The Camping Trip

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It was a beautiful hot Friday afternoon, blue skies without a cloud. I had a very important mission… To drop my wife’s niece to a camping site for the weekend, picking her up again Sunday evening. Her car was off the road for new brakes, so if you’ve read my previous stories you will know that I had no problem in volunteering my services!

I picked her up from college and loaded her tent and weekend bag in the boot and set off for the New Forest. Being a lovely Friday afternoon, it was probably going to take about and hour and a half so we should arrive by around 6pm. The traffic was heavy but moving. She put her CD on and quite soon she was very relaxed and dancing and singing away next to me. Once we were on the motorway things speeded up and she held my leg, stroking my inner thigh very sexily. I was aching for her to rub my erect cock but she didn’t and it was driving me crazy. I really wanted her to get it out and play with it. In the end, I just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling, knowing that some warm clear precum was oozing out the end.

Anyway, we arrive about quarter past six and she asked me to help her put the tent up. Her friends were being dropped off about seven, so we didn’t have long. Luckily it was an easy tent and in about fifteen minutes it was up and everything was sorted. Sleeping bags all laid out ready. “Why don’t you stay tonight?” she asked, “you don’t have to get back do you?” What could I say? “I do have to get back for some work in the morning” I replied, ” but what about your friends, won’t they mind?” “No they will be fine about it, the tents quite big but I’m sure we can all fit in somehow!”

So without further ado, I went to the shop and bought a couple of boxes of wine, one red and one white, not knowing what her friends would prefer. I poured a couple of glasses of red and we laid on the sleeping bag. She put her hand across to my thigh again and began stroking. Almost immediately my dick swelled and became very hard. She rubbed it through my trousers and it felt wonderful if somewhat sticky from the earlier precum. She was just about to unleash it when an adorable hippy looking girl with amazing long black hair came in. “Oh don’t wait for me then” she said to Alex. I’m Becky” she said. I was a little shocked until she told me that it was Alex’s plan all along for me to stay. Crafty little cow! Soon, her other friend arrived. A very tall slim blonde girl called Kate. She was wearing a very low cut top with no bra. There was very little tit there but what she had was very firm with sticky out nipples.

We all chatted for a while with the wine starting to flow. I suggested we should eat and we all freshened up and went to the restaurant in the club house. The conversation soon turned to sex and it appeared that they were going to give me and each other one hell of a time when we got back to the tent. I was to do as I was told and just enjoy it. My cock was still throbbing from Alex’s earlier touching so once we had eaten; we headed back for the tent.

It was still quite early, but the sun was cooling now and the campsite was fairly quiet. The girls all went in first and when I entered, they were all topless and just wearing their little knickers. Becky was to say the least, a little damp down below. A definite patch of pussy juice was clearly visible. She saw me looking and said she was always wet. God, that didn’t help me at all. I wanted to fuck her there and then and didn’t care how quick I come! Alex was now completely naked and her pussy was as bald and smooth as a babies. Wow it looked tasty! Kate was the quietest but when she removed her knickers, she had the most amazing looking pussy, with the hugest lips I had ever seen. They were enormous, almost deformed but incredibly sexy.

Kate led me to the middle sleeping bag and made me lay down. All three undressed me, with Becky passing me a large glass of red wine. My cock was so erect it was aching. All three began to caress different parts of me. Alex was kissing me, her tongue probing my mouth in a sensual swirling motion. Becky was sucking and biting my nipples while Kate was licking my heavy ball bag. She moved my hand towards her pussy and I began to play with her huge lips. Becky had started to finger Alex and she was moaning already. To be honest I was well on the way to shooting my load as Alex had teased me all the way there in the car but I knew I had to control myself and hold back.

Kate now had my full length in her mouth and was sucking me up and down very gently. I then noticed she also had a finger in my ass and was finger fucking me in time with her sucking. Christ it felt amazing. No one had ever done that to me before. Alex was starting to cum with Beckys fingering and soon she stiffened and sucked my tongue as she orgasmed heavily. She moved away and Becky now started to kiss me and Alex began to finger fuck her. I could hear her fingers squelching in her moistness. She was clearly soaking. I was really having trouble not cumming and asked Kate to slow down! It was helped by Becky coming almost as soon as Alex’s fingers were inside her cunt. At this point, we all moved around. Becky lay down and pulled me between her legs. I slowly entered her wet cunt and although it was clearly very tight, I pushed my length all the way to my balls up inside her. She was in heaven judging by her moans. She squeezed her own nipples and began to have a good time! Alex was on all fours and Kate was underneath her licking her dripping pussy. Her clitty was sticking out of it’s hood and obviously very sensitive as when Kate flicked it with her tongue, Alex screamed. I was now starting to pound Beckys cunt for all I was worth. I didn’t care how long I had been up her, I had to squirt my spermy mess into her.

Alex was now coming again and the second she finished, both her and Kate came in by me and fingered my ass and licked my sticky shaft as I fucked their friends amazing pussy. I could not hold back any more, and as Becky raised her tiny ass, I fucked her as deep as I could and squirted my thick salty sticky semen deep into her cervix. She screamed as she felt it flood her insides and I couldn’t stop pumping out my seed. It just flowed and flowed for what seemed like an eternity. Alex and Kate were slurping it up as it run out of Beckys cunt. Eventually, I knew my balls were dry and I withdrew my aching cock. The helmet was so swollen and purple where it had been pounding that tight little cunt. As I lay back, breathless, all three slurped away at my genital area and licked every drop up.

Amazingly, my cock was still erect and one by one they climbed on and rode it. As soon as they come, they climbed off and the next one slid onto my rod. It was so hard it began to ache again but I didn’t feel like cumming. They rode it deep and hard, slow and fast, with the occasional sucking. I was being driven crazy but eventually I felt my liquid bubbling to get out again. I told them this and they all gathered round my shaft and sucked and licked it just as I sprayed my spunk in the air, catching them all on the face but the bulk of it went it Beckys thick black hair! It looked so horny. They sucked and licked me till I begged them to stop. I was completely drained of semen and energy!
They rounded the evening off by licking my load off each other with Becky saying it was good conditioner anyway!

We all finished the wine, snuggled in together and fell into a deep slumber. What some dirty girls!

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