The Bachelor Party

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The Bachelor Party

My real sexual awakening did not occur until my junior year of college. In high school I was a model student. Our school and community was very small, everyone knew your name and you family. Slutty and easy girls were singled out as trash. My family was very prominent in the community so did the only thing I could, I stifled my sexuality.

College was a different story. I attended a very liberal girls school and then grad school at the beginning and the height of the sexual revolution. Add to that my desire to break free from home ties and expectations and the mixture did become volatile.

My freshman and sophomore years were essentially uneventful. In my junior year things changed significantly. A tuition increase forced me to find additional work. Dad could pay the tuition and board but not the incidentals. So… the fall of my junior year I started life modeling for a studio art class, something I do periodically to the present day.

In my second semester of modeling my roommate was taking the class. Right before the mid semester break she said words to this effect: “Your exude confidence! Although you are totally nude you are able to take over this room for three hours. How do you do that?” “Simple, “I said “Mind set is crucial. When I decided to do this I determined that I was going to be the best that I could be to enable everyone to enjoy themselves while becoming better artists.”

“Listen,” she said, this June the brother of my high school girl friend is getting married. The both of us have talked it over we agree that you should be the “entertainment” at the bachelor party. Even the groom thinks its “cool” to have “a liberated college” woman for “entertainment!”

Hmmm……. Interesting!! Could I really do something that liberated?? I would have to think that one over. There were a lot of things on the pro side: No one could stop me. I was being encouraged by my college friends. Being sexually liberated could potentially be a lot of fun. But there were things on the co side:. If I did this I would have to make the conscious choice to take the pill, and be screened for STD’s. Being nude in front of girls in an art class was one thing but being nude in front of a bunch of “hungry men” is something else. Because I was a “liberated college woman” would there be “additional expectations,” if so what? I thought about these things for a couple of months. Additionally, I didn’t want them to know this was my “first time.” The reality was that if I decided to do this I must prepare myself physically and emotionally to potentially share myself everyone present. If I did this could I live with myself? Would it matter if other people found out about it after I did it?

What I needed was a mindset similar to what I did in the art class. Hmmmmm…….I thought about it for a long time then I came to me! Since I was going to pop out of a cake anyway, Why not think of myself dessert! A treat if you will, to be enjoyed by everyone who wished to partake. I was able then so dispel all the cons by conjuring this image. I decided to do it!

The night of the bachelor party finally arrived. The dessert image was what I held on to. Dessert was to be “served” promptly at 10 pm. Although I didn’t know it, this venue was pretty plush. I arrived at 9:30 as planned and was escorted into the changing room. As the door closed I asked how many guests were in attendance. “Oh, about 20 or so.” The thought of having sex with as many as 20 men was overwhelming at first. But then I remembered that I was their dessert, and everyone was entitled to dessert!! I would just be sore tomorrow.

I disrobed and put on my spiked red high heals put on my robe and was escorted to the cake at about 10:50. Precisely at 10:55 I took off my robe and climbed into the cake.

Any misgivings I had about this had to set aside for now. Remember: “be the best that you can be. I am dessert, What ever happens I want to be the best dessert ever. The cake stops rolling. The count down begins: five….four…three…two….one….zero…. I’m there! right out of the cake… my beautiful red high heals… absolutely nothing else. At first “nothing” then all at once, hoots, hollers, whistles, and applause! “Gentleman, your dessert is ready”

Dessert was over shortly before 11:30. I put my robe back on. The consensus was that was “some dessert”, “!” About eleven eager men had dessert that night, not counting those that came back for seconds!

What did I learn? In this setting, giving the best I had resulted in appreciation which inspired me to enjoy each man as he fully expressed himself. The next day I was a little sore, but I really felt very confident and was looking forward to doing it again. My dessert image worked beautifully.

I’m glad that I was a part of the sexual revolution. My senior year and grad school were fantastic! (more about that later.) I’m really happy that men were able to benefit from my insatiable libido

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  1. MasterHank

    The story started with real possibilities but ended with no detail or story line Too bad

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