed a small but perky pair of titties with rock hard nipples begging to be nibbled and sucked. She lay back on the edge of the bed and slid her panties off so I dropped to my knees between her outstretched legs and leaned forward to take my first taste of her. With her legs over my shoulders I licked up and across her pussy before sliding my tongue onto her clit and playing with it. She raised her hips to meet my mouth as I sucked her clit between my lips and flicking my tongue across the head before sliding it deep into her pussy to tongue-fuck her. Sandy reached down and grabbed my head pulling me deeper into her pussy as she started to tremble with another orgasm which was much larger than her first one.

When her orgasm subsided she pulled me up to her and kissed me, tasting her cum on my lips and tongue before rolling me over and kissing her way down my chest and belly. She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it while taking the head into her mouth and running her tongue all around the rim while staring into my eyes. Then she closed her eyes and lowered her face onto me taking my entire length into her mouth and throat. She sucked and licked me for a bit trying to give me an orgasm until I explained that even though she was doing a wonderful job for some reason I have trouble cumming just from oral. She understood and worked her way back up and as she placed her titties in my face to lick and suck on her nipples she lowered herself onto me and my cock slowly impaled her tight wet pussy for the first time.

Her back arched with her head back as she moaned with my cock stretching her vaginal walls and once she relaxed to my size she began to ride me like a mad woman as she bucked up and down and ground my cock into herself for several minutes. I then wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over and took over the reins and began to pound into her. She put her legs around my waist as I fucked her pussy and I could feel her fingertip rubbing my cock as she played with her clit.

She had a couple more orgasms and when I told her I was going to cum she said she was not on birth control and wanted to finish what she started earlier. So I rolled off of her and she got on top of me in 69 and with my tongue dancing inside her pussy she took my soaking wet cock deep in her mouth and sucked me until I exploded down her throat. My orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body and she had another orgasm all over my face. We both lapped and sucked each other clean before she rolled off and turned around to collapse. We snuggled and kissed for a bit before I realized that it was now 2:45am when she fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning I woke up to her sliding her head under the sheets and beginning to suck on my morning missile. I told her that is the best way to wake up and she said that’s what she intended. After a few minutes of her oral alarm clock she straddled me and started to slide onto my rock hard cock but was having some problems as she had somehow not gotten wet enough from sucking me. I told her I had a solution that would double as a payback for the blowjob if she’d slide up to me so she sat on my chest with her legs beside my head and I started licking and sucking her pussy. She immediately got wet and as I tongued her hole she started rubbing her clit to make herself orgasm quicker…which she did. This time she actually squirted into my mouth just a bit and unlike the night before she moaned and actually screamed a bit with her orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided she slid back down and impaled her pussy onto my cock and rode me to another orgasm before I started to feel the swelling in my balls. I gave her fair warning and when I was about to bust she jumped off of me and bent down to take my offering into her mouth once again. This time I held her head while I pumped my cock in her mouth and exploded my morning gift down her throat. Like she had offered she swallowed every drop and squeezed and sucked the remnants from my member before flopping onto her back beside me with her feet next to my head. As she caught her breath I rubbed her legs thanking her for the night and morning and noticed some of her sweet cream starting to drip from between her pussy lips and down her crack. I told her there was no need to waste anything so I pulled her legs apart and buried my head between them to lick and suck her pussy clean.

She started moaning with my cleanup effort and I caught her by surprise when I licked down across her ass to retrieve the last few drops as she whelped when my tongue touched her anus. Not seeming to mind I continued to lick and eat her and even slipped my tongue slightly in her ass making her moan even louder. She said she was not through and rolled over onto me in 69 and started sucking and licking my cock back to life and I took that as an invitation to go after all she had. I reached around her hips pulling her cheeks apart with my hands and raised my head up with a pillow to continue eating and tonguing her ass. This made her moan and squeal even louder so I slid a fingertip inside her ass when I went back to working on her pussy and clit. With this she begged me to continue on her ass and while I tongued it I felt her hand slide between us as she slid a couple fingers into her pussy and started masturbating.

All the while she was deepthroating my cock and I suggested we try this newly discovered resting place for it to play. She agreed and rolled off of me positioning herself at the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off. I stood up and put her legs over my shoulders as I slid my cock back into her pussy to get it soaking wet with her cum. She motioned at the night stand and I found a tube of KY and properly lubed her ass before placing my cock head at her rear opening. She moaned with the first bit of pressure and relaxed enough for me to slide into her tight ass. Slowly I slid all the way in and in a few seconds she begged me to fuck her ass like I had done her pussy.

So I spread her legs with my hands and began to pound her backside while she reached down and fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. I told her to keep going as I wanted to feel her cum with my cock in her ass and she said it wouldn’t take long as she had dreamt of being ass fucked but had only done it with a tiny vibrator. She was right in that it took just a minute or so for her to cum and I watched as she squirted again covering my belly and crotch with her juices. By now she was screaming and I thought the neighbors would thing something was wrong and when I asked about the noise she said screw the noise please keep fucking my ass. Pretty soon she became a bit sore and I was about to cum again so I pulled out and stroked myself off and while she masturbated I came all over her belly and tits.

After catching our breath we showered to clean each other off before having a bite for breakfast. She had plans for the afternoon so I left for home reveling in the night and morning we’d just had.

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