The annual check-up

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I figured it was time to have a medical check-up…so I contacted a family doctor who was recommended by a friend of mine. I was able to arrange an appointment for the following week.
His PA showed me into a examination room and took my blood pressure and temperature…the usual things. Several times he brushed against my thigh and I felt his cock. It felt like it was really big but I didn’t think he meant anything. After all, I was there to get a physical. Then he said, “The doctor will be in shortly.” and left. That’s a joke. When have they ever been in shortly. Anyway…maybe fifteen minutes later a good looking man in his late thirties came in and introduced himself. “I’m Dr. Mashburn…you can call me Ted. I shook his hand and sat back down on the stool by the examination table. He asked me a bunch of questions about my past medical issues and then asked me to sit down on the exam table. I did as he asked and he listened to my chest from the back and front. Then he asked, “Are you sexually active?” I said, “Of course.” “Heterosexual?” I was startled by that question. “Yes…of course.” I said. He explained that he had to ask because HIV was so prevalent these days and he wanted to get any gay or bi-sexual men into treatment at the earliest stage of their disease. The he shocked me. “I’ve had sex with other men from time to time myself.”
Wow!!! What a statement. He got a tongue depressor and checked my mouth and, just like the PA, he brushed against my thigh and I could feel his dick too. “Okay…time to drop your pants for the exam most men hate.” He was right…but I had to do it. Before I could turn around and bend over he looked down and said, “That ought to keep the chicks happy.” Again I was taken back but I also felt some pride as I had a nice seven inch cut cock that no woman had ever been unsatisfied with. I turned around and leaned over the table. I felt his gloved finger putting lube on my butthole and then it entered me. Instead of taking it right out, he probed around a little and I began getting a hardon. He kept probing and I kept getting harder…and actually aroused. I was a bit disappointed when he withdrew his finger.
“That wasn’t too bad, was it?” he said. Then he saw my cock and said, “Wow…I guess not.”
I started to bend over to pull my pants up but he reached out and took my cock in his fist and began stroking me. I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn’t. It felt so good. He gave me a smile and then unzipped his fly with his free hand and pulled out his dick. It was already semi-hard and he took my hand and put it on it. It felt good and we stroked each other to full erections. Then he told me to sit on the stool again. When I did, he came closer…his fantastic cock inches from my face. I knew what he wanted and I simply opened my mouth and let him move closer and closer…his warm manhood exciting me as it pushed deeper and deeper until I choked and gagged a little. He quickly pulled back and let me breath and then moved forward again and again until I had most of him in my mouth. I began moving up and down his thick shaft and running my tongue around it as I began really enjoying giving him a blowjob. He reached for the phone on the wall and I heard him say, “Okay, Danny.” The door opened and the PA came in and up to us. “He’s a real nice patient don’t you agree, Danny?” “Yes, doctor…I can see that he is.” With that he unzipped and pulled out his cock too. I had been right. His cock was almost as big as Ted’s. But unlike the doc, he wasn’t cut. Not that it mattered when he got it nice and hard. Ted pulled out and Danny took his place. Man…I was really hot now and lovin’ it. As I sucked on Danny, Ted knelt down and took my dick into his mouth. I shot my load right away and he drained me. Then he got up and pushed his cock toward me again. I tried to get them both in my mouth but they were too big so I took turns until they shot their loads onto my face…first Danny…then Ted. Finally they took their cocks and rubbed the cum all over my lips and cheeks and into my mouth one more time.
I can hardly wait till next years exam.

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