The Day I Became A Man

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Ok this is my first story……..

Hi. My name is Frank. I’m 19 years-old. I want to tell you about my first time. To do this I have to take you back 3 years.
It all started when I was in the 10th grade….. I had just recieved a letter from a girl i had been friends with since kindergarten. This girl was probably a ten in my book, i mean she was the girl next door type. She had a great ass, perky boobs, and the most beautifal body I have have ever seen. Anyway, i recieve this letter that says she is haveing a party at her house. I’m excited because I know her parents were going to be out of town a;; weekend long and I was going to try my luck if you know what i mean. Soo, it is friday, the day of the party and i’m so excited. I go home and get ready when finally 7:00 rolls aroungd. I have an early birthday so I had just gotten my license the day before. So i get in my car, a 1998 Honda civic fixed up like a street racer, and head to Bethany’s house(the girl i was talking about.
When i get there i notice that i’m the only one there and i think that i’m early, just when i turn around to get in my car i hear bethany’s voice calling my name. I turn around and she os standing there in scimpy little lengere and she has a bottle of shampagne in her hand. she tells me to come over and she takes my hand and leads me to the living room. THere are candles all around and there is sexy music playing on the stereo.
She comes over to me and takes off my coat and starts to kiss me passionately, turns out she is a very good kisser. Anyway, she says that she has liked me since the 8th grade but didn’t have the nerve to tell me. Well at this i take fu;; opprotunity of this and start to kiss her harder tha i have ever kissed anyone before. just when i think about quitting she does tha unthinkable. she reaches down and unbuttons my pants, pulls out my now raging hard dick, by the way was 7 inches when i was in the tenth grade, and starts to jack me off. after a few minutes of intense action i start to feel my body clench and say to her i’m going to cum. just as i cum she gets down on her knees and starts to suck me. i cum in her mouth and she awallows i all.

I’m goint to leave it all to imagination
till next time, FRank……..

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