The BabySitter

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Rachel checked her watch as she walked up the sidewalk. “8 o’clock, right on time.” She skipped up the stairs and stood at the front door. She straightened out her outfit and knocked on the door. John answered the door. “Well Hi there!” he said as he smiled his big smile that he always gave her. “Welcome back!” as he said the words the 2 little girls, Jessica and Abby, ran to Rachel. They leaped up and down in excitement. As they were laughing and playing with the new found boost of energy, Lori came down the stairs. She was dressed up very nice and she was just finishing putting her earrings on. “Hi, Rachel!” she chimed.

“So where are you guys going tonight?” Rachel asked.

“Well, we are going out to a movie and then dinner and we should be home around…10ish” John said.

“Okay” Rachel said.

“Oh, don’t forget, no snacks for the girls and their bedtime is 9:00.” Lori said.

“Okay, don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Rachel assured her. The happy couple kissed their girls goodbye and left Rachel alone. After an hour of playing Candyland, Barbies and whatever else the girls could dish out, it was finally time for bed. The girls were pretty warn out, so it didn’t take them long to fall asleep. She checked her watch again. “9:05…perfect.” She went back downstairs and lay on the couch. Suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up. It was her boyfriend Chris.

“Hey, are you busy?” he asked.

“No,” She answered “I’m just babysitting, but the parents aren’t supposed to be home until 10…if you want to come over…I’m sure that would be fine.” She smiled as she waited for his response.

“Oh yeah, I still have to give you your birthday present don’t I?” he playfully asked.

“Yes…I can’t stand being 18 and still a virgin…come on over…we can use their bedroom.” A few minutes later Chris was there. Rachel let him in and guided him upstairs. Rachel stood at the foot of the bed. Chris came up in front of her.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” he asked her as he touched her face. She smiled. He put his hand under her chin and lifted up her face to kiss him. He touched her lips with his. It was a very passionate kiss and she melted into him. He ran his hands down her back, and rested them on the top of her ass. He pulled her into him. She was running her hands up and down his neck and shoulders. Suddenly he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around him and he carried her to the bed. In one swift movement they were both lying on the bed. He was on top of her. He tore his lips away from hers for a moment.

“Are you sure this is ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, we still have a while before they come home. I think I can get you out of here in enough time so they will never suspect a thing. We can’t do this at my house, my dad would freak.” Rachel said.

“And we can’t do this at my house because I still share a room with my brother.” Chris said. After a moment, he reached down and began to kiss her again. He moved his hands up her side and cupped one of her breasts. She made a quiet moan. He squeezed her breast gently. She moaned again. He sat up on the bed and she sat up too. He gently unzipped her sweatshirt. The fabric fell off her shoulders. Then he took her tank top off over her head and let it fall on the side of the bed. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra and slipped it off too. He stared for a minute.

“Is everything ok?” she asked nervously.

“Yeah, great. You are just…perfect.” She melted as he said those words. He moved toward her again and kissed her neck. “I love you” he said.

“I love you too” said Rachel. He moved his mouth lower and lower. Then he had one nipple in his mouth. He gently sucked on it and lightly bit it. She sighed a heavy sigh and pulled his shirt off. They made out some more and ran their hands over new undiscovered skin. Slowly, Chris took off her pants and he took off his pants. He was on top of her. She could feel how hard he was. He could feel how wet she was. Just as he was getting ready to slide a finger under the silk fabric of her panties the bedroom door swung open.

“Wow, John. I guess this is what happens when we hire a slut to watch our children for us.” Lori said. As she spoke the words, Rachel could swear she witnessed her sprout horns and a tail. Lori was not normally a nice woman. But at least she was civil to Rachel most of the time…until now.

“John, Lori, I’m so sorry. This was a huge mistake! You don’t have to pay me, We’ll just go.” Rachel hopped up off the bed and her and Chris began to quickly put their clothes back on.

“No.” John said. Chris and Rachel froze. “Take your clothes back off.” Chris and Rachel didn’t move. “Do as I say and this will go much easier for the two of you.” They put their clothes on the floor again and stood there, scared out of their minds.

“What should we do with them, John?” Lori asked in a coy way.

“Well, I was thinking, I can fuck the little slut over here and you could fuck the boy over there.” John answered.

“I have a better idea,” said Lori “you get down on your knees.” Lori pointed her finger at Rachel, she did as she was told. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she hit her knees against the floor. “Are you crying?” Lori asked as she knelt down next to Rachel. “Why are you crying?” Rachel didn’t answer. For a short second, Rachel thought that Lori was going to be nice. She began talking in a sweet tone. But then, she switched back to evil again. Lori grabbed Rachel by the back of the hair and held her face up. “Listen to me. Listen to me real close. Do exactly as I say.” Lori began. “I want you to take your boyfriends boxers off. I want you to suck his little prick. I want to see it go deep in the back of your throat.” Rachel let one tear fall down her cheek. “Oh, whats wrong, do you not like sucking dick?” Rachel didn’t answer still. Lori grabbed Chris’ arm and swung him around to face Rachel. Lori shoved Rachel’s face toward Chris’ cock. “Suck it.” She ordered. Rachel grabbed Chris’ boxers and pulled them down. She opened her mouth and put the soft cock in her mouth.

“You better get hard, boy…and fast!” John ordered. Chris’cock started to grow in size and Rachel had a hard time fitting all of him in her mouth. Lori noticed that Rachel was only sucking the top part of his cock. “What did I tell you, little girl? Take it deep. I want you to taste cock for the next 3 weeks.” Rachel still wasn’t deepthroating. Lori came up behind her and shoved her head closer. Chris’ cock went down Rachel’s throat. As Rachel gagged and began to cry, Lois held her head there. Rachel began to cry harder. She couldn’t believe this was going to be what her first time was like. After a few moments, Lori pulled Rachel’s head back. Rachel coughed. Chris was hard as a rock. Lori pushed Rachel down and stepped over her to get to Chris.

John walked over to Rachel and helped her up. Rachel looked at John with pleading eyes. Then she looked down. He was hard as a rock. “Suck it.” John said in a cold voice. Rachel started to cry again. “I don’t want to get rough with you.” Rachel knelt down. She took Johns huge cock into her mouth. It was much bigger than her boyfriend’s. She tried to take it in deep, but I wouldn’t fit. He grabbed the back of her head and tried to push in deep, but it was obvious it wasn’t all going to fit. So he began to pump it in and out of her throat. With every moan and every thrust, he pushed in deeper and deeper and he began to push harder and harder. Then he suddenly pulled out and came all over Rachel’s face. Rachel shut her eyes until it was over. Then John stood her up and turned her around. She stood in front of John. As she wiped the cum from her face she began to clearly see. He pressed his chest to her
back and slid a finger between her legs. As he touched her he made her watch what her boyfriend
was doing to his wife. “See that?” He asked as he laughed a little bit. Chris was lying on the bed. Lori was sucking him off like crazy. He was breathing deeply and sweating.
“Cum!” Yelled Lori. She kept taking him in and out. It was obvious he was resisting. “Cum! She yelled again. Chris gripped the sheets. Lori stopped and crawled up next to him on the bed. “Why don’t you want to cum?” She was obviously annoyed. “I love Rachel and I only want to cum with her.” Rachel cried. Lori looked at Rachel. Then she looked back at Chris. “Well, let’s see how you feel after you see her get fucked by another man.” Just then, she felt john pick her up and drag her over to the bed. He parted her legs. And stuck a finger deep inside..

“Oh, Lori, you are going to love this.” He said. “It seems we have ourselves a virgin.” Lori smiled.

“Well let’s break her in the right way” Lori got down between Rachel’s legs. She licked her clit very lightly. Rachel sighed. As bad as this was, it did feel really good. While Lori licked and sucked Rachel’s clit. John started to suck Chris’ cock. Chris sighed. He didn’t want to like it. But seeing Rachel enjoying herself was turning him on. And then his cock being played with was a turn on. The only down side was that a dude was sucking him off. Lori got up and went to the dresser drawer. She grabbed a vibrator. “John, do you want to break this pussy in or do you want me to?” John leaped up from sucking off Chris.

“Let me fuck her.” As John came over He paused in front of Lori. He kissed her deeply. She reached down and grasped his cock. “She is going to love that inside of her.” She stepped aside and John slid in between Rachel’s legs. Rachel started to cry again. As John’s massive cock tore her open she clenched her teeth and tried not to scream. Lori went over to Chris and straddled his cock. She slowly sunk herself down on his teenage manhood.
“oooh, you do have some good dick, don’t you?” he didn’t answer. As she was rocking back and forth she still had the vibrator. She turned it on and started to massage Chris’ balls with it. He began to moan and jerk. “Oh, do you want to cum for me baby?” Chris grunted. He was holding back. Rachel whimpered and shook all over. She felt Johns cock force itself deeper and harder into her. “Feel that?” Lori said as she fucked Chris “Feel him go deeper. Does it hurt, honey?”

“yeah” Rachel sobbed “Please stop!”

“no” John groaned and slammed into her again. Just then Rachel heard Chris make a loud moan.

“Oh, Rachel, you should feel how good your boyfriends cock is. It so nice. I love how it feels when he pumps me full of hot cum.” Lori crooned. Then Lori took the vibrator and put it on Rachel’s clit. Rachel began to grind against John.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum. I’m going to explode in that pussy of yours.” John stiffened as he made one more plunge deep inside. John pulled out of Rachel. She laid there. “In a minute, my cum is going to ooze out of you.” John said as he walked away from Rachel. Lori got off of Chris.

“And you are going to lick every last drop of it out of her.” Said Lori. Lori and John went to take a shower. Chris got up and crawled next to Rachel. They didn’t say a word. But Chris knelt down between Rachel’s legs and waited for Johns cum to ooze out of her. When it did. Chris tasted his girlfriend. As he licked away the cum, he also pleasured her. He licked and teased her clit. Suddenly, Rachel came. Her body tensed up and her back arched against the bed. She moaned and her juices flowed out of her. Chris swallowed all of those too. Chris and Rachel lay there for a minute together. Then they got up, got dressed and went home.

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